What's Going on Over Here

I'm totally copying Michelle's post here because I've found myself at a loss of something to post about.  So here is what is happening here in Heber City, Utah right now last night.

At this moment: Yelling at Shadow to get out of the bathroom before he drinks the toilet water again.  I'm out in the family room by the fire and he is hot.  So he cools down via toilet bowl water.  And then he drips it everywhere and it makes me gag.

Learning: How to budget our money.  AKA GROWING UP.

Reading: Previously Engaged.  A goofy novel about a girl who won a $50,000 "Dream Wedding" even though she isn't technically engaged yet.

Wanting:  A house.  This girl is HOUSE HUNGRY.  Along with learning to budget, we are also applying for a pre-approval on a loan and hunting for a new home.

Wishing: for MORE SNOW.  Utah has been in a drought for like, 20+ years.  And then only thing that makes it bearable is the snow pack.  Which we basically have none of.  Y'all on the East Coast need to send it out here!!

Slacking: On grocery planning and shopping.  I guess we'll be going out to lunch tomorrow.  If you have delicious/easy/somewhat healthy lunch ideas, LET ME KNOW.

Waiting: For my W-2 so we can get started on our taxes. Ugh.  How boring does that sound?  I just love the day our tax return gets dumped into our bank account.

Excited: For the Super Bowl.  I've been more involved with football this last season than I ever have in my whole life, but I've always loved the Super Bowl.  Can't wait to get together with my family, watch some football and eat all the Little Smokies I can.

Using: My new library card!!! It's got a picture of the sunset behind Mt. Timpanogous and everything.  I think it means I'm officially a citizen of Wasatch County.  Even if it is in my Mother-in-Law's basement.

Being: Lazy.  This weekend was a order pizza and rent a red box for a date night and snuggle up by the fire, reading on a Sunday kind of weekend.  And sometimes that is all I really need.

Feeling: Rested.


  1. TRUST ME, WHITNEY - I'd send you all the snow if I could.

    What's with the house hunting? TELL ME EVERYTHING.

    Speaking of library cards, I still haven't found mine. I know I could just get a new one...I think that's what I'll end up having to do.

    You want the Broncos to win, right? RIGHT?

  2. We have your stupid snow. I'll work on returning it pronto, because the amount we've gotten over the last month is just not working for me.

  3. SWEET. House hunting.
    Also, Little Smokies are the best part about the Super Bowl. (We aren't sports people at the jolley household.)

    Also, I miss you.

  4. HOUSE HUNTING in New York, right? That's what I thought.

    YOU KNOW WHAT, I just said to my Dad the other day how excited I was to get my tax money! This is the first calendar year I have been at the same job doing the same thing at the same rate for an entire tax year, and I am abnormally pumped about it.

  5. House hunting!?! AWESOME! Make sure it has 5 extra bedrooms for all of your internet friends to come stay in!

  6. Okay soo... now that you're using this spiffy library card, you need to share book recommendations. I'm totally going to look for this previously engaged book at my library tomorrow.

  7. I totally have that book! I love it! Have you read the first book? "The Icing on the Cake" So funny! I get the house thing. We are budgeting like mad so we can be in our own house by this time next year. Good Luck!


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