Two Strikes and He's Out

So here we are yet again, with the neighbor's cat in my arms.  And yes, it's the one that I had a horrible reaction of hives to a couple weeks ago.  As you can see, I am taking precautionary measures here to not let the fur touch my skin. Well, shortly after Landon brought the cat in and dumped him in my lap, my eyes started to get itchy, so I handed him off to Landon's little cousin to put outside while I went to wash my hands and face.  Well, the cat started to make a weird sound and I dunno, she set the cat down or something.  And I was like, "Oh no, no no no.  Get the cat out." But it was too late.  The freaking cat regurgitated a half digested MOUSE. You guys.  I took one look and ran back into my room GAGGING.  I just sat on my floor, yelling for Landon, dry heaving and sort of laugh-crying.  Luckily Landon took care of it, after my body tried to rip itself inside out 13 or 14 times.  And the cat went back outside. PERMANENTLY.  Hives and digested mice are two strikes too many.

I'm so clearly not ready for kids. Or cats.


  1. So good thing you weren't here two days ago when Moosh left a dead mouse on the deck. Because I can handle that, but I can't handle you dry heaving :)


  2. And thaaaaat is why our cat is an indoor cat. Well, that, and I don't trust the eagles around here.

  3. I remember finding little "presents" like that outside my back door when a stray was living in our garage. I guess he felt like he was earning his keep.

  4. My dog as a kid liked to bring us prairie dogs and birds that she caught. It was pretty gross, and I can see why a half-digested mouse would be a final straw.

  5. Let's just hope your kids don't regurgitate half eaten mice.


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