My Perfect Guy

My mom showed me a song last night that she thought reminded her of Landon and me.  It's called "My Perfect Girl" and basically it's about this guy who has a list of things that make up his perfect girl.  Some of the things on that list are:  She's gotta be 5 foot 11 and smells like heaven, something about big ol' boobies and a countyfied booty. I dunno.  She said it was about us.  And I can see where she is coming from.  It's a funny song.  But it got me thinking.  I used to have a list of qualities I thought would be my perfect guy.  I remember them for the most part and I thought I'd go through some and see what Landon has that was on my list.

1. He had to be tall.  Check.  Landon is like, 6'4.5.  No worries there.
2. He had to be funny.  Check.  Landon is hilarious.  But in a different way than like a class clown.  You gotta watch him carefully.  I'm always laughing with him though.  So done. Nailed it.
3. He had to be able to sing and play the piano and/or guitar.  Ooh. Strike one.  Landon doesn't play an instrument.  But he sings all the time.  In the shower, in the car, while I'm on the phone and I really need him to not be singing... So we can give him a half point on that one.  But can I add that every guy that I dated that did play the guitar and/or piano was a major douche baggery? Like, it's probably a good thing Landon doesn't do those things.
4. He had to be hot. PFF. You've all seen Landon.  It's pointless for me to even be visiting this one.
5. He had to ride dirt bikes.  The fact that I ride dirt bikes is one of the main reasons Landon decided to pursue me.  It was like the Universe brought us together based on our love of dirt biking.

That's probably the main points on my "must have" list growing up.  I'd say 4.5/5 isn't a bad score at all.  Especially when that last 1/2 point means you are probably DOOSH BAHHHG.

Good work, Land Shark.


  1. My period cannot handle how cute this post is.

    Apparently you were not concerned about your perfect guy liking a winning football team. ZINGGG. SORRY, LANDON. The Packers are out until next year, too.

  2. LAND SHARK + WHITNEY FOR LIFE. You guys are my favorite. This is so cute.

  3. oh lord, stop the feels. go ride your dirt bikes and be in love some more would you.


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