How You Know You At Least Grown Up a Little...

You know how on Facebook, you can click on one of your friends and you can see your "friendship" with them? i.e. photos you're both in, wall posts between the two of you? Similar likes and whatnot?  Well, I found myself checking one of those out between a friend of mine and me last night.  He and I were friends when I first moved out.  We worked together and he quickly became one of my best friends.  Well, as I was scanning our old friendship, I saw a post where he asked me about a youtube video I had posted.  He asked what the title was so he could show our friend.  When I saw that post from all the way back in 2008, I was reminded of this video that had totally slipped my memory.  Like, I was completely shocked when I saw that title because of how deep I had buried that in my mind.  So, I did what anyone else would do, I looked it up.  It was posted on my BFF's youtube channel and it  has no link to my name whatsoever, but it was still there.

I watched in horror.

This video that was once so funny too me, horrified me.  I mean, don't get me wrong, it's still really funny to me, but in a way where I would rather I just had it saved to my own private desktop.  Not on my friend's old youtube account that I have zero access to and it's just there. For the whole world to stumble upon.

Don't bother trying to find it.  You won't find it.  Like I said, there is no tether to me with this video in the slightest.  Which I thank Past Whitney for with all my heart.  She may have been dumb enough to post it in the first place but at least she was smart enough to hide the trail.  If that video came up when you Googled my name, I probably would never get a job.

And thinking in those terms? That is how I know I've grown up at least a little bit in the last six years.


  1. This isn't the video you sent me a while ago, is it?

    And now people think you are a porn star. SORRY.


  2. AHHH, the internet. Where bad decisions live forever. I always said if technology had been more 'forward' 8-10 years ago (aka if I had a Twitter in middle or high school), I would likely want to delete myself from the internet all together by my age now.

  3. The internet makes me want to hide under a hole sometimes, especially with how big and important Facebook has become. Glad that younger Whitney converted her tracks so well!

  4. Props for the maturity. And props to us for coming up with a vague user name. (I'm assuming that's the account...haha.)


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