This is Only the Beginning.

Guess what! I had a totally awesome weekend full of laughter and thrills and only minimal amounts of Flappy Bird. (which btw, my high score is up to 78. boo yah.)  But guess what, again.  I don't totally want to recount everything that happened in the last three days because this post would end up being huge and full of pictures and I wouldn't want y'all to lose interest after page 7.  So we'll just talk about Friday today.  Friday was my Dad's birthday.  The big 5-2 and you wouldn't even know it.  We all got together with my family and my uncle and cousin and went to dinner and to a comedy improv show.  It was the group's first night so the admission was free.  I'm hoping that they get better as time goes on... Not that the show was bad, it was just very disorganized.  Like, I was laughing a lot, but most of the time I had no idea what was going on.

Also, we had a heckler next to us who I'm 99% sure has suffered a traumatic brain injury in his past who wouldn't let a moment go by without yelling something in the middle of the games.  I was dying from second hand embarrassment.  The show got over at about midnight and we all hung out in this church talking and trying to digest what we just sat through.  Even still, we had a great time.  And it was awesome to hang out with my family on my Dad's birthday.

And I already posted this on Facebook, but I'm super proud of him.  My dad is doing a TED talk at the end of this month.  I really want to go watch him, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a ticket.  Regardless, I'll post the link to his talk when it gets posted.  For now, here is a teaser:

**and stay tuned for tomorrow when I tell you about Saturday and getting stranded in the mountains due to multiple avalanches taking out the roads and what survival tactics we used to stay alive.**


  1. I can't believe your dad is doing a TED talk. WHAT A BOSS!! That's amazing. I hope you can find a link so I can watch it!!

    I can't wait to hear about the AVALANCHE problem from Saturday! You had me worried!!!!

  2. shut up, your dad is way cooler than me. TED talk?! also, i hear flappy birds is leaving forever.

  3. I could not believe it when you texted me about the avalanche. That is CRAZY.

    Happy Birthday to your dad, and congrats! I hope you can get a ticket.

    ALSO. MY HIGH SCORE IS 13. I hate myself. I've only been playing since Saturday.

  4. That's freaking awesome that your dad is doing a TED talk!


  5. Your dad's talk sounds the coolest BY FAR. I mean, destiny... it's so much more than an internship.

  6. I played Flappy Bird that one night and hated you. I haven't been able to come back since. But I deleted it a week ago and then took some breathing room and can accept you in my life again. I know you missed me. CLEARLY.

    Anyway, that's SO cool about your dad and the TED talk!! What is it on??


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