Oh Hey, I'm Back!

So, even though I didn't post for half the week last week, I was only out of town Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.  I didn't have a lot to talk about.  But we went down the St. George for the weekend and that gave me some good content, I guess. :)  We went down to do kind of a early and quick Christmas with Landon's family.  Who now consists of not just the crazy dogs, but a new step-step nephew who I am in love with.  His name is Cade and this is only the second time I've ever met him, but he had Landon and me wrapped around his finger the entire night.  Don't worry, I'm not going to start popping out babies, but I did just about die when he told Landon what the difference between a skeleton and a human is.  Are you dying to know? Skeletons don't have noses or wieners. Mind. Blown.

Oh! And- this weekend was the maiden voyage of our new truck.  I freaking love that thing.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to seats that don't heat or cool themselves on demand.  Landon wants to sell it in the spring and make a couple thousand bucks, but I don't think I want to say goodbye.
It was a great weekend, I love having family down South, it makes for a quick little get-a-way.  And we always have a great time.


  1. How cute are you two!!! This sounds like such a fun weekend! I ALMOST sprung for heated seats in my car, but decided against it. I didn't immediately regret it because I bought the car in June... but now in December I'm like.... FACE PALM.


    I hope to have heated seats in my next car...I love when I get into someone's car and they have them. So, Kelsey really let me down...

  3. One of our cars has heated seats, the other doesn't. Guess which one I prefer to drive in the winter... ;)

    Also, your husband has a beard. I approve x 1000000.


    Heated seats 4 lyfe! Our CRV has them and I demand to drive it every day.


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