I Need to Vent

Heads up.  I'm about to just let loose on things that have been driving me INSANE.  I finally lost it yesterday.  I yelled a lot.  Mostly at things, not people.  So do you want to know?  I don't actually care if you do or not, this is my space and I DO WHAT I WANT.

1. The game Flappy Bird.  I expressed my feelings towards it on Facebook yesterday afternoon and got some support from friends that it infuriated them just as much as it does me.  I'm not much into games on cell phones.  More photography apps and social media apps, but this one got me after I saw a funny Vine of it yesterday morning.  I proceeded to spend the rest of my day trying to get over 11 points.  I couldn't.  I got to 10 one other time, but other than that I stayed at 6 and below.  I was [this] close to throwing my phone out my window into the frozen pool.  I don't think a game has ever evoked such anger out of me. DAMN THAT GAME. DAMN IT!

2. Juan Pablo- this season's Bachelor on ABC.  He sucks.  He is such a hypocrite and he is mega boring.  If it wasn't for his accent I don't think any of the girls would stay on the show willingly because  he is so DRY.  No depth.  I get there is a language barrier, but come on man.  The ROSES he's handing out have more personality than he does.  And the girl he likes the most looks like she has one giant front tooth.  And she's crazy.

3.  Forest animals.  After my encounter with the moose last week (that's right, it was a moose turns out, not an elk.)  I've been super on edge whilst driving to and from work.  Well, I have finally been easing up, and last night when I was coming home from the library, a freaking deer came bounding out of my neighbor's yard.  I slammed on my brakes, but they suck in my little car and I thought the deer was going to run into the side of me.  It got really close, but it finally seemed to get what was happening and it turned around and ran back into the neighbor's yard.  I was so frustrated that I rolled my window down, stuck half my body out the window and screamed, "YOU SUCK DEER! I HATE YOU!" at it as it ran away.  Unfortunately, the neighbor was in the front room on a computer or something and totally heard me and looked at me all weird.  Whatever.  She doesn't know me.  She doesn't know my life and she definitely doesn't know that I have far too frequent encounters with large animals in my vehicles.  SHE CAN'T JUDGE ME!

Ugh. I need an attitude adjustment.


  1. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON FLAPPY BIRD. I only started playing it on Saturday and I have deleted the app at least three times because of how angry I was at it. I always re-download, obviously, BUT STILL. I am stuck on 10. I don't think I will ever get past it. One of my cousins is on level 65-- she's nine. I hate everything.

  2. I hear ya on the JP thing. I quit watching episode 2 and haven't looked back.

  3. i am at work. in a dentist office, LAUGHING OUT LOUD. i've played flappy bird once and couldnt get past FREAKING ONE. ONE. 1. i quit right then and there. and juan pablo is SO DULL. holy crap. he was cool on des's season and for about 2 seconds once his season started. hypocrite to the TTTTTT. no personality, except for his accent. clare is a complete idiot. and i dont get it. but when he asks someone if they will accept the rose, he says " ______ will you UHSSEPT this rose? uhssept? seriously.

  4. I haven't heard of this "Flappy Bird" and now I'm completely curious. This same thing happened with Candy Crush...hadn't heard of it, downloaded it to see what the hype was about, sucked miserably and hated my life for a solid 2 months before I finally got pissed and deleted it. What a cycle.

    Freaking deer.

  5. wait you got an elk and a moose confused? interesting. also Juanny is killing me. how long were you not going to kiss Renee the only sane one there, but get to getting nasty with stupid Clare in the ocean. I hope something bit her in the water!

  6. hahahahahaha people thinking deer are so pretty...pretty until those dumb animals run in front of your car and cause major damage! They aren't the smartest things are they? Sorry I giggled out loud thinking of you rolling down your window to yell at it and even more that you were caught in the act!

    Meet @ the Barre

  7. Hahaha, sorry that I am laughing out loud at your deer misfortune. And don't even get me started on flappy bird. I got a high score of 12 at one point, but I can't seem to get more than 2 or 3 points when I play now!

  8. Whitney. I didn't finish reading your post. I read #1, downloaded Flappy Birds to see what it's all about, and then sat here for far too long trying to get to THREE. THREE. I got it and put down the phone with all the self-control I could muster. I hate you for ever even mentioning this devil.

  9. I AGREE! I am not a fan of Juan Pablo. Worst season in a while...


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