Late Bloomer

So, as if I didn't have enough fun Saturday night, I failed to mention how great Saturday morning was when I got to meet up with my old roommates plus one darling baby for a three hour long breakfast.

I've talked about these fools on my blog before, but in case you don't remember, I lived with them for nearly four years.  They were my very best friends, and I think of our shenanigans daily and so fondly. We live so close, but no one knows why it is so hard to plan get togethers.  It was great to sit down and talk to them and see where our lives are taking us. Nancy's a fifth grade teacher and her husband is a pilot now, Jenessa has a baby, Shelise is house hunting.  I feel like they are all so grown up.  I'm over here like, "....I'm still blogging..." haha not that I'm not happy where I am today-I love my life.  But sometimes I wonder,  "What happened to these days? When did we grow up?"

and then as I said goodbye and they returned to their jobs and babies and husbands with airplanes, I hiked up a mountain in blue spandex so I could slide back down it on a garbage bag...Would it surprise you if I said I have always been a late bloomer?


  1. The sunglasses picture--- hahahahahaha. That gave me a good laugh just now.


  2. haha i am the late bloomer in my group of old roomies too. we can be struggles together!

  3. Minus your height. That wasn't late at all. You probably hit 6 feet before most of the boys did.

  4. Oh Whity! I love you! I wish I could hike up a mountain in blue spandex just to slide back down it on a garbage bag!

  5. Doing grown up things is totally overrated. And blue spandex is underrated


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