I Forgot How to Write This Week

You guys, I have sat down to my computer EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, and not been able to find any words to type.  So I stare at a blank screen and a blinking curser for ten minutes and close my laptop and go read. I'm on my third book this week.  I dunno.  Not a lot to say, but apparently a lot to read.  Hoping for more inspiration next week.

Yesterday was definitely interesting, however.  We finally got some snow after two weeks in the 40's.  And a few miles past my house, on my way to work, I was just driving and minding my own business when suddenly a MASSIVE ANIMAL was walking into my lane.  I thought it was a horse at first, but as I slammed on my breaks and started sliding out of control because the roads were icy and the beast got closer and closer I realized it was much bigger than a horse, and that it was an elk.  I screamed many things and braced for impact.  It's face should have gone through the windshield on the driver's side, but at the last second it lifted it's head way up in the air and I DROVE UNDER IT'S CHIN.
I shook all the way to work.  I've come really close to hitting deer and rabbits, but never anything nearly as big as this elk.  It would have completely TOTALED my truck.  And probably me.

So there was that...

Oh, and after work, I went down to Orem and participated in the Round Table with a few other bloggers from around here.  We listened to a delightful girl teach us how to use our DSLRs.  Because I've had mine for over a year, and I barely know a thing about it.  They were all so nice and funny and I actually learned a ton.  I'm really glad I went.

Now for the weekend to take me away.  I've got a hot date tonight, night boarding tomorrow and of course the big game on Sunday.  A full schedule, and I'm so excited.  I need to go do some other things besides taking two hour long bubble baths and reading a whole book every day.  Not that that isn't awesome.


  1. I would've needed new underwear after that elk encounter. I'm glad you didn't hit it!

    I love that you have a group of bloggers you can meet up with. I mean, I hang out with Kelsey all of the time, but that doesn't count cause she blogs once every never.


    Enjoy your weekend!!


    2. "I'm done blogging." - you, yesterday.

  2. man i used to live on a road that had a TON of deer that I would have to avoid hitting, i can't even imagine getting out of the way for an elk.

  3. I've almost hit a bear a few times...I'm not sure what would be worse. A giant elk or a man-eating bear...

  4. I cackled over "I DROVE UNDER ITS CHIN." I would've died of a heart attack.

    Utah is blogger mecca. The only bloggers in Ohio are fashion bloggers, and we all know how I feel about those.

  5. Holy crap. I would have died. DIED. I sometimes grumble about not living in the mountains, but I guess I should be glad that I don't have to worry about driving into bears and elk....

  6. AN ELK? Elkmeoww <-- I named it.

    Will you teach me now to properly use my dlsr? I've had one since before they were cool, I SWEAR!


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