Things I Should Probably Do....

Ugggh. I've been avoiding a New Year's Resolution list.  Trying out the whole "be a leader, not a follower" path.  Or just because I didn't want to write anything down.  But I did think of somethings I want to accomplish or at least probably should this year. Things other than the normal "lose weight" and "get out of debt" crap everyone always says. Here we go:

  • Ride my dirt bike more.  Yesterday's post about how Landon and I love to dirt bike made me sad at how little I went last year.  I'm going to go a lot more this summer.
  • Same goes for boating.  (Yes Alissa. Boating.)
  • Really figure out what I want to do with my life.  You know, as far as school goes.  I applied to a new university, but I don't even know what I want to do.  I am going to do some deep soul searching and maybe take one of those Aptitude Tests or something...
  • Read more books.  Skyler was up at the house over Christmas and in five days he read almost five books.  I want to rediscover my love for reading like that.
  • Go on a vacation.  Landon and I got a large chunk of change from my parents for Christmas.  It's going into an envelope in my sock drawer and we are going to keep adding to it until we can afford to fly ourselves somewhere sunny and on the beach. Just him and me while I instagram a picture of my toes in the sand.
and finally......
I'm kidding so hard right now.


  1. ahhh I love your first one! I'm going to live vicariously through you while you ride your dirtbike more!

  2. you really should get pregnant. that would be awesome. haha

  3. So, like, you go out on the a boat?

    In New York, that's called - going out on the lake, and/or a lake day. I've never heard anyone say boating until I met you!

    UGH. VACATION. I need my toes in the sand.

    Also, I hope you're kidding so hard. I hope so. GET A PUPPY.

  4. alissa doesn't know what she is talking about. it's called boating.

    1. You two have never lived on the Best - I mean EAST - coast, so you don't know what YOU'RE talking about.

  5. BOATING! I just decided on my 2014 resolution. Buy a boat.

  6. Your pregnant comment made me snort while I was drinking my morning coffee.

    I love your "resolutions". So realistic, and will actually add to your life, not take away from it. I approve.

  7. My heart legitimately stopped beating when I saw that last one. I am so glad you are kidding.


    Also, please invite me on your adventures.


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