Hacked. Again.

So the main reason I have passwords on my phone and my laptop aren't solely because I'm trying to protect my phone or computers if they get stolen, or that I'm trying to hide any scandalous secrets of my life.  No- basically the reason is because when I go home, no electronic device is safe from getting hacked by my family.  I don't know if any of you remember the big Facebook fiasco I had to put up with last year but I've been trying to make that not ever happen again, as funny as it all was.

Well, the Master Hacker has struck again.  This time via Twitter.  I walked in on my mom trying to get Siri to unlock my phone and instead she ended up sending out a tweet.
I laughed, it was harmless.  I took my phone back and deleted the tweet and set my phone on the counter next to me while I did my little sister's nails.  I guess I didn't notice her swipe it right out from under my nose.  She was right there in the kitchen telling Siri to "tweet this" and "tweet that" and I said, "Mom, I didn't know you had a Twitter account!"  and she was like, "...Yeah. I do."  And continued to ramble onto Siri.  Well, yesterday morning I was on Twitter trying to find her account so I could laugh at the crap she was tweeting, but I couldn't find her.  So I texted her and was like, "Mom, what's your twitter username?"  And she was all, "....I don't have one..."  And I was like, "What the heck were you doing last night then?"  And she was all, "I was on your phone."  And so she was.

And at this point I realized nothing would ever truly be safe from her leaving random messages across my social media boards.  So if you see stuff like that running across your newsfeed, assume I've gone home for the weekend, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


  1. Hand puppet. hand puppet. hand puppet. she really got you good with that one.

  2. I saw the USA tweet and I was so confused! Now I know. I love this.

  3. Oh my gosh. I am dying. "I guess Twitter is like 911, the lock screen doesn't apply." A very astute and hilarious observation.

  4. I was really confused by the Steelers thing, and wound up making a fool of myself because of it.


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