Can People Change?

I know this is an on-going debate from like, the beginning of time?  Do people really change?  Is it in our nature to be able to make a couple 1-80 out of no where?  I'm going to say: under certain circumstances- yes.

I say yes, because I changed.  And I changed in probably the most un-American- NAY- inHUMAN sort of way.  It happened in the blink of an eye.  It happened without warning.  Am I better because of it?  Maybe.  But also, maybe not.

Do you want to know what happened? What changed?  Promise you won't hate me after, ok?

I don't like bacon anymore.


I was at Jimmy Johns a couple months ago and they put A TON of that cheap, thin bacon on my BLT. And it was over the top salty.  I had to pull it all off a couple bites into my sub.  And from that moment on, bacon has grossed me out.

But I don't want it to.  I've tried it every opportunity I've had to like it again.  But every time it touches my lips, I remember.  I can't escape what Jimmy Johns has done to me.  I'll never forgive them for how "freaky fast" they made me hate one of the greatest foods in history.

It is something I'll have to live with (or without) for probably the rest of my life.  And while maybe it's technically good for my heart, it isn't good for my soul.


  1. It's okay, Whitney, I forgive you. I really only like it plain - not so much on sandwiches or in dips. But I was thinking about it this morning, because I'm going to the Ugly Rooster with PJ and Mills on Saturday, and I'm probably going to order a side a bacon.

    And wish you were there, cause I know you wouldn't try to steal any of it.

  2. WHITNEY. It's okay that you changed your mind. However, Ron Swanson probably is going to hate you now. That's the only downside.

  3. This happened to me too! I used to love bacon as a kid. I would sneak it off everyone's plate and in the past 2 years I just haven't really like it. Then about a month ago, I ordered a breakfast meal and she said "bacon or sausage" I said can I substitute for hash browns?? WHAT!?

  4. WHAT!?!?!?!? Oh my gosh. I don't know if I can read your blog anymore. I mean, not liking bacon is practically a cardinal sin.


    But really, JJ has the WORST bacon. James always rips it off his sandwich. And I had a similar experience with banana bread. I ate a really nasty piece once that was practically rotten (I didn't know!), and I can STILL taste it. Even though banana bread is one of my favorite things, it makes me gag now.

  6. bahahahahahahah I'm giving you a vegan fist-bump. This is what you get for getting me to play that stupid, addictive game.

  7. Whoa whoa whoa I hope for your sake this is just a phase

  8. Don't feel bad. I've never much liked bacon, even when I was a lot younger than I am now. These days we eat a mostly-vegan diet so I don't eat bacon anyway, but I don't miss it even 1%. Bacon haterz 4 life!


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