I Forgot How to Write This Week

You guys, I have sat down to my computer EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, and not been able to find any words to type.  So I stare at a blank screen and a blinking curser for ten minutes and close my laptop and go read. I'm on my third book this week.  I dunno.  Not a lot to say, but apparently a lot to read.  Hoping for more inspiration next week.

Yesterday was definitely interesting, however.  We finally got some snow after two weeks in the 40's.  And a few miles past my house, on my way to work, I was just driving and minding my own business when suddenly a MASSIVE ANIMAL was walking into my lane.  I thought it was a horse at first, but as I slammed on my breaks and started sliding out of control because the roads were icy and the beast got closer and closer I realized it was much bigger than a horse, and that it was an elk.  I screamed many things and braced for impact.  It's face should have gone through the windshield on the driver's side, but at the last second it lifted it's head way up in the air and I DROVE UNDER IT'S CHIN.
I shook all the way to work.  I've come really close to hitting deer and rabbits, but never anything nearly as big as this elk.  It would have completely TOTALED my truck.  And probably me.

So there was that...

Oh, and after work, I went down to Orem and participated in the Round Table with a few other bloggers from around here.  We listened to a delightful girl teach us how to use our DSLRs.  Because I've had mine for over a year, and I barely know a thing about it.  They were all so nice and funny and I actually learned a ton.  I'm really glad I went.

Now for the weekend to take me away.  I've got a hot date tonight, night boarding tomorrow and of course the big game on Sunday.  A full schedule, and I'm so excited.  I need to go do some other things besides taking two hour long bubble baths and reading a whole book every day.  Not that that isn't awesome.

What's Going on Over Here

I'm totally copying Michelle's post here because I've found myself at a loss of something to post about.  So here is what is happening here in Heber City, Utah right now last night.

At this moment: Yelling at Shadow to get out of the bathroom before he drinks the toilet water again.  I'm out in the family room by the fire and he is hot.  So he cools down via toilet bowl water.  And then he drips it everywhere and it makes me gag.

Learning: How to budget our money.  AKA GROWING UP.

Reading: Previously Engaged.  A goofy novel about a girl who won a $50,000 "Dream Wedding" even though she isn't technically engaged yet.

Wanting:  A house.  This girl is HOUSE HUNGRY.  Along with learning to budget, we are also applying for a pre-approval on a loan and hunting for a new home.

Wishing: for MORE SNOW.  Utah has been in a drought for like, 20+ years.  And then only thing that makes it bearable is the snow pack.  Which we basically have none of.  Y'all on the East Coast need to send it out here!!

Slacking: On grocery planning and shopping.  I guess we'll be going out to lunch tomorrow.  If you have delicious/easy/somewhat healthy lunch ideas, LET ME KNOW.

Waiting: For my W-2 so we can get started on our taxes. Ugh.  How boring does that sound?  I just love the day our tax return gets dumped into our bank account.

Excited: For the Super Bowl.  I've been more involved with football this last season than I ever have in my whole life, but I've always loved the Super Bowl.  Can't wait to get together with my family, watch some football and eat all the Little Smokies I can.

Using: My new library card!!! It's got a picture of the sunset behind Mt. Timpanogous and everything.  I think it means I'm officially a citizen of Wasatch County.  Even if it is in my Mother-in-Law's basement.

Being: Lazy.  This weekend was a order pizza and rent a red box for a date night and snuggle up by the fire, reading on a Sunday kind of weekend.  And sometimes that is all I really need.

Feeling: Rested.

The Odds Probably Aren't in Your Favor

So some interesting news flashed across the internet yesterday when Warren Buffet announced that he is going to pay ONE BILLION DOLLARS to somebody if they have a perfect March Madness bracket. (source if you want to read more)  First of all- that's insane. Second of all, I'm gonna need a whole lotta brackets over here.  When we heard that at work we were like, "Okay, between the four of us, we could just go fill out thousands and thousands of brackets and just split the winnings.  Cause that's still $250 mill a piece."  I remember learning about how to do the math on something like that back in high school. You know, calculating the number of possibilities.  And of course I don't remember how to do it myself so I googled "how many different possibilities are in a 64-team bracket?"  You know what Google told me?  For the record, I was anticipating like, tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of different outcomes.  And we were like, "Who cares?  It's not like we're doing anything else during the winter months! Let's win a billion dollars."  Well, we were wrong.  The exact number that it comes out to be is:


is that number too big for your brain to process?  I'll spell it out for you.  Nine Quintillion, Two Hundred Twenty-Three Quadrillion, Three Hundred Seventy-Two Trillion, Thirty-Six Billion, Eight Hundred Fifty-Four Million, Seven Hundred Seventy-Five Thousand, Eight Hundred Eight different possible March Madness brackets. Two say our spirits went from being really high to realistically low would be an understatement.  So our next plan of action is to go to Vegas, take their odds of the bracket and kind of take it from there.  

But in all seriousness, there has got to be at least a few who get lucky and fill out a perfect bracket.  I'm so much more interested in March Madness this year than I ever have been before.

Hacked. Again.

So the main reason I have passwords on my phone and my laptop aren't solely because I'm trying to protect my phone or computers if they get stolen, or that I'm trying to hide any scandalous secrets of my life.  No- basically the reason is because when I go home, no electronic device is safe from getting hacked by my family.  I don't know if any of you remember the big Facebook fiasco I had to put up with last year but I've been trying to make that not ever happen again, as funny as it all was.

Well, the Master Hacker has struck again.  This time via Twitter.  I walked in on my mom trying to get Siri to unlock my phone and instead she ended up sending out a tweet.
I laughed, it was harmless.  I took my phone back and deleted the tweet and set my phone on the counter next to me while I did my little sister's nails.  I guess I didn't notice her swipe it right out from under my nose.  She was right there in the kitchen telling Siri to "tweet this" and "tweet that" and I said, "Mom, I didn't know you had a Twitter account!"  and she was like, "...Yeah. I do."  And continued to ramble onto Siri.  Well, yesterday morning I was on Twitter trying to find her account so I could laugh at the crap she was tweeting, but I couldn't find her.  So I texted her and was like, "Mom, what's your twitter username?"  And she was all, "....I don't have one..."  And I was like, "What the heck were you doing last night then?"  And she was all, "I was on your phone."  And so she was.

And at this point I realized nothing would ever truly be safe from her leaving random messages across my social media boards.  So if you see stuff like that running across your newsfeed, assume I've gone home for the weekend, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

He Deserved It.

So as you all were aware, Landon's birthday was on Friday. And I played hookie from work that day so we could go snowboarding and spend the day doing what Landon wanted to do.  It was a beautiful morning and Landon ran through the house waking everyone up so he could finally open the giant box that held the death threat.  We all gathered round and watched him basically climb inside the box filled with colorful paper to pull out his brand new Play Station 4 with a massive grin on his face. (Best wife award.) Not two minutes later he was setting it up, completely forgetting that we had plans to hit up the mountain.  I didn't complain though because of the great lengths I went through to get that machine.  I don't even want to talk about it, it was that big of a nightmare.

After he got it all hooked up to the internet so it could spend the rest of the morning downloading his games, we packed up and head out to Sundance.  We couldn't have asked for a clearer or more gorgeous day to go snowboarding.  I wore my new beard mask that got a thousand compliments from total strangers.  And at lunch, we feasted on a nacho monument.

After all the snowboarding we could handle, we went home and got ready for a night of partying with family and a few friends.  We had Landon's all-time favorite meal: Country Fried Steak and Mashed Potatoes with a home made Key Lime pie for dessert.  Landon and his buddies played on the PS4 while my dad wowed us with magic tricks and card games.

And that was just Friday.  Saturday and Sunday we continued to celebrate by going on dates and spending birthday money and on Sunday watching football at my mom's house and eating another favorite meal of Landon's followed up by fresh raspberry cheesecake.  That kid got spoiled.  I'm so glad he was able to have such a good birthday.  He deserves it.


Guess who's birthday is tomorrow!!! Good ol' Landshark!! And I'm so excited about what is in this box! :) but so is Landon. Hence the death threat. We are going snowboarding tomorrow and I can't wait. It's going to be a busy busy weekend with that spoiled husband of mine.

Late Bloomer

So, as if I didn't have enough fun Saturday night, I failed to mention how great Saturday morning was when I got to meet up with my old roommates plus one darling baby for a three hour long breakfast.

I've talked about these fools on my blog before, but in case you don't remember, I lived with them for nearly four years.  They were my very best friends, and I think of our shenanigans daily and so fondly. We live so close, but no one knows why it is so hard to plan get togethers.  It was great to sit down and talk to them and see where our lives are taking us. Nancy's a fifth grade teacher and her husband is a pilot now, Jenessa has a baby, Shelise is house hunting.  I feel like they are all so grown up.  I'm over here like, "....I'm still blogging..." haha not that I'm not happy where I am today-I love my life.  But sometimes I wonder,  "What happened to these days? When did we grow up?"

and then as I said goodbye and they returned to their jobs and babies and husbands with airplanes, I hiked up a mountain in blue spandex so I could slide back down it on a garbage bag...Would it surprise you if I said I have always been a late bloomer?

This is How We Freestyle

You guys.  Saturday was amazing.  I felt like I made up for my super lame NYE this year by going out with a ton of friends and my family.  I know sometimes I try to avoid people from high school when I go home.  But that's usually when I'm at the mall or something.  And only when it's people I'm not particularly fond of.  But this was a fantastic reunion with a bunch of friends of mine, a lot of whom I haven't seen since high school.  The World Cup was up at a ski Resort in Park City and not only was it the World Cup, but it was a qualifier for the Olympics.  So that in itself was freaking awesome.  We went to the Moguls Free Style.  It is mind blowing to watch the athletes just power down that mountain through a field of moguls and then throw a huge trick off a massive jump.  But even more fun than watching the event was being there with all our friends.  And we didn't just show up.  We showed up in straight-from-the-eighties and probably some 60's and 70's ski wear.  Onesies, leggings, bell-bottomed snow pants, you name it, someone was wearing it.  Landon was wearing my friend's grandpa's snow suit and his pants were so tight, I was dying.  And he had this rad snow coat.  I wore my other friend's grandpa's coat, my mom's headband and a classic side pony.  My brother was in someone's onesie suit and my grandma's wool hat, my sister was in my mom's old ski instructor uniform.  I mean, you guys we were LEGIT.

After the event was over, everyone just started dancing in this snow storm.  There was music, big dance circles, cameras- everything to provoke a hopping dance party.  And after the snow let up, everyone pulled out garbage bags and slid back down the mountain. I didn't know that was coming.  We rode the chairlift to get up the mountain, but I figured we'd be just walking down, not participating in a big slide.  It was hilarious and so so cold.
here is some footage I took of us sliding down the mountain.  I have some ridiculous friends and family.
(for those of you in offices, this video is totally watchable on mute.)

Like I said.  This totally made up for how lame my ringing in of the new year was.  I still can't get over how much fun I had.  And like any magical night- it ended with a kiss that sparked fireworks.

Things I Should Probably Do....

Ugggh. I've been avoiding a New Year's Resolution list.  Trying out the whole "be a leader, not a follower" path.  Or just because I didn't want to write anything down.  But I did think of somethings I want to accomplish or at least probably should this year. Things other than the normal "lose weight" and "get out of debt" crap everyone always says. Here we go:

  • Ride my dirt bike more.  Yesterday's post about how Landon and I love to dirt bike made me sad at how little I went last year.  I'm going to go a lot more this summer.
  • Same goes for boating.  (Yes Alissa. Boating.)
  • Really figure out what I want to do with my life.  You know, as far as school goes.  I applied to a new university, but I don't even know what I want to do.  I am going to do some deep soul searching and maybe take one of those Aptitude Tests or something...
  • Read more books.  Skyler was up at the house over Christmas and in five days he read almost five books.  I want to rediscover my love for reading like that.
  • Go on a vacation.  Landon and I got a large chunk of change from my parents for Christmas.  It's going into an envelope in my sock drawer and we are going to keep adding to it until we can afford to fly ourselves somewhere sunny and on the beach. Just him and me while I instagram a picture of my toes in the sand.
and finally......
I'm kidding so hard right now.

My Perfect Guy

My mom showed me a song last night that she thought reminded her of Landon and me.  It's called "My Perfect Girl" and basically it's about this guy who has a list of things that make up his perfect girl.  Some of the things on that list are:  She's gotta be 5 foot 11 and smells like heaven, something about big ol' boobies and a countyfied booty. I dunno.  She said it was about us.  And I can see where she is coming from.  It's a funny song.  But it got me thinking.  I used to have a list of qualities I thought would be my perfect guy.  I remember them for the most part and I thought I'd go through some and see what Landon has that was on my list.

1. He had to be tall.  Check.  Landon is like, 6'4.5.  No worries there.
2. He had to be funny.  Check.  Landon is hilarious.  But in a different way than like a class clown.  You gotta watch him carefully.  I'm always laughing with him though.  So done. Nailed it.
3. He had to be able to sing and play the piano and/or guitar.  Ooh. Strike one.  Landon doesn't play an instrument.  But he sings all the time.  In the shower, in the car, while I'm on the phone and I really need him to not be singing... So we can give him a half point on that one.  But can I add that every guy that I dated that did play the guitar and/or piano was a major douche baggery? Like, it's probably a good thing Landon doesn't do those things.
4. He had to be hot. PFF. You've all seen Landon.  It's pointless for me to even be visiting this one.
5. He had to ride dirt bikes.  The fact that I ride dirt bikes is one of the main reasons Landon decided to pursue me.  It was like the Universe brought us together based on our love of dirt biking.

That's probably the main points on my "must have" list growing up.  I'd say 4.5/5 isn't a bad score at all.  Especially when that last 1/2 point means you are probably DOOSH BAHHHG.

Good work, Land Shark.

How You Know You At Least Grown Up a Little...

You know how on Facebook, you can click on one of your friends and you can see your "friendship" with them? i.e. photos you're both in, wall posts between the two of you? Similar likes and whatnot?  Well, I found myself checking one of those out between a friend of mine and me last night.  He and I were friends when I first moved out.  We worked together and he quickly became one of my best friends.  Well, as I was scanning our old friendship, I saw a post where he asked me about a youtube video I had posted.  He asked what the title was so he could show our friend.  When I saw that post from all the way back in 2008, I was reminded of this video that had totally slipped my memory.  Like, I was completely shocked when I saw that title because of how deep I had buried that in my mind.  So, I did what anyone else would do, I looked it up.  It was posted on my BFF's youtube channel and it  has no link to my name whatsoever, but it was still there.

I watched in horror.

This video that was once so funny too me, horrified me.  I mean, don't get me wrong, it's still really funny to me, but in a way where I would rather I just had it saved to my own private desktop.  Not on my friend's old youtube account that I have zero access to and it's just there. For the whole world to stumble upon.

Don't bother trying to find it.  You won't find it.  Like I said, there is no tether to me with this video in the slightest.  Which I thank Past Whitney for with all my heart.  She may have been dumb enough to post it in the first place but at least she was smart enough to hide the trail.  If that video came up when you Googled my name, I probably would never get a job.

And thinking in those terms? That is how I know I've grown up at least a little bit in the last six years.

Things are Good.

//I skied 7 days in a row last week.  I LOVED being outside that much. It's still a little chilly, but when I'm kicking my butt up a mountain, the cold air is welcomed.
//And how about that Bald Eagle.  Apparently there has been a whole bunch hanging around her lately.  Especially by the lake where the ice fishermen leave all the fish guts laying around.
//When I wasn't outside skiing or playing, I spent it inside wrapped up in my Snuggie Huddler watching either New Girl or the Bachelor.  Oh yes ladies, the Bachelor is upon us.  And Chicago Fire is coming back.
//The new year is treating me pretty good.  I've applied to a new school, I'm doing things that are good for me, I'm happy with where and I am and where I'm going.  Things are just good.

My Resolution Involves Spandex

Guess what.  I hardly can tell that a new year has started.  Because I fell asleep at 9:30 on the couch on New Year's Eve.  I was woken up with 30 seconds left til midnight just in time to sleepily kiss Landon and chug a glass of sparkling cider before I tucked myself back into bed for the night.  Boom. D- in ringing in the New Year.  Any New Year's resolutions? Fuhgeddaboudit. Just kidding.  I've got some ideas on being a better person.  And maybe I should get them written down.  But I've been spending every day this week out cross country skiing.  Because it's beautiful out there, and also because I suck at it and it's driving me crazy.  Ok, I don't suck.  I've actually come a long way in the last five days, but I just want to be like all the other people in spandex that make it look like the skis are doing all the work and they're just along for the ride.  There it is.  That's my resolution.
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