A Perfect Moment Between Strangers

I hope this story doesn't come off as strange, because when I told Landon he kind of thought I was weird that I was so excited about it.  BUT- I need to throw it out in the universe and let it simmer because I am still just tickled to death by it.

So Saturday afternoon, one of my best friends had a baby shower thrown for her down in Lindon. (remember when I used to live there?)  It was scheduled to go from 2-4, but getting together with your dear friends like that, you know you'll be staying longer.  So I didn't actually leave until around 5:30.  I called Landon to let him know I was on my way home, and he had just gotten off work and was chilling and playing video games and I was all, "K, cool.  I'll be home in like an hour."  So I start up Provo canyon and I start thinking how if I go home, I'm not going to have a ton to do while Landon is unwinding via his PS4 and I decided to drive up Squaw Peak- Provo's finest make out point- to watch the sunset.

I got up there around six or so.  The sun doesn't actually set until around 6:40 right now, so I just sat on the stone wall and took in the view of the valley below me.  It was ridiculously windy and I think I was like the 11th wheel up there, but I didn't really care that much.  After about 30ish minutes, the sun started to drop down to the mountains, and you guys, the most beautiful colors exploded all over the sky.  I'm not joking.  This was thee most breathtaking sunset I'd ever witnessed and I was losing my freaking mind.

side note:  Sunsets are my thing.  They're my family's thing.  We get way too excited over pretty sunsets, and lunar eclipses and blood moons and shooting stars and anything in the sky, really.

So, I'm up there alone when this yellow jeep pulls up and this dude who looks to be around, I don't know, 50ish years old gets out and is DYING over this sunset.  Like- to the same magnitude as I was.  He had his phone out and was videoing it and taking pictures and was repeating the same phrases over and over like, "I can't believe this."  and "I've never seen anything like it." I started to laugh because I felt like he and I were really the only ones up there truly appreciating what was happening right before our eyes.  So I asked him if he was from the area, and he said no, he was from further North and his "hiking buddy" had just introduced him to Provo Canyon and he was in love with it and "Oh my gosh, I've never seen a sunset this beautiful."  And as we were talking the sky just got more golden and pink and purple and the sunlight on the blue sky made it green and it got to the point where he and I couldn't even speak full sentences.  He got that we were clearly on the same level with our love for the sky and it turned into this real bonding moment.  He took a picture of my with the sky behind me and I did the same for him and his hiking buddy and we took in the last seconds of the sky in silence before the sun dipped behind the mountains, taking all the color with it.

His name was Patrick.  And that's all I know about him.  That, and he gets me.  We shook hands before we left and said to me, "Whitney, it was so good to meet you and share this sunset with you. I just have to tell you what a beautiful countenance you have and such a good heart. God bless." And we went our separate ways.

I don't know why I was so moved by sharing a moment like that with a complete stranger.  I think that it's because I'm so wrapped up in my own little world that I forget there are other people out there who have the potential to walk in and change my life and then leave.  And that's magical to me.

I know I'll never see Patrick again.  But I hope that wherever he is, he is seeing a really kick-ass sunset.

This Quickly Turned into a Summer Rewind.

I'm sure you all remember back in March (when I used to blog regularly) when I wrote the persuasive post about why you should come visit me. You don't?  Well, here it is. I listed off all the fun things we could do and all the good food we would eat.  Well, upon reviewing it, I have decided that even though I didn't totally complete the list myself this summer, I feel good about what I did accomplish.  Because yes, ultimately it was a post to get you people to want to come visit me, but also it was an unofficial bucket list for the summer.  So let's go down the list and check off what I did.

Antelope Island?  No.  I didn't go there.  But I had a few opportunities to.  I've been there so many times in my life that I don't really feel the need to put that as a MUST DO for myself.  Landon hasn't ever been there though, so I really should make it more of a priority.

Boating? Check.  Quite a bit more this summer than I have done in the last few years, actually.  We even got a weekend trip to Lake Powell in there.  I haven't been there since 2009.  And you guys, it's truly one of THEE greatest places in Utah.  The red cliffs there are absolutely breathtaking and the water is so delightfully warm.

In-n-Out?  Actually, no.  That one didn't happen either.  Remember that diet that started back in March?  It didn't really permit food in that genre (aka happiness.)  But then again, In-n-Out is more of a novelty in my opinion, I would way rather have Five Guys or Smash Burger.

The Alpine Slide?  Check.  Landon and I went with my mom and my brother (from another mother).  It was a beautiful afternoon and we followed it with riding the Trolley up and down Old Main in Park City and eating cheap Chinese food.

Cafe Rio? HORRIBLE QUESTION. But the answer is, unfortunately, yes.  I had some right before Mariah left, and I KID YOU NOT, I got Salmonella from it.  The chicken was not cooked, but I thought it was so pink from all the pico de gallo.  I was horizontal for four days.  Never again. #survivor

Spending days laying out by the pool?  Check, check and check.  Basically all July.  Sadly, we winterized the pool Monday night and that tan is already on it's way out. Bring on all the sweaters and leggings.

Flying with Brenden in his helicopter?  No.  WHAT THE HELL BRENDEN?  Still waiting on that invite.

Slack lining? Yes.  With Riah before she left.  We were going to bust it out again this weekend, but we got super busy.

Comedy Sportz?  Not lately.  My favorite actor moved to Washington and I'm still mourning.

And last but not least, the canopy zipline down Provo Canyon? CHECK.  Last night.  And it was soooo gorgeous.  Last time we went it was miserably hot.  We had an awesome time, but last night was the perfect temperature and the fall colors were to die for.  I want to go do it again today.  SOMEONE LEND ME SOME MONEY.

And hey, let's hear it for the girl who didn't drop her camera while flying down a mountain side at 50 mph.  That alone should be an Olympic sport.  

And with all that accomplished, I feel good about shutting this summer down and bringing in 60 degree weather.  And hopefully an insane amount of snow this winter, so I can be a part-time lab technician and full-time SHREDDER.

Don't you wish you had come to visit me? *smug smile emoji*

Things That Are Making Me Laugh

When Mariah's emails this week started out like this:
"Dear  Family and Friends,
Me and Hermana Owen got told we look like a droid (me) and a witch(her) by one of the members. I turned on the air conditioning and a giant lizard the size of my hand flew out and hit me in the face. We almost blew up our house.  I accidently told a man he was beautiful because i thought he was a women. And an old lady grabbed my hand and started bawling because she thought I had healed her from old age. Awesome week!!"
What I would have given to see her face when found out the lady was a dude. I miss that kid so bad. Tomorrow mark 16 weeks since she left. She is so amazing.

Another thing that has been just the funniest thing for me is photoshopping a picture of my mom asleep in her Snuggie into other pictures. I'm serious, this is my favorite game right now. Here are some of my favorites:
It's a good thing that Tracie doesn't read my blog or she would probably murder me.  Even though she thinks it's just as funny as I do, if not more. 

Another thing I find funny is how when I go running after work, I'm jumping all around the trail (and maybe screaming) because grasshoppers are hopping everywhere in front of me and it's basically my nightmare.  BUT- on my cool down yesterday, I found a decent sized snake, chased him down and caught him for a second.  And that's totally fine by me.  What happened in my early childhood to make me fear grasshoppers and not snakes?  I don't get it.  Just call me Zoey Deschanel because I am QUIRKY.  Jk.  Don't call me that until I have bangs that live up to hers.  (I never will.) BYE.

Stream of Something

-All of my windows were iced over this morning (that's right. I'm blogging in real time.) and I was already running late and my hair was wet and scraping windows was the LAST thing I wanted to do.  I'm still chilled to the bone an hour later.

-My deodorant exploded into a thousand piece this morning and I was forced to use Landon's.  I think it's fairly obvious that I'm wearing men's deodorant and I can't decide if I care about it or not.

-Landon and I are overwhelmed with all the new seasons that just hit Netflix.  It's like Christmas at the Street house.  We're finishing up New Girl, with How I Met Your Mother and Parks and Rec on deck.  And maybe The Walking Dead just from a refresher before the new season kicks off.

-Landon's new favorite thing is to shop for/buy me new running gear.  And I'm SO okay with that.  Landon says he would buy me stuff all the time if he knew what I wanted, but I'm not the kind of person with an active wishlist so he never does.  When I said I wanted some pants to run in because it was getting colder he really just jumped on the whole idea.  Our cart is full on Amazon and he's finding new websites everyday.  It cracks me up and it's so sweet.

-I'm really missing Shadow these last few days.  We got him over the weekend and I just loved it.  We've babysat him before, but this last time I didn't want to give him back.  Don't be surprised if I steal him. Permanently.  Though he isn't the sort of animal that you can hide so easily...

See what a happy family we are? That's it. I'm stealing him tonight! byyyeee

I'm Going to Try This Again

I used to be good at writing.  (Or at least I thought was.)  But since I've essentially taken a four-month break from blogging, I feel more than a little out of practice.  And at this point, it isn't even because I feel overwhelmed with how behind I am, because I really haven't been up to much.  No.  It's almost as if I don't really know how to anymore.  So here's to getting back into practice.  Though if you saw how I looked right now, I don't know that you would believe my proclaimed attempt at "trying harder" because I look like the opposite of that right now.

Case and point.  Meh. Oh well.  It gives Landon a laugh from time to time.  Especially when I tuck my leggings INTO my socks.  The good news is, I haven't given up showering.  It would just be a cry for help if I did. I've been running 3-4 miles a day these last couple weeks and that warrants an afternoon shower. For the good of the people.

I've also been playing a lot of Words with Friends.  I know.  How 2011 of me.  But wait, let me rephrase that.  I've been WINNING a lot of WWF lately.  And that gives me a sense of purpose in life right now.

Landon convinced me to play Fantasy Football.  I had a lot of fun the first week when I won, and not a lot of fun these last three weeks when I lost.  No one knows why I agreed to this.  Especially with the $50 buy in.  If Landon's 11 year old brother ends up winning the pot at the end of all this, I'm gonna lose it.  Emotionally and financially.

I made an executive decision that Landon and I will be forgoing Christmas presents to each other and everyone else so that we can buy season passes to a real ski resort this winter. (Boom. Burn on Sundance.) (I'm only joking, Sundance is a very respectable resort, but they need to update their ski lifts and expand their runs.)  This probably isn't exciting to anyone else outside of Utah, but Park City Mountain Resort was just bought out by Vail Resorts, the same owners as the next door neighbor resort: the Canyons.  So they are now COMBINING the two resorts making it the biggest ski resort in North America.  And the season pass for the locals is a mere $570.  So yeah.  Merry Christmas to us. And everyone else.

And that's about it,  you guys.  Seriously.
Get a life, Whit- you're pathetic.


Lately, I haven't been blogging.  As you all can clearly see.  But last night I got reading through my old posts and I laughed and laughed.  I want to start writing like that again.  I really think I've found myself in a blogging slump because it's summer.  I mean, nobody has really been around that much. (I do peruse through blogging world from time to time.)  Come Fall, when everything has settled down, this is going to be a regular thing again.

What I've been up to though?  Well, work-wise, we are in the middle of the job that will never end.  Seriously, though.  I've been trucking through the day shift all by myself because my boss and co-workers have been braving this night shift business.  Or TRYING to.  They've been rained out half the time, the other half, either the hot plant where the asphalt is made is blowing up, or some bro playing real-life Grand Theft Auto smashes a stolen car into one of our company's trucks and kills himself and the job gets shut down.  Not kidding, this job was supposed to be over on the 23rd of July.  Best case scenario, they'll be done next Wednesday, but they won't.  They got rained out tonight.  And probably tomorrow night as well.  At this rate, they'll just have to stop the job because snow will be falling.

Aside from work- it was my mom's birthday last weekend.  She and my (other) brother Johnny came up to Park City to have dinner with Landon and me and to ride the Alpine Slide.  My mom and I raced down the mountain and I KICKED her butt.  It may have helped that the guys behind us were like, "Five dollars on the lady in black!" (aka my mom) and I was like, "I'm waiting for you at the bottom to get my five dollars."  I didn't.  Only because I laughed so hard on the way down I had to hit up the restrooms.  But seriously. I got to the bottom, got my sled off the track and walked down to Landon and Johnny before my mom even got to the bottom.

The weather was gorgeous.  Half the fun of riding the Alpine Slide is taking the chair lift up the mountain and getting to breathe in the crisp mountain air and watch for wild life below.  Or in our case try to take panoramic photos of our feet and fail desperately.

After the Alpine Slide, we went to Park City, Main Street for old time's sake.  I spent a large portion of my childhood exploring that street, and so did my mom when she was little.  It's a little disappointing these days because it's all high priced clothing and art stores, but the memories are still there.  And it's beautiful.  There was one piece of clothing on Main Street that I'm going to need to purchase for Landon one day though.  It's probably at least hundreds of dollars, but I don't even care.  It's a coon-skin jock strap.  And the raccoon tail hangs off the back.  I was DYING when I saw that bad boy.  If I'm feeling especially generous, I might throw the two thousand dollar boots with the fur in there.  Best item available for purchase in this zip code, I'm telling you.

It was such a fun birthday celebration.  And I'm so happy Johnny Boy is here in Utah to stay for awhile.  I'll have to introduce him in a later blog post.  But for now let's focus on that RIDICULOUSLY bright moon in the picture above.  So pretty, huh?  WRONG.  The path of the moon right now is pointing directly in to the half-moon (ironic) window in our bedroom that spills moonlight down on my pillow.  It's becoming a problem.  I currently have a throw pillow squished into the window because we don't have blind on that one.  It's real classy looking.

Other than that though, I've just been watching Jeopardy when I get home from work and enjoying this unusually delightful weather we've been having this August.  What have y'all been up to lately?

You've Changed.

I don't think I've let an entire month go between blog posts here since I started up this blog.  I feel a little bad, but not at all at the same time.  Don't worry.  Nothing is wrong, and it's not because I don't have anything to talk about.  If anything, it's because I have too much to talk about.  BUT- I'm not going to sit you down and throw a 20,000 word blog post at you to catch you up on things.  I'm just going to let you in on changes in my life.  Some that may have to do with me not blogging, and some that have nothing to do.

-Everything is settled in our new house.  No I still don't have pictures for you.  I have tried a few times to take them and I feel like it doesn't give the proper view of this place that I'm utterly in love with.  Maybe I'll do a vlog to introduce it.  Maybe you'll just have to come visit.

-We've been working hard on getting our patio visitor friendly.  That- I will probably feature in an upcoming post because I'm proud of the work we've put into it and the bench I MADE.  I've ordered pillows and fabric so I can make some cute cushions for it.  (And by, "I", I mean Landon's grandma.)  Stay tuned to see how they turn out.

-I've been abandoned by my co-workers for the night shift.  Ok, not all of them.  But a good portion, leaving me on the day shift ALONE (I hate being alone) and in charge of pretty much the whole lab.  Not that it matters.  Being in charge isn't as cool when you don't have anyone to boss around.  A result of working all day and doing all the work myself is that I'm pretty dang exhausted when I get home and I don't really feel like putting a blog post together.

-I've been cleaning a lot.  Not like, deep cleaning.  But just cleaning up after myself (and Landon) as I go along.  This is kind of a different thing for me.  Usually I just leave dishes in the sink til it's full and then I'll do them.  Or I'll throw my clothes on the floor and pick them up at the end of the week.  But this place has pretty much remained spotless since we moved in.  I really like it.  I'm hoping it's something that I keep doing forever.  It makes it way less intimidating to clean up.

-I've still been exercising.  The diet has become far less strict, (Did I mention the diet I was on? Gosh, I can't remember.  I was dieting and exercising if I didn't tell you that) but I'm still losing weight.  This has honestly been one of the biggest changes for me.  Not just in losing weight, but in being far less stressed, I've been happier, my skin is super clear and I just feel good.  But the losing weight part of it has been awesome.  So far, I'm down 45lbs, give or take a few.  I love it.  This swim suit season has been good to me.

-Mariah has been gone for six weeks, yesterday.  I'm caught between that feeling like forever ago and, "It's been six weeks already?!"  Mostly, I miss her like crazy.  One email a week is hardly enough, but she is doing so good, you guys.  She sounds so happy.  I haven't heard from her this week, but she flew out of Argentina on Tuesday and into Paraguay.  So I can't wait to hear how it's going.  Here is a little excerpt from her last email that just gives me butterflies:

"One of my favorite moments this time round was when we ended up in this park and I saw this guy sitting down on a bench with a guitar case on the ground.  I got super excited and we went to talk to him.  Soon into our conversation, I asked him if he would play us a song on the guitar.  He got really excited and pulled it out.  He played for us a song he wrote and sang too! ahhh I wish I could have recorded it!  It was soo good!  He asked if I played and I told him I did a little bit.  He handed the guitar to me and I sat on the ground and played a sang "Come Thou Fount" for him!  Soon his two little girls and wife came and sat to watch too.  And I had one of those moments where you think about what you are doing.  I though to myself, "I am in the middle of a park in Argentina.  I got here 4 weeks ago and hardly speak any Spanish.  I am away from everyone and everything I know, and I am sitting on the ground in a skirt playing "Come Thou Fount" on a random guy's guitar for him and his family.  THIS. IS. AWESOME!"  After I sang, I gave the guitar back and we talked to them and got to know them all.  We talked about the importance of families and how the Gospel blesses them.  It was a very simple lesson, but it was very spiritual as well."

I don't know.  It's hard having her gone, but to hear how happy she is and how positive her attitude is just makes this a thousand times easier.  I find myself refreshing my inbox every five minutes on her P-Days waiting for an email to pop up from her.  Her spirit still shines all the way here from Paraguay.
 That's about all I've been up to.  All that and of course laying by the pool 24 hours a day on weekends.  But what have you been up to?  I miss you all like crazy.

I'm Too Excited to Think of a Title

You guys.  We closed on our home yesterday.  We signed papers until my hand cramped and extra letters were making their way into my signature.  We get the keys this afternoon.  We can start moving in tonight.  We have a house, we have a house, WE HAVE A HOUSE!

We've been spending the last few nights packing our things and getting ready for the big move.  Most of it was already packed and sitting in Sunny's big garage waiting for the day when we were homeowners, so that's all placed on the motorcycle trailer and ready to go.  But last night we mainly focused on getting all of our clothes packed.  Now, something wonderful happened last night.  I had boxes and garbage bags out and I made myself promise that if I hadn't worn it since I moved into my in-law's basement- it was getting donated.  I was sticking to this plan until I got towards the middle and back of my closet.  I started pulling out all these clothes that I've had for years but couldn't part with because I loved them so much, they just didn't fit anymore.  I was about to start throwing stuff out when I decided to try on a skirt I bought right before Landon and I got married.  It fit.  Some really expensive jeans that were in great condition I'd had since Landon and I had started dating.  They fit.  I tried on this Fox Racing jacket I got for Christmas a YEAR before I met Landon that I hadn't worn in forever because it was too tight on the stomach. IT FIT! And with room to spare!  Every single thing I tried on either fit or was too big.  I couldn't believe it.  I continued to toss stuff that was too big for me, but kept the stuff that fit and it was like this entire wardrobe was reopened to me.  I can't believe it.

I'm almost as excited for my old/new clothes as I am to move into my new home.  Almost.

But seriously.  I'm stoked to get moved in.  I promise I'll get pictures up of our new digs as soon as we have internet, which won't be til next Tuesday but they'll get posted I swear.

"You Can't Rush Awesome"

So as most of you know- my little sister departed from Salt Lake International to Beunos Aires, Argentina for the next six weeks and then onto Asuncion, Paraguay for the next 16 1/2 months.  I am so mind-blowingly proud of her and at the same time I feel like a glass figurine that was knocked off a shelf- shattered.  Mariah is my best friend.  And to only be able to communicate with her via email and letters for the next 18 months is the hardest thing I've had to do since Brenden left on his mission back in 2007.  But, that's not what this is all about.  Mariah is going to serve the people of Paraguay with a love like no other.  She is going to move mountains down there.  And I cannot wait for the stories.

I spent the night up in Layton on Tuesday night with her.  Just before her getting set apart, she FaceTime-ed Brenden one last time. (He is in Nevada working for the summer so he had to say goodbye to her in person last week.)  We were just talking and laughing when Brenden said something along the lines of, "Goodbyes may seem hard, but before you know it you'll be back." When that made me think of the part in The Fox and the Hound when the old lady is dropping Tod off in the forest so the hunter wouldn't kill him.  And the music in the background as she is leaving him goes, "Goodbyes may seem forever, farewell- is like the end.  But in my heart's a memory, and there you'll always be..."  And I thought I would be so funny if I pulled that up on my phone as he was saying that to Ri and as the music started to play we were laughing and I was like, "This is the part where she is taking the fox into the forest-" And I BROKE DOWN in tears.  OUT OF NOWHERE.  I just got this image of us leaving Mariah in the airport and I was so caught off-guard I just lost it.  And then my mom started to cry, and Mariah started to cry and Brenden was like, "Are you crying?! Is mom crying? Are you all crying?!"  And we started to laugh AND cry which just made it sound like we were out of control sobbing.  It was pathetic.  And hilarious.  And when Landon got there after work I tried recounting the story to him and I started crying all over again!!  In fact, I really can't listen or watch that part now without breaking down.

She was set apart as a missionary at about 7:30 pm and after that was over, Landon and I had to rush to Sam's Club to pick up a bunch of pictures Mariah had ordered before they closed.  We got out of the neighborhood and I turned around to see the most beautiful, vibrant, full-arched rainbow directly over our home.  I was overcome with such a peaceful feeling; everything was going to be okay.

We went to dinner afterwards where Mariah ordered a full rack of ribs as her last meal in the states.  That sucker was as big as her own rib cage and she pounded it. We had such a fun evening getting our last bit of laughs with her.  And when we got home, Landon and I gave her her late birthday present- a Paraguay soccer jersey.  She looked like a natural in it.

We had to run to the store that night to get her some eye-liner and some last minute things.  My mom was like, "What do you want for breakfast in the morning before we leave?"  And Mariah knew the next morning was going to be super busy so she didn't want to request a huge breakfast but still wanted something other than cold cereal and she was like, "Crepes.  Just kidding... Crepes.  Just kidding....Crepes..."So I got up and made her some crepes with nutella, strawberries and bananas for her last breakfast.

We got to the airport a little later than we had planned thanks to traffic and trying to get her bags to be under 50 lbs, but we got her through.  The last minute hugs were pretty heart wrenching, but she only shed a few tears and never stopped smiling.  She is so ready for this.

this was the ride to the airport and the final hug.  As you can see, she is handling it much better.

only 18 more months til the girls are together again.  Ri gave us matching necklaces that we will wear while we're apart.

This will probably be the screen saver on my phone for the rest of my life.  She is such a beauty.

As she was walking up to Security, we ran to the ropes and called to her: 


We have many family cheers and that is one of them.  She turned around, beaming, and gave us a big thumbs up before she disappeared into the crowds.  She is going to be okay.  She is going to be more than okay- she is going to be great.  And powerful.  And so so happy.  It's selfish of me to wish she was still sitting next to me, but in truth, there is no where I would rather have her be than down there serving the people of Paraguay.  I took this video of her last week, it was this idea of hers and she has been wanting to make it forever.  It was so funny to us at the time- but it is so true. 

She is changing the world.

An Update of Sorts

-I worked a 13 hour shift yesterday. (15 if you count the hour commute both ways)  I probably will again today, tomorrow and Friday.  And also a good portion of next week.  Don't go feeling bad for me though- I love my job and the overtime is a huge bonus.  Plus, we're about to have a mortgage so any extra cash is welcomed with open arms.

-Speaking of almost having a mortgage- we are anticipating closing on our new home next week.  Hopefully, anyway.  Our realtor told us to expect around the 19th.  I. Am. So. Excited.

-I need to find a dining table.

-I reeeaaallllyyyy want to go see The Fault in Our Stars.  But working like this right now is not conducive to a night at the movies.  NO SPOILERS PLEASE.  Jk. I've read the book.

-This week's episode of the Bachelorette sucked.  Why do we even need to waste an entire night's slot on a lame recap when there has only been five episodes?  ARE YOU LISTENING, ABC?

-It turns out, Milo may be a killer.  It's been brought to my attention there are FIVE dead birds in our yard.  Never seen dead birds before so I don't think it's Satan Fancy doing the murdering... It has to be Milo.  Oh well.  At least he and Shadow are getting along.

Didn't I tell you they'd be best friends?

First World Problems

1. Landon is working in St. George til tomorrow night.  Last night I was lonely, so I thought if I sprayed his cologne on his pillow it would make me miss him less.  Only- I accidentally sprayed too much and now the cat won't sleep in the bed and I think I'm going to permanently smell like a boy.

2. I lost one of my tennis shoes after our softball game last week.  We looked in every crack in the truck and Landon drove all the way back to the fields at 11:00 at night trying to find it.  It was all to no avail. So I went out and dropped seventy bones on a legit pair of running shoes only to have my missing tennis shoe appear out of no where the next morning.

3.  I'm so excited to move into our new place, but I get over-whelmed when I look at my closet and think about packing again.  How much do movers cost?  And is part of their job description packing a thousand items of clothing?  Can they do laundry?

4.  I bought a ton of food at the grocery store yesterday because I'm going to be working evenings now so I need to start packing lunches AND dinners.  When I got home I stared at all the food on the counter and really just wanted to go order some fast food.

5.  I found cougar tracks bigger than my own hand in the pit while I was out sampling yesterday:

Does this count as a first world problem?  I don't think it does.  It seems like it could potentially be a real problem.  And does anyone know protocol for mountain lion encounters?  I don't think it's the same as if you were to come face to face with a bear...  It might just be accepting that you're going to die...


Landon's work has a coed softball team and they are kind enough to have let me play with them.  Actually, most of the time they needed me so they wouldn't forfeit due to the lack of female presence... The only time I've ever really played softball was in high school P.E. so I'm nothing special, but I do hit the ball more often than I strike out, so that's good...

Our team isn't bad, we're not great though.  And a lot of these teams in this league take this very seriously.  So we usually lose.  We've had a couple wins here and there, but mostly losses.  Doesn't mean we aren't having fun though.  Last night was unfortunately the last time I'll be able to play this season because my work schedule is about to take a shift into evenings for the month of June and then full on nights in July.  I was okay with the fact that I wasn't going to get to play anymore until last night's second game.  It was so. much. fun.  I was the catcher when we were outfield and this girl was up to bat and she was like, "I would way rather just come here on Wednesday nights and play just your team.  This is so much fun."  They beat us, but only by a couple, but she was right- that was the funnest game of the season.

I got a picture of Landon making a run, but he doesn't have any of me.  Wanna know why?  I bat right before Landon on the roster, so I'm usually on first base when he hits.  Unfortunately, he hits them straight towards second base so they're there waiting for me and I never get a run.  I did last night though because Landon pulled his quad in the first game and I got my first ever run.  And I feel good hanging my hat on that for my season.

Thanks to Lava for letting me toss some balls around with them.  I had such a good time doing it. :)

Life Through My Lens

well hello there.  you know when you walk into class late or something and everyone stares at you like-  nice of you to show up. and you just slowly walk to your seat feeling stupid?  That's a little how I feel writing this post after 2 1/2 weeks of not writing or reading blogs.  Truth is, I think about it every night. And I miss you guys so bad.  What have I been doing in lieu of internet-ing?  I don't even really know.  I figured I'd consult my iPhone.  So here's what it had to say.

Oh! We went boating over Memorial Day weekend!  It was FREEZING and raining so hard.  But I bought a new swim suit, sunglasses and sun hat for the occasion and I was going to wear them dangit!! The pool is also now open, but is still in the process of heating up.  So I will lay out by it, but I need it to be at least ten degrees warmer before I submerge myself in it.

I haven't had a lot of pictures that really show how long Landon's hair is getting.  He hasn't ever had it this long in his life.  He was playing video games and I asked him if I could play with it and I believe his exact response was, "Marriage is all about keeping your spouse occupied, so sure."  And then he ended up with like, 29 hair elastics in his hair.  And he wasn't very happy with me when it was time to take them out because I was "pulling his hair."  Welcome to the female life from the day they have enough hair for a pony tail.

I've been spending a lot (well, more than usual) of time with my little sister.  She flies out in two weeks from today.  I'm starting to panic a little.  I might have to make a few weekend trips to Paraguay here in the next 18 months.

And of course, just goofing off all the time.  We went to dinner near our new place (which we will be moving into in just a COUPLE WEEKS) and I needed a picture next to the "Bonner's" gate.  It took Landon a second to figure out why he was taking the photo.  He was real proud of me when he caught on. 

Where Have I Been? Buying a House!

So.  I thought my hiatus was over, but apparently not.  And I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I'm going to start blogging everyday again because a lot is happening right now.  A lot of good.  And I'm excited.  And I don't have a lot of down time anymore, so blog posts are going to probably be sporadic for the next little bit.  And I'm trying so hard to feel like I don't need to apologize for that.  For the past couple years this blog was my gig, you know?  Everyone knows about it, my parents tell me all the time that our neighbors and friends read it.  Every photo I took was taken so I could post about it... I don't know.  It's weird that I haven't devoted my evenings to writing and my mornings to reading.  But like I said, I haven't had a spare second for the last few weeks.

Three weeks ago, Landon and I got pre-qualified for a home loan.  Something we've done once right before we got married and I had a total come apart right before we started putting offers on houses.  I wasn't ready to be committed to a mortgage.  I felt it wasn't the right thing at the time.  Looking back now, I was probably being a little dramatic, but I don't regret it.  We've lived a pretty luxurious lifestyle for a newly wed couple, and having the freedom of cheap rent has led us on some adventures and opportunities I don't think we would have had if we were living in a house in the outskirts of Utah County.

But now?  I'm ready.  I'm ready for a place to own.  A place I can paint the walls a color I want them, and hang pictures without worrying if the holes we leave are going to come out of our deposit.  I want to buy a grill and plant things.  I want to stay in a place for more than one year and not have to pack our stuff and move out again.  I want to get to know our neighbors and make friends.  After being married for three years, I'm finally ready.  And Landon, bless his heart.  I know it was a disappointment when I backed out of home buying the last time.  And he has been so patient with me.

Anyway.  We've been trying to figure out for awhile where we wanted to end up.  Both of our first choices was to stay in the Heber Valley.  I didn't want to move back down to Utah County, Landon didn't want to move to the Salt Lake Valley or North of Layton.  I would love to move back to Layton one day... It's been a process just trying to agree on a location.  Except for of course up here in Wasatch County.  The only problem is that it's really expensive to live up here.  Houses in our price range are absolute dives and need a ton of work.  Which isn't a deal breaker, buying a fixer upper.  What is a deal breaker is maxing out what we can afford and then having no money left over to fix it up, you know?  So that was putting a damper on our house hunt in Heber.

Then, our realtor told us she found a couple townhouses in Midway (Heber's neighboring and in my opinion more beautiful city).  The second she said "townhouse" and I was like, "Nope. No. No way. Absolutely not. I'm not buying a townhouse, condo, apartment or any type of building that shares a wall with other human beings."  And Landon and our realtor were like, "Well, we can just go look." "Keep and open mind with all of this." "Yada yada yada." So I agreed to just go look at them.  But I was set on not buying a townhouse.  The first one we went into was just gross. And I was like, "Yeah, no."  The carpet was stained, the tile was ancient, there was this pillar between the living room and dining room that just closed the whole room off and made it seem so much smaller than it was.  I was not having it.  And our realtor was like, "Well, let's at least go look at the other one."  And wouldn't you know it- the second I walked through the door I wanted it.  The carpet was new, the paint was new, it had wood floors in the kitchen and dining room.  The bay windows really opened it up, there were two sinks in the master bathroom.  I was in love.  I didn't even care about all the "I told you so.'s." I was getting from Landon and our realtor.

We spent the rest of the weekend walking through other houses that were for sale in the area, but like I said, they all needed a ton of work, time and money.  We couldn't get the Midway townhouse out of our heads.  We went back to it two more times that weekend.  And our realtor suggested we put an offer on it.  We could keep looking in the meantime, but the way we couldn't get it out of our heads said that it was the right place for us.

Thursday morning, I got a text from Landon right as I got to work that the seller's had accepted our offer.  I hooted and hollered in my work truck all by myself and have been beyond excited every since.  I've already started planning how I want to decorate it, how I want to utilize our patio space, the backsplash I want to do in the kitchen...everything.  The loan we are doing takes 45 days to close, so we will probably be moving in at the end of June, which- seems like a year away, but as things progress I'm sure it will be here before I know it.

It's a three bedroom, two bathroom townhouse.  It's in a prime location in the city.  The complex has a pool, hot tub, tennis courts, a work out room and there is a bike path that follows the Provo river right past our place.  It will be perfect to take our cruisers on.  The only downside to all of this really, is that the place isn't small but I wanted to kidnap Shadow and I think it's too small for a dog his size.  Milo will be fine.  He'll probably rule the place, but Shadow is going to have to stay with Sunny.  Doesn't mean I won't rent him out for the weekends or anything, but I don't think he would be happy cooped up inside all day by himself.

Other than that though, this place is perfect.  We are doing the home inspection this week and the appraisal either this week or next.  We're moving quickly with all this, and I'm not going to lie, I don't always know what is going on, but I'm stoked.  I can't wait to get pictures up and show you guys our new digs.  And- we'll have spare bedrooms so we better get some visitors up in here! :)

I Lied.

Remember when I said I was back and then I didn't blog again for two days? haha classic me.  But I accomplished a lot in the past two afternoons that made it impossible for me to blog.  Like Wednesday afternoon? I went to bed at 4:30 pm.  Like, for the night.  I slept for THIRTEEN HOURS.  I think I set a P.R. that night.  Obviously my body is still recovering from whatever I had.

And tonight, we are starting our home buying journey and going to look at houses with our realtor.  Granted, they are townhouses and I am not 100% on board with that idea just yet, but we will see how tonight goes.  I've seen the pictures and they are really cute, and they are located in Midway which is the neighboring city to Heber where apparently property value is just sky rocketing and it would be a really great investment.  So.  We will see.  I'm just excited to start looking for our own home.  And to not live in a basement.  Did you guys know Landon and I haven't lived above ground since before we got married? True story.

Anyway.  Wish us luck.  And you all have a great weekend.

ALSO- if you guys wish now, the social media buttons now will navigate you to my social media sites.  All thanks to Alissa. The greatest human being who ever lived.

I'm Baaack

Guess what happened to me guys! GUESS!! Ok I'll tell you. I redesigned my blog. Obvi. But the only reason it has taken me this long is because I have no time in the afternoons anymore.  And the only reason I had time now to fix it is because I came down with the disease from H-E-L-L.  Going on day 4 here of being horizontal.  Though I do think I'm on the mend.  So with nothing else to do while laying in bed surrounded by sleeping animals I figured, "Meh.  I guess I'll do that blog thing now."

So three hours later I think I've got something that I can deal with until I can convince my mom (who's a professional graphic designer now) to revamp it for free.  Also- don't bother clicking on any of the social media links over there.  They'll just navigate you to my photo bucket. hahaha

What the ffffff.....

Ok, so I just saw how all of my tabs and buttons have decided to go up in arms against me. Not totally sure what's happening, but I'm working on it. If I can't figure it out it might be calls for a re-design this weekend. Sorry- you may have to deal with the second-hand embarrassment for a couple days.

Family is a Good Excuse, Right?

So, I'm a little behind of updating you about my life these past few days.  And it's mostly because I've been spending time with my family.  And you know how cool and time consuming they are.  We went up to my mom's house on Sunday for an Easter lunch.  It ended up being hobo dinners out in our fire pit, promptly followed by s'mores.

 our traditional Easter morning photo

and my Satan s'more.  Definitely not part of the diet, and definitely don't regret it.

And lucky me, my dad invited Landon and me back on Monday night to have pizza (yolo) and do some yard work with everyone before he and my brother leave for the summer.  I used to detest yard work.  But I had so much fun hanging out with everyone and the yard looked so nice when we were all done with it.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it, because pizza.

We didn't get home til late Monday night, hence why I didn't blog yesterday either.  But as I was climbing in bed, I photographed the current relationship between Shadow and Milo.  I'm hoping they get over it and become friends soon.  Because right now, Milo is guarding the stairs and Shadow is too scared to walk past him.  I think Milo likes the feeling of utter power.  Typical cat, right?

can't not laugh every time I look at this picture.

I'm glad I had such a fun weekend with everyone because work is kicking my BUTT so far this week.  But good news,  I get ANOTHER weekend with these fools because my mom is graduation on Friday and it's Brenden's birthday on Saturday.  AKA partying all weekend long.

Impulse Adoption

You guys.  On Tuesday a co-worker of mine came up to me and half-jokingly asked me if I wanted his cat.  Long story short, through a turn of events he needed to give up his cat he's had for a few years.  He said he was taking it to the Humane Society that day.  But I had heard about this cat a few years ago when Landon had been at his house.  He said it looked like a small leopard and how badly he wanted it.  So I told my co-worker if he could hold onto him for one more day I would go talk to Landon about seriously taking him.  And the next day, I had Milo the Bengal in the back of my truck headed home.

Now, as any adopted animal, he was a little stressed and a lot confused.  Even though I am really excited about having Milo a part of our family, these kind of situations are always a little sad at first.  No one wants to give away a loved pet, and no pet wants to be taken away from it's home to a foreign place with people it doesn't know.  Milo was no exception.

I took him into one of the rooms in the basement and closed the door to keep him as calm as possible.  He kind of wandered around and explored, but ended up curling up under a desk not wanting to come out.  I put his bed next to him under the desk and put some treats in it and he eventually came out and got in it.  I stayed there on the ground with him for hours, just petting him and talking to him softly.  He is the sweetest thing and even though I've only had him for like- twelve hours, I love him so so much.

I decided to give him a little space, so I shut the door and went for a run.  When I came back he was more willing to snuggle.  I decided to take him into our room and let him lay on the bed next to me.  He ended up cocooning into the sheets and snuggling up next to my legs.

This is a big transition for Milo.  I can tell he is sad and confused, but I'm hoping within the next few weeks he will be happy and feel at home with us.  And Shadow.  Because he doesn't totally love the idea of him yet. ha!

Things That Have Kept Me Laughing

Found this gem at Bed, Bath and Beyond on Friday.  You guys.  I was DY-YING.  I was there with some co-workers because we were buying more flavors for our Soda Stream and this was in the checkout lane.  I really just wanted to meet the person behind it to see if it was intentional or an oversight.  Or if perhaps, I'm just really immature.

This pin I found sometime last week.  I still giggle at it every time I see it in my humor board.  I love it when the message trying to be portrayed is lost in the unnecessary spacing of the words.  I get it, you're trying to be cute, but it's not totally working out for you.

And finally, this snap from my little sister had me in a fit of laughter.  She is such a weirdo.  Her face kills me, and this is especially funny because her boss is a psycho sometimes and I love that she photographed him unknowingly.

She's a genius and I'll treasure this forever.

Another Weekend for the Books

1: Girl's night.  We went rock climbing at the Quarry in Provo.  It kicked out butts.
2: Tried bouldering after climbing, didn't succeed.  Only succeeded in get a picture pretending to boulder.  None the less, we want monthly passes and to go all the time so that one day maybe we'll be able to do more than pose in front of the bouldering wall.
3: Saturday morning's run entertainment was courtesy of Landon and Shadow.  The wrestled and played for roughly 2.5 miles.
4: After we were all worn out from exercising and playing, Landon let me spend too much money on make up and then took me to get Sushi.  Maybe tempura isn't exactly part of the diet, but I only had one roll and I don't regret it.
5. I should have been less obnoxious to Landon after he willing handed over his wallet for my beauty supplies.  But I wasn't.
6: I didn't stop being annoying the next morning when I braided his hair in church.  He got all embarrassed when he realized what I was doing.  I tried to make him feel more manly by telling him it was "corn rows."
7. We bought Shadow a cheap frisbee to play with.  It was destroyed in a matter of 10 minutes or so.  But he was still radiating pure joy so we had to snap a few photos of his heart melting smile.
8. *see above*

all in all a pretty great weekend.

Never Taking Another Bubble Bath Again.

I was whining at work yesterday about how sore I am from a killer leg workout we did a few days ago.  And I know that I could take an ice bath to help with the ache, but I don't hate myself so I don't want to do that.  Then my new co-worker suggested Epsom salts.  He said his mom says it helps with sore muscles.  I was intrigued.  So when I got home, I did a little more research on Epsom salts.  Turns out there is TONS of benefits to soaking in a bath with that wonderful stuff.  I got one that was the salts PLUS lavender.  I LOVE lavender.  I filled the tub up with warm water, had the salts dissolve and I turned out the jets only to be transported to the most heavenly state of mind I've been in for who knows how long.

I got out, and I was soooo soothed and relaxed.  And while it didn't make me feel like I hadn't done the butt-buster from HELL two days prior, the soreness was noticeably less.

And I was reading that regular Epsom salt baths can do all kinds of things for your body.  I swear, I'm not being sponsored to say this, but look at what it can do:

  • -Improved heart and circulatory health, reducing irregular heartbeats, preventing hardening of the arteries, reducing blood clots and lowering blood pressure.
  • -Improved ability for the body to use insulin, reducing the incidence or severity of diabetes.
  • -Flushed toxins and heavy metals from the cells, easing muscle pain and helping the body to eliminate harmful substances.
  • -Improved nerve function by electrolyte regulation. Also, calcium is the main conductor for electrical current in the body, and magnesium is necessary to maintain proper calcium levels in the blood.
  • -Relieved stress. Excess adrenaline and stress are believed to drain magnesium, a natural stress reliever, from the body. Magnesium is necessary for the body to bind adequate amounts of serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain that creates a feeling of well being and relaxation.
  • -Reduced inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps.
  • -Improved oxygen use.
  • -Improved absorption of nutrients.
  • -Improved formation of joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins.
  • -Prevention or easing of migraine headaches.

I know that I've only had one bath so far, but I'm excited to be able to do this more after working out and have it help with the soreness.  I'll keep you posted on how I'm feeling.  But in the mean time, if you guys want to try it out, I just bought a bag at Wal Mart for five bucks.  I'm sure there is nicer stuff out there, I'll have to do some research, but that worked for me. And I smell like lavender still. bonus.

Tell Us About Yourself(ie)

(this was stolen from Alissa, who got it from here.)

What’s your wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?

The home screen is of Landon and me, of course.  The lock screen? Maybe it's a picture of Tom Hiddleston with a sweet quote from him...and maybe it's not... 

When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order?
Wings. Duh.
What’s the one word you are guilty of using too often?
literally. or dammit.

What is the last thing you searched for on Google?
"How many tablespoons in a cup?" there's 16 in case you're wondering.

Who is the last person that called or texted you?

the last person to call was my dad.  The last person to text was my BFF.  And I didn't answer her question about baked sweet potato fries.... I better go do that right now.

What one thing drives you absolutely crazy?
When people say things that are just unnecessarily rude.  I hate that.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
I was using a foam roller before crossfit to try to stretch out and I rolled off it and slammed into my friend.

What is one TV show you think everyone should be watching?
I don't know that I'm qualified to answer this question seeing in how I don't watch TV very much.  I'm still trying to find a second to catch up on HIMYM.

What is your favorite reality show guilty pleasure?

You all know this.  It's the Bachelor/ette.

What makes you laugh the most?
Comedy Sportz.  And Shadow.  And my mom.

What’s the first CD you bought?
Backstreet Boys Millenium

Pick one: Kittens or puppies?

New York or Los Angeles?

NY.  For obvious reasons. (Alissa, Kelsey, Mills and DiBella's)

Comedy or drama?

Bacon or Nutella?
Nutella.  I hate bacon, remember?

’80s or ’90s?
90's.  Unless it's 80's night at Area 51 in Salt Lake.  

Hannah Montana or Lizzie McGuire?

Lizzie McGuire.

And finally: tell us a secret.
I plan on stealing Shadow when we move out.  My mother in law is always saying we better take him, but I know she isn't serious.  I, however, am.  And I'm never giving him back.

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