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You guys.  Saturday was amazing.  I felt like I made up for my super lame NYE this year by going out with a ton of friends and my family.  I know sometimes I try to avoid people from high school when I go home.  But that's usually when I'm at the mall or something.  And only when it's people I'm not particularly fond of.  But this was a fantastic reunion with a bunch of friends of mine, a lot of whom I haven't seen since high school.  The World Cup was up at a ski Resort in Park City and not only was it the World Cup, but it was a qualifier for the Olympics.  So that in itself was freaking awesome.  We went to the Moguls Free Style.  It is mind blowing to watch the athletes just power down that mountain through a field of moguls and then throw a huge trick off a massive jump.  But even more fun than watching the event was being there with all our friends.  And we didn't just show up.  We showed up in straight-from-the-eighties and probably some 60's and 70's ski wear.  Onesies, leggings, bell-bottomed snow pants, you name it, someone was wearing it.  Landon was wearing my friend's grandpa's snow suit and his pants were so tight, I was dying.  And he had this rad snow coat.  I wore my other friend's grandpa's coat, my mom's headband and a classic side pony.  My brother was in someone's onesie suit and my grandma's wool hat, my sister was in my mom's old ski instructor uniform.  I mean, you guys we were LEGIT.

After the event was over, everyone just started dancing in this snow storm.  There was music, big dance circles, cameras- everything to provoke a hopping dance party.  And after the snow let up, everyone pulled out garbage bags and slid back down the mountain. I didn't know that was coming.  We rode the chairlift to get up the mountain, but I figured we'd be just walking down, not participating in a big slide.  It was hilarious and so so cold.
here is some footage I took of us sliding down the mountain.  I have some ridiculous friends and family.
(for those of you in offices, this video is totally watchable on mute.)

Like I said.  This totally made up for how lame my ringing in of the new year was.  I still can't get over how much fun I had.  And like any magical night- it ended with a kiss that sparked fireworks.


  1. #1 - I love your high ponytail.

    #2 - Stop doing fun things without me! I swear, nothing exciting happens here.

    #3 - Do you call sleigh riding "sledding" ??



    Also, I agree with Alissa and hate how well you pull off that high pony!!

  3. i want to be there! and i want to be wearing those blue tights while i attend!!!!!

  4. That is so awesome! Looks like a blast! And I loooove that last photo of you love birds!!


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