I'm a Survivor... of MSHA Training

MSHA was brutal yesterday.  So glad that is only a "once a year" kind of thing.  The highlight was probably the dude towards the end who was teaching us the Heimlich and CPR.  He looks JUST LIKE Gru from Despicable Me.  I couldn't even look at him without snickering.  And he called me out on it multiple times.  But also by that point, I was on my 5th can of orange soda and I was feeling pretty jittery, so I hardly could be blamed for it.

Granted, at 6 am I was already sending out snap chats like this, so really I was off the entire day. And maybe the orange soda didn't really play as big of part as I give it credit for.  Who am I kidding?

Thanks to any and all who sent me snap chats, emails, tweets and text messages throughout the day to make it less painful.  The heavens are smiling down on you.  And now I leave you, because as I'm typing this (last night) I've been up for 18 hours and I'm not totally comprehending things anymore.
I will say this though, this most important thing I learned in today's ELEVEN HOUR safety seminar:

Why This Matters

So, today I'm going to be in MSHA training all day.  I think I've talked about this a few times on this blog before, but in case you guys are new or don't remember- MSHA stands for Mine Safety and Health Administration.  Basically you sit through this 10 hour long trainer to renew your pink slip that says you're certified to work in a mine.

And yesterday I mentioned that really the only bright side of this trainer is that I get to wear normal clothes and make up to it.  My work attire on a regular day consists of steel toed boots, wrangler jeans, Landon's old work shirt and the ever so flattering neon and reflective vests.  And don't forget the hard hat and eye protection.  It's not very feminine.  In fact, I don't think you can even tell I'm a chick when I have my hair in a bun and I'm wearing a hard hat.  So opportunities like this give me a chance to show that I have a wardrobe that consists of more than just neon yellow and muddy jeans.  And that I know how to work a blow dryer and can apply winged eye liner.  I doubt that anyone even notices, but it just makes me feel better.

And you might be saying, "You're over thinking this."  But let's rewind a couple weeks back when Granite brought in this huge film crew to remake the company's orientation video.  The director came in a couple days prior to shooting the clip I was in.  He introduced himself, kind of gave me the run down of my lines and what his vision was, and he left.  Two days later was the actual filming.  So I woke up extra early so I could do my hair, and I wore a cute red jacket that I've had forever so I didn't really care if it got dirty at work. The director shows up and when he walked through the door he looked at me, looked over at a lady I work with and back at me and was like, "Are you the same girl from the other day?!"  And I'm just standing there like, "...Yeah?"  And he (very dramatically) goes, "WOOOWW." Nodding his head up and down like, Now THIS I can work with.  My self-esteem plummeted.  Even though it was still pretty funny, it just made me want to wear my nice things to work and do full blown make up every day to be like, "I promise I can make myself pretty!"  But sue me for not wanting to wear my $160 jeans to a mine every day.  And in the summer when it gets so hot, I end up sweating off any make up I had on in the first place.

So yeah.  That's why it matters I guess.

Anyway.  Feel free to send me snap chats and emails to get me through today. Death by boredom is a real possibility.  At least I'll go out looking fresh.

As of Late...

-I've been horrible at blogging.  I have no excuse.  I just find myself in bed at 10:30 going, "Whoops. Forgot to blog again."  And not seeming terribly bothered by it.

-I'm currently fuming over the episode of the Bachelor last night where the only DECENT chick for JP was sent home.  I'm now pulling for the super crazy chick who only thinks about herself.  Because Juan Pablo deserves her and her mental disabilities.

-I want to do my nails, but it seems pointless because I maimed my middle and ring finger over the weekend and they are all bandaged up.  It all happened because Landon and I decided to go shoot our guns for an afternoon activity and I found these big cans of pumpkin pie filling and candied yams that someone had been using as targets who knows how long ago.  I picked them up and set them up on a tree stump because they were heavy enough that you could shoot them multiple times before they'd fall.  Perfect targets.  Well, I was repositioning the pumpkin pie when it slipped off the stump and I went to catch it and I grabbed it where bullets had exited the can and the shrapnel shredded through my fingers.  There was a lot of blood.  My first instinct was to grab a handful of dirty snow.  My second instinct was to wrap them up in the napkins we had used in the movie theater.  The salt and butter residue proved to be a horrible, horrible idea.  I've already gone through half a box of bandaids because they keep falling off.  Probably should have gone to the hospital for a tetanus shot.  Didn't.  But the lock jaw hasn't made an appearance yet and I think I might be in the clear.

-I also had the mother of all zits on my cheek yesterday.  Luckily, there is a God and he created Nuetrogena's On the Spot treatment and it's all but gone now.  I'm on like, my third bottle of this stuff.  Serious miracle worker if any of you were looking for one. (SPONSOR ME NUETROGENA.)

-Easter candy has made it's way to the shelves, only one problem.  Heber has yet to see the Hershey's candy eggs.  The ones that lost terribly in a battle against the Cadbury Eggs last year. But I ended up liking them a lot more than I expected.  And now I can't find them.  MY LIFE IS SO HARD.

-I have MSHA training tomorrow.  Can't say that I'm excited to wake up far earlier than I'm used to (which sucks because I'm used to waking up at 5 am) to drive down to Salt Lake and listen to the Safety people talk for ten hours.  But, it's one of the few days a year I get to wear normal clothes and make up to work.  That's a bigger deal to me than it should be. Maybe I'll explain why tomorrow.

-It's RIDICULOUSLY warm here for February.  The next few days have a high of 57 and I'm just not ready to commit to this kind of weather this early.  I'm not done hibernating. Or snowboarding.  It's time to make a blood sacrifice to the snow God.

Excuse the Pessimism

But I about to list off things that I hate right now because they are bugging me and if I blog about them, maybe they'll go away.  Or at least you guys can chime in about how you hate them too and I'll feel better.  Because you know- misery and company yadda yadda.

1. I have this hang nail on my left index finger.  It's in the cuticle so I can't really cut it out.  It's super sore and I have to keep a bandaid on it to keep it from getting worse.

2.  the bandaid I have on my finger to keep the hang nail out of trouble leaves sticky residue on my fingernail.  And that bothers me.

3.  I tweaked my back a couple days ago when I was rough housing with Landon and the dog.  And now I can barely bend over without it twinging painfully.  And I feel like an old, decrepit lady with a bad back.

4. I really need a haircut.  Mostly for the sake of my bangs.  But I don't want to go anywhere because my options here in Heber is either Dollar Cuts and I just don't really trust them, OR it's like a celebrity day spa and I can't afford them.  I'm this close to pulling a Grace and doing it myself.

5. The windshield wiper fluid is out in my truck.  And I keep forgetting to buy more.  And with all the salt on the road getting flipped up on my windshield, things get a little dicey.

Rant over. Or- until next time, anyway.

Can People Change?

I know this is an on-going debate from like, the beginning of time?  Do people really change?  Is it in our nature to be able to make a couple 1-80 out of no where?  I'm going to say: under certain circumstances- yes.

I say yes, because I changed.  And I changed in probably the most un-American- NAY- inHUMAN sort of way.  It happened in the blink of an eye.  It happened without warning.  Am I better because of it?  Maybe.  But also, maybe not.

Do you want to know what happened? What changed?  Promise you won't hate me after, ok?

I don't like bacon anymore.


I was at Jimmy Johns a couple months ago and they put A TON of that cheap, thin bacon on my BLT. And it was over the top salty.  I had to pull it all off a couple bites into my sub.  And from that moment on, bacon has grossed me out.

But I don't want it to.  I've tried it every opportunity I've had to like it again.  But every time it touches my lips, I remember.  I can't escape what Jimmy Johns has done to me.  I'll never forgive them for how "freaky fast" they made me hate one of the greatest foods in history.

It is something I'll have to live with (or without) for probably the rest of my life.  And while maybe it's technically good for my heart, it isn't good for my soul.

I Wish Everyday Was Valentines Day!

You know- I realize that there is a love/hate relationship between mankind and Valentine's Day.  Some love it, other's hate it because they're single and some say, "I don't need a day to remind me to love my wife!"  But whatever.  I had a beyond delightful Valentines.  And I ate like a queen.  Friday night I made Landon and me lobster, artichoke, extra buttery mashed potatoes, a caesar salad and a big ol' key lime pie for desert. And he surprised me while a stunning bouquet of red roses.

Honestly, I was really proud of myself.  I was nervous to cook lobster.  But it ended up being super easy, and it was probably some of the best lobster I've ever had.  We had some leftovers and reheating it ended up being more difficult that cooking it in the first place. Regardless- it all warranted a proud Grace Face...

We ate so much food we could barely move, so we rolled ourselves downstairs next to the wood burning stove and fell asleep in the love sac to Captain Phillips.  I'm actually bummed I didn't finish it.  It was good movie.

Saturday, after we slept off the food coma, we went and got more food at a yummy little joint on main street. Again, we ate til we couldn't eat anymore and Landon still took home an entire scone untouched.  On our way back, we stopped at this model home to look around and you guessed it, I fell in love with it.  And now I want to build my own house.  We stopped at another house made by the company of the model house and Landon had to drag me out.  I was ready to move in yesterday.

But we couldn't move in because we had plans.  I found a deal for a night at the Historic Ben Lomond hotel in Ogden. (for my NY peeps, Ogden is Utah's Troy.)  But the Ben Lomond hotel is a gorgeous and very old building.  And also totally haunted.  I'm not going to lie, I was really freaked out staying there.  We heard crazy noises at night that woke us up from a dead sleep.  The elevator supposedly has a mind of it's own and will go up and down and stay open for a long time even if there aren't people in it.  And when we checked in, the elevator doors stayed open the whole time and when we got in it, even after I hit our floor and pushed the "close door" button repeatedly, the door still wouldn't close.  It was pretty creepy.
Along with the stay at the hotel, we got a gift card to one of my favorite restaurants- The Prairie Schooner.  The one where you sit in covered wagons and the middle of the restaurant is a bunch of wolves, and bears and cougars. It. Was. Delicious.  Best steak of all time.  But of course there was too much to eat and we had to take home half of the dinner.
So after our stay at the haunted hotel yesterday, we got home to an empty house where we watched hours of Downton Abby and ate our leftover steak and lobster.  I probably gained 50 pounds this weekend.  But it was so much fun and I had to best Valentine to spend it with.

What's to hate about that?  Nothing.  

How to Survive Being Trapped in the Mountains PART TWO

Sorry about the cliffhanger yesterday.  I'll finally wrap up the ever-so-exciting saga that was my weekend in this post.  I believe yesterday's post ended right as we realized we were trapped up at the resort due to the avalanches taking out the canyon road.

And it didn't help that every article of clothing I was wearing was so wet, I was better off without it.  Don't worry, I didn't go all Bear Grylls and strip down to my skivvies....yet.  No, I was still trying to process what was happening at that point.  I had had such a fun time, there was no way my awesome day was going to end with us huddling together with strangers trying to keep warm and rationing that last bowl of $10 chili.  Because that was obviously what was about to happen.  Surely the power was going to go out, the wolves would emerge from the trees and corner us in the lodge.  Our screams would be unheard due to the multiple roaring avalanches that were keeping our rescuers at bay.

None of that happened.  Actually, it wasn't even that dramatic aside from me being cold and wet.  Though everyone else in the resort seemed to be thinking the same as I was and getting in their vehicles to wait in a line that wasn't going anywhere for a couple hours.  Luckily for me, Landon, his mom and our friend JJ were keeping their cool and suggested we head over to the grill and get some dinner and try to wait out the canyon closure.  I was somewhat opposed to this idea at first considering that each plate was a minimum of $23 and LANDON AND I ARE BUDGETING, but I was over ruled very quickly and I silenced myself when we walked into the gift shop and the warmth that was coming from the ceiling was heavenly.  I was ready to pay $23 just to stay in there.

Landon noticed me visibly shivering and since he didn't even crash once he was totally dry under his coat so he gave me the hoodie he was wearing that was completely dry.  Just getting the top layers off me and wrapping something warm and not dripping wet changed my whole attitude.  When we were sat at our table next to a big fire, I took my snow pants and boots off and started to get feeling in my limbs again.  The $12 bowl of French Onion soup even revived some vital organs from the brink of a frozen failure.  And maybe, just maybe I was a little hangry.  So the soup, salad and sauteed mushrooms really helped the dire situation at hand.  I just had to forget that they cost as much as my lift ticket had.

Our spirits were lifting with each bite, until our waitress came up to us and said, "I don't want to rush you, but we just got word that they are opening the canyon until 7 and then they are closing it again permanently for avalanche control, so if you guys are planning on going home tonight, you might want to try to get out while you can."  We looked at the time and it was 6, the cars were still backed up bumper to bumper AND our truck was parked a mile up the mountain.  There is a shuttle that goes back and forth between the base and the top parking lot, but with the current situation, there was no way it would be down in time for us to get a ride back up.  Our only choice if we wanted to get to our truck in time was to walk.  In the pouring rain and sleet.  Carrying all of our gear and sopping wet clothes. UP A MOUNTAIN.  Yeah, it was only a mile, but we weren't even around the first bend when I knew that I would have been one of the first to die if I was a pioneer.  By the time we made it back to our truck, not and inch of us was dry, but the parking lot had all but cleared out and we had a small window to get down the canyon.  I didn't think we were going to do it.  We were the last car down as we passed the police lights and barricades.

But we made it.  We made it by the skin of our teeth.  We didn't have to fork out $300+ dollars for a hotel room and we were on our way home to a hot shower and dry pajamas.  And since I was in the privacy of my own truck, I did strip down to my underwear.  Shamelessly. So I could use the seat warmers to fight off the hypothermia that was setting in after our cold hike.

And that is how we survived being trapped in the mountains for a couple hours.  Not nearly as brutal as you were expecting, was it?  Yeah.  I felt the same way.  And it was actually a lot of fun- after I realized we weren't going to go all Donner Party on each other.  Definitely one of the most memorable snowboarding experiences I've had.

And I'm still dreaming about that powder.

How to Survive Being Trapped in the Mountains

I know you are all excited to hear about my exciting day snowboarding on Saturday, right?  Well, let me start you off at the beginning.  By the time we left Heber, it was about 11:15 in the morning.  Our plans were to get Twilight passes which start at Noon and go til the resort closes at 9.  It was raining when we left our house, but as you all know, I'm sure- rain in the valley usually means snow in the mountains.  It took us FOREVER to get Sundance because the weather was so nasty and everyone and there dog was there.  We learned later that all the other resorts were closing because the snow was so bad.  So not only did it take an eternity to get up the sketchy little canyon that leads to Sundance, but it also took us nearly forty minutes to get to the top parking lot.  It was almost one by the time we had our tickets and got on the chair lift.
 Now, the snow was really heavy and wet and when I sat down on the chair lift, I felt it soak into my snow pants like a sponge.  That concerned me a tad.  My pants usually keep me pretty dry as long as I'm not rolling around in the snow for hours.  But this snow was so wet, it was almost instant.  I shook it off, figured I'd be getting wet anyway and I was just happy that we finally had made it to the mountain.  We wanted to get to the back side of the mountain as quickly as possible, because that's where all the best runs are and they close that side at 4:30 so we wanted to get as much board time in as possible.  Especially because this guy told us that it was a white-out up there so everyone else was sticking to the front side of the mountain.  BONUS. Granted, we totally underestimated what he meant when he said it was a white-out blizzard up there.
I don't know if you remember, but on Landon's birthday when we stood on top of the mountain, it was so clear you could see all the way to the floor of the valleys on either side.  On Saturday, you couldn't find your board after five minutes of being inside the lodge.  And the wind was SO bad.  Once you started down the mountain it wasn't nearly as harsh, but right there on top felt like a tornado.  But, the snow up there wasn't even close to as wet as it was on the front side of the mountain which meant the powder was a lot lighter and way more fun to ride on.  

Now- this is where it got fun.  If you are not familiar with the difficulty system of skiing and snowboarding: a green circle is the easiest, the blue square is medium, double blue square is difficult, black diamond is expert and double black diamond is a death wish.  I don't usually stray from blue squares and double blue squares.  The second black diamond is mentioned I'm usually already heading in the opposite direction.  The black diamond of the top of the back mountain is called "Bishops Bowl" and Landon has tried to get me to go down it for years.  But it's hardly even a slope, more like a sheer face, so of course I couldn't even hardly get up next to the edge to look down.  But on Saturday, Landon told me, "If there ever was a day for you to go down Bishops Bowl, today is it."  The powder was knee deep and when it's that fluffy you could tumble the entire way down and not feel a thing.  So I gathered every ounce of courage I had and dropped off the face into the blizzard below.  It helped a lot that I couldn't see anything, I probably would have chickened out if I could.  And Landon was right.  The powder was so soft and forgiving, I shredded down the entire run.  Only biffing it a couple of times.  I didn't even notice my inner layers soaking up every single bit of snow.
Once we got down that run, though things got a little hairy. To get to the lifts, you have to take this little side trail, but if you don't have enough speed you're SOL because it starts going uphill.  I went as far as I could before I stopped completely and had to take my board off and walk the rest of the way.  Normally, that wouldn't have been so bad, but every step I took I sank up to my knees.  And the walk out was about a half a mile.  I was EXHAUSTED by the time I got to the turn off.
Landon helped me buckle back in my board, and I stared at the continuing cat track ahead of us and just dreaded it.  Landon said to me, "Well, we can either keep on this trail, or we can drop off it here and it will take us to another lift."  I looked down the next black diamond that lay ahead of me, and knew it was the better option than having to hike myself out.  Falling down the mountain at this point was a lot less painless and required much less work.  Good news though, I didn't fall all the way down the mountain. I mean, I fell a couple times, but mostly I snowboarded. You guys have no idea how proud of myself I am that I took on such difficult runs.

When we got off that run and back down to the original chair lift on the back side, they had shut it down because the blizzard was too strong and they were sending everyone back to the front side of the mountain.  I was bummed because there were substantially more people on that side, and the snow wasn't nearly as good. We didn't have many options at that point though, so we went.  By the time we got to the base of the mountain, I was BEYOND exhausted.  I was barely staying up on my board, so I told Landon and his mom to go do some runs without me, and that I would go chill out in the lodge for awhile.  And by that point I was realizing that I was soaked to the bone and shivering like a chihuahua. I hadn't been in the lodge for twenty minutes when Landon walked through the door, I was sort of confused until he said, "So we are in a situation.  There was an avalanche in the canyon and the road is out, we could be stuck here for a couple hours."  I sat there in my puddle of water and thawing ice almost dumbfounded.  I said to Landon, "Well, should we go get in the truck and try to get out of here?"  Because apparently the whole "The canyon is closed" part didn't register in my mind.  All I could comprehend was the hypothermia that was setting in even while I was indoors.  It was five o'clock in the afternoon and it was pouring rain at this point and I knew that as time passed and the temperatures dropped that meant ice and more snow and more avalanches.  In my mind, we were in a state of emergency.  I looked out the window and saw HUNDREDS of cars all stopped in line trying to get out of the canyon, and I knew that none of us going anywhere....


This is Only the Beginning.

Guess what! I had a totally awesome weekend full of laughter and thrills and only minimal amounts of Flappy Bird. (which btw, my high score is up to 78. boo yah.)  But guess what, again.  I don't totally want to recount everything that happened in the last three days because this post would end up being huge and full of pictures and I wouldn't want y'all to lose interest after page 7.  So we'll just talk about Friday today.  Friday was my Dad's birthday.  The big 5-2 and you wouldn't even know it.  We all got together with my family and my uncle and cousin and went to dinner and to a comedy improv show.  It was the group's first night so the admission was free.  I'm hoping that they get better as time goes on... Not that the show was bad, it was just very disorganized.  Like, I was laughing a lot, but most of the time I had no idea what was going on.

Also, we had a heckler next to us who I'm 99% sure has suffered a traumatic brain injury in his past who wouldn't let a moment go by without yelling something in the middle of the games.  I was dying from second hand embarrassment.  The show got over at about midnight and we all hung out in this church talking and trying to digest what we just sat through.  Even still, we had a great time.  And it was awesome to hang out with my family on my Dad's birthday.

And I already posted this on Facebook, but I'm super proud of him.  My dad is doing a TED talk at the end of this month.  I really want to go watch him, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a ticket.  Regardless, I'll post the link to his talk when it gets posted.  For now, here is a teaser:

**and stay tuned for tomorrow when I tell you about Saturday and getting stranded in the mountains due to multiple avalanches taking out the roads and what survival tactics we used to stay alive.**

HELP. I Need Somebody, HELP!

This.  This is an exact image of what my week has been.  NOTHING ELSE HAPPENED.  I've got a problem.  And the worst part about my problem?  Is that I'M NOT EVEN THAT GOOD AT IT.  Every time I get a new high score, I say to myself, "Ok, next time I beat my new score, I'm going to delete this app forever."  But the next time never really comes.

I need to get out and do things!!  Hopefully this weekend will be able to drag me out of my cell phone.
I haven't ever been addicted to a dumb game like this.  Not even with Candy Crush or Doodle Jump.

I need help.


This, ladies and gentlemen is the face of a guilty dog who knows he is in biiiiiigggg trouble:

What did he do, you ask?  Well, the easier question would be, "What didn't he do?"  Shadow doesn't like to be left outside when everyone is gone.  He doesn't like to be left inside either.  I think really, he just doesn't like to be left.  So about six months ago, he learned that he could open the door to the garage when it was unlocked.  When he realized he had all access to the garage and everything from the doorknobs down, all hell broke loose. He eats things to spite us for leaving him home.  He has chewed up:
- Not one, but TWO pairs of my Mother-in-law's $200 muck boots
- THREE pairs of Landon's skate shoes
- Landon's lunch box
- Empty card board boxes
- at least HALF of the packages delivered to the house in the last six months
and as of yesterday a whole tupperware box full of chili Sunny made on Sunday for our Navajo tacos and all the tupperware the other left overs were in.  Sunny said she got home and it was strewn across the yard and his face was covered in chili.  I know you are thinking, "Why don't you lock the door?"  We do.  But every now and then it is left unlocked.  Not by me though.  I'm not to be blamed for this.  I check the door before I leave the house every morning.  Also, I don't leave shoes in the garage in case this happens.  Though, not a lot is to be done about the packages delivered here.  Those end up on the porch and there is no locking Shadow out of the porch.

He has a cage in the back, but we feel really bad when we put him in it.  He gets really sad.  He has one of those electric fence collars so he can't leave the yard, so why not let him roam around for the day? Oh yeah.  Because he destroys things.

There is a small silver lining though, when he gets into things.  And that is when you pull up into the drive way, instead of running to greet you, he runs and hides.  And when you call his name he comes out really slowly with his tail between his legs, avoiding eye contact and suddenly he regrets every decision he has made in the last two hours.  I mean, it doesn't pay for everything he's ruined, but it makes me laugh.  Probably because it has yet to be something of mine that he eats.

I Need to Vent

Heads up.  I'm about to just let loose on things that have been driving me INSANE.  I finally lost it yesterday.  I yelled a lot.  Mostly at things, not people.  So do you want to know?  I don't actually care if you do or not, this is my space and I DO WHAT I WANT.

1. The game Flappy Bird.  I expressed my feelings towards it on Facebook yesterday afternoon and got some support from friends that it infuriated them just as much as it does me.  I'm not much into games on cell phones.  More photography apps and social media apps, but this one got me after I saw a funny Vine of it yesterday morning.  I proceeded to spend the rest of my day trying to get over 11 points.  I couldn't.  I got to 10 one other time, but other than that I stayed at 6 and below.  I was [this] close to throwing my phone out my window into the frozen pool.  I don't think a game has ever evoked such anger out of me. DAMN THAT GAME. DAMN IT!

2. Juan Pablo- this season's Bachelor on ABC.  He sucks.  He is such a hypocrite and he is mega boring.  If it wasn't for his accent I don't think any of the girls would stay on the show willingly because  he is so DRY.  No depth.  I get there is a language barrier, but come on man.  The ROSES he's handing out have more personality than he does.  And the girl he likes the most looks like she has one giant front tooth.  And she's crazy.

3.  Forest animals.  After my encounter with the moose last week (that's right, it was a moose turns out, not an elk.)  I've been super on edge whilst driving to and from work.  Well, I have finally been easing up, and last night when I was coming home from the library, a freaking deer came bounding out of my neighbor's yard.  I slammed on my brakes, but they suck in my little car and I thought the deer was going to run into the side of me.  It got really close, but it finally seemed to get what was happening and it turned around and ran back into the neighbor's yard.  I was so frustrated that I rolled my window down, stuck half my body out the window and screamed, "YOU SUCK DEER! I HATE YOU!" at it as it ran away.  Unfortunately, the neighbor was in the front room on a computer or something and totally heard me and looked at me all weird.  Whatever.  She doesn't know me.  She doesn't know my life and she definitely doesn't know that I have far too frequent encounters with large animals in my vehicles.  SHE CAN'T JUDGE ME!

Ugh. I need an attitude adjustment.

A Weekend Fit for a Queen

GOOD NEWS YOU GUYS- I didn't spend my weekend reading. Not that there is anything wrong with that.  I was just starting to get major cabin fever over here and it was sooo nice to get out of the house and do things.

Starting with Friday night, Landon and I went out with one of his old work buddies from the motorcycle shop and his wife.  We went to dinner and then out to ice cream after.  And thanks to gift cards from Christmas, we spent a grand total of five bucks on a tip.  Can't help but feel awesome about that.  And then we went back to their house so they could show us all their new kitchen appliances and make me green with jealous rage.  (Still over here mooning over my dream house.)  We didn't get home til after midnight and we stayed up watching the Chappelle Show for another hour.  And as sad as it is, I can't tell you the last time I stayed up til after 1 am.  It was so nice.

Saturday- we slept til like eleven, because hello we were basically teenagers the night before staying up past midnight, why not keep the facade going for a little longer by sleeping til almost noon?  I felt so free!! I ate my leftovers from the night before for breakfast lunch and Landon inhaled half a loaf of his Grandma's banana bread. It was almost three by the time I was showered and ready for the day.  And by that point we were packing up to go night boarding.  I was so excited, but not totally prepared for how COLD it was going to be.  Even with my beard, I about froze to death.  We had to go sit in the lodge for a half hour to get feeling back in our hands.

But even though it was freezing, I was so happy to be back on the slopes with my best guy.  Sometimes I take for granted how amazing it is to have someone who loves all the things I love and makes sure that we get out to do them.  Especially with this whole new "budgeting" concept.  I was worried we were going to have to sacrifice everything that was fun, but he is keeping me entertained despite the cutting back portion of it.

And Sunday.  Basically my whole life the Super Bowl was about the food and the commercials.  And while that is still the best part, I was able to watch this game with knowledge of the whole season behind me.  And I was that much more invested in the game.  Unfortunately, it didn't end even remotely how we wanted it to, but I still got to hang out with my brother, sister and dad and play ping pong and eat ALL OF THE THINGS.  So I was hardly sad about the day.
I'm telling you, it was a weekend that was fit for a queen.  If there is a queen out there who snowboards, wrestles with her dog and inhales enough Super Bowl food to feed her own country...
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