This, ladies and gentlemen is the face of a guilty dog who knows he is in biiiiiigggg trouble:

What did he do, you ask?  Well, the easier question would be, "What didn't he do?"  Shadow doesn't like to be left outside when everyone is gone.  He doesn't like to be left inside either.  I think really, he just doesn't like to be left.  So about six months ago, he learned that he could open the door to the garage when it was unlocked.  When he realized he had all access to the garage and everything from the doorknobs down, all hell broke loose. He eats things to spite us for leaving him home.  He has chewed up:
- Not one, but TWO pairs of my Mother-in-law's $200 muck boots
- THREE pairs of Landon's skate shoes
- Landon's lunch box
- Empty card board boxes
- at least HALF of the packages delivered to the house in the last six months
and as of yesterday a whole tupperware box full of chili Sunny made on Sunday for our Navajo tacos and all the tupperware the other left overs were in.  Sunny said she got home and it was strewn across the yard and his face was covered in chili.  I know you are thinking, "Why don't you lock the door?"  We do.  But every now and then it is left unlocked.  Not by me though.  I'm not to be blamed for this.  I check the door before I leave the house every morning.  Also, I don't leave shoes in the garage in case this happens.  Though, not a lot is to be done about the packages delivered here.  Those end up on the porch and there is no locking Shadow out of the porch.

He has a cage in the back, but we feel really bad when we put him in it.  He gets really sad.  He has one of those electric fence collars so he can't leave the yard, so why not let him roam around for the day? Oh yeah.  Because he destroys things.

There is a small silver lining though, when he gets into things.  And that is when you pull up into the drive way, instead of running to greet you, he runs and hides.  And when you call his name he comes out really slowly with his tail between his legs, avoiding eye contact and suddenly he regrets every decision he has made in the last two hours.  I mean, it doesn't pay for everything he's ruined, but it makes me laugh.  Probably because it has yet to be something of mine that he eats.


  1. what kind of dog is that? our dog looks just like that but a little smaller. he was being such a little butt hole this morning i wanted to sell him. luckily hes cute, and he knows to only chew his toys.

  2. but look at that face. how can you stay mad?

  3. I do the same thing when I'm left home alone. I eat all the food and throw the empty containers EVERYWHERE.

    But really though, it's all cute until he eats your shoes! But I hope he doesn't :)

  4. oh no... all is forgiven because of his cuteness though? :)

  5. HA! Isn't it great how dogs seem to be so aware that what they've done is wrong (but they do it anyway)?

  6. Oh, Shadow... poor guy with sucha strong abandonment complex. Sorry your chili got filched!


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