Let it Snow!!

So snow came down hard core over the entire state of Utah this weekend.  Even down South where they aren't even remotely prepared with snow removal equipment and from what I heard from family and friends, the entire place was shut down.  My father-in-law posted photos of his palm trees weighted down by 3 or 4 inches of the white stuff.  Down there, it isn't so welcome- but up here the snow is celebrated.  Even when I have to drive down to Provo in it to get some Christmas shopping done.  Doesn't hardly make a difference when you have 4-wheel drive.  I'm hoping to get some time on the slopes sometime in the near future.  We didn't get passes again this season due to "insufficient funds" but I'll get up there at some point.  And until I do....?


  1. I absolutely love this picture of you! You are stunningly gorgeous! I mean it! :)

  2. And you were considering returning that hoodie!

    Listen, your snaps this weekend gave me anxiety. We haven't had snow like that in YEARS, but they are predicting a terrible winter for us. BRB, gotta stock up on green beans.

  3. cross your fingers we get snow this afternoon so i can leave work early!

  4. You and I both are passless this year :(. The weather has been so intense this year! Holy snowflakes


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