Thanksgiving Day: golfing, eating, playing, sleeping.

Sunny St. George: cloudless, perfect skies.

Family: Always there for each other.

 Three generations: where the crazy runs through the blood lines.

Great Grandma June:  the sassiest 94 year old lady you'll ever meet.  And one hell of a drum player.


  1. awww I love all the family pics! Is that your brother? Dang he's good lookin :) And you are so hot with that red lip! glad you had a good one girlfriend!

  2. You have the best family of all time, I'm convinced. I love Great Grandma June. I JUST LOVE HER! Those shades!!! Ahhhhhh

  3. I respect Great Grandma June's sunglasses - she rocks them.

    Next year, please invite me to Thanksgiving with your family, so I can scalp your sister (eek!) like a true Native American.

  4. Great Grandma June totally rocked that outfit. Sassy runs through those bloodlines!

  5. Oh man that has the be the best napping position I have ever seen. Must perfect.


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