How to Survive Being Trapped in the Mountains PART TWO

Sorry about the cliffhanger yesterday.  I'll finally wrap up the ever-so-exciting saga that was my weekend in this post.  I believe yesterday's post ended right as we realized we were trapped up at the resort due to the avalanches taking out the canyon road.

And it didn't help that every article of clothing I was wearing was so wet, I was better off without it.  Don't worry, I didn't go all Bear Grylls and strip down to my skivvies....yet.  No, I was still trying to process what was happening at that point.  I had had such a fun time, there was no way my awesome day was going to end with us huddling together with strangers trying to keep warm and rationing that last bowl of $10 chili.  Because that was obviously what was about to happen.  Surely the power was going to go out, the wolves would emerge from the trees and corner us in the lodge.  Our screams would be unheard due to the multiple roaring avalanches that were keeping our rescuers at bay.

None of that happened.  Actually, it wasn't even that dramatic aside from me being cold and wet.  Though everyone else in the resort seemed to be thinking the same as I was and getting in their vehicles to wait in a line that wasn't going anywhere for a couple hours.  Luckily for me, Landon, his mom and our friend JJ were keeping their cool and suggested we head over to the grill and get some dinner and try to wait out the canyon closure.  I was somewhat opposed to this idea at first considering that each plate was a minimum of $23 and LANDON AND I ARE BUDGETING, but I was over ruled very quickly and I silenced myself when we walked into the gift shop and the warmth that was coming from the ceiling was heavenly.  I was ready to pay $23 just to stay in there.

Landon noticed me visibly shivering and since he didn't even crash once he was totally dry under his coat so he gave me the hoodie he was wearing that was completely dry.  Just getting the top layers off me and wrapping something warm and not dripping wet changed my whole attitude.  When we were sat at our table next to a big fire, I took my snow pants and boots off and started to get feeling in my limbs again.  The $12 bowl of French Onion soup even revived some vital organs from the brink of a frozen failure.  And maybe, just maybe I was a little hangry.  So the soup, salad and sauteed mushrooms really helped the dire situation at hand.  I just had to forget that they cost as much as my lift ticket had.

Our spirits were lifting with each bite, until our waitress came up to us and said, "I don't want to rush you, but we just got word that they are opening the canyon until 7 and then they are closing it again permanently for avalanche control, so if you guys are planning on going home tonight, you might want to try to get out while you can."  We looked at the time and it was 6, the cars were still backed up bumper to bumper AND our truck was parked a mile up the mountain.  There is a shuttle that goes back and forth between the base and the top parking lot, but with the current situation, there was no way it would be down in time for us to get a ride back up.  Our only choice if we wanted to get to our truck in time was to walk.  In the pouring rain and sleet.  Carrying all of our gear and sopping wet clothes. UP A MOUNTAIN.  Yeah, it was only a mile, but we weren't even around the first bend when I knew that I would have been one of the first to die if I was a pioneer.  By the time we made it back to our truck, not and inch of us was dry, but the parking lot had all but cleared out and we had a small window to get down the canyon.  I didn't think we were going to do it.  We were the last car down as we passed the police lights and barricades.

But we made it.  We made it by the skin of our teeth.  We didn't have to fork out $300+ dollars for a hotel room and we were on our way home to a hot shower and dry pajamas.  And since I was in the privacy of my own truck, I did strip down to my underwear.  Shamelessly. So I could use the seat warmers to fight off the hypothermia that was setting in after our cold hike.

And that is how we survived being trapped in the mountains for a couple hours.  Not nearly as brutal as you were expecting, was it?  Yeah.  I felt the same way.  And it was actually a lot of fun- after I realized we weren't going to go all Donner Party on each other.  Definitely one of the most memorable snowboarding experiences I've had.

And I'm still dreaming about that powder.


  1. I was super behind on your blog. I didn't realize it had been a week since I last read it. Glad you're alive, otherwise I never would have converted to Tom Hiddleston.

  2. WHAT IS YOUR LIFE?! I can't believe all of this!!!! I would have paid $50 for some french onion soup at that point, budgeting or not. I'm so glad you made it home safely!!!!!

  3. well crap i wanted wolves and snow avalanches and zombie attacks, but i guess that story will do

  4. That sounds horrible. I just KNOW that I wouldn't have survived being a pioneer. there's a reason I was born in the days of heaters and air conditioners. And cars.

  5. That's crazy. I didn't even hear about the Canyons closing this past weekend. I must have been out of touch with the boarding crew on Saturday. I'm glad you survived and had a little bit of fun :)


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