Snow Protocol

So it snowed here yesterday. Like hardcore blizzard. I went through an entire bag of ice melt and shoveled our walk ways probably four times yesterday. That's not the problem though. 

The problem is that a lot of people in Utah tend to FORGET that it snows here in the winter. And along with that they forget how to DRIVE in the snow. There were 304 accidents yesterday. THREE HUNDRED AND FOUR. Yeah, it was snowing hard, and the roads were insanely icy and car wrecks are expected but 304 accidents is ridiculous. So I figured I'd type up a list of basic "driving in the snow" tips that are guaranteed to prevent probably 40% of the crashes that happened yesterday.

2. I know you just slowed down, but slow down some more.
3. This is for "Mr. Important," we are all late for work, but seriously SLOOOW DOOOWWWN.
4. If you are going up a hill and the people in front of you are sliding or stuck? Don't go around them because you are probably going to slide or get stuck, or even hit the people you were trying to pass.
5. Don't drive distracted. That's a everyday rule, but there is no room for slamming on your breaks because you didn't notice someone merge infront of you because you were dialing your husband's phone number. 
6. Let's take it back to sophomore year in driver's ed. Keep your hands at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. You will have the most control over your vehicle that way and if you start sliding, you'll have that advantage at least.
7. Don't tailgate. For real, that's douchey anyways, but it's your fault if you hit someone. And it's still your fault if you get hit behind causing you to hit the person you were tailing.
8. If you're going slower than everyone else then MOVE OVER. 
9. Clean the snow off your windows. I can't stand it when I see cars with only their windshield and driver's side window cleared. You're just begging for an accident at that point. Also it's super douchey when all the snow flies off your car and blasts the car behind you. 
10. Give yourself double the amount of time it usually takes you to get where you need to go. That way you're not stressed and you can be safe. If you have a long, icy commute like I do, just let your boss know that you'll get there when you get there. Nobody wants anyone hurt and I promise they'll work with you.

And if you can't at least make an effort to do this stuff? Don't drive. Or move to the west coast. 


  1. #9 IS MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE. It takes 3 extra minutes to clean off the top of your car - SO PLEASE DO IT.

    10 and 2, radio off, cell phone in my purse = how I get from Point A to Point B in the snow.

  2. PREACH IT! I hate people who don't know how to drive in the snow

  3. AHHH WHITNEY, bless this. I seriously think when it rains or snows, everyone completely forgets how to drive slash how to be a decent human being. I love this.

  4. Valid advice. People are idiots. Also, two tags for this post....snow, and douches. Excellent choice.

  5. Someone was tailgating me on black ice last night. I was about 2.5 seconds from going postal. I was in the right lane, and I go extra slow because I drive a ford focus. It isn't like they couldn't pass me, the left lane was far less icy. So frustrating!


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