Why This Matters

So, today I'm going to be in MSHA training all day.  I think I've talked about this a few times on this blog before, but in case you guys are new or don't remember- MSHA stands for Mine Safety and Health Administration.  Basically you sit through this 10 hour long trainer to renew your pink slip that says you're certified to work in a mine.

And yesterday I mentioned that really the only bright side of this trainer is that I get to wear normal clothes and make up to it.  My work attire on a regular day consists of steel toed boots, wrangler jeans, Landon's old work shirt and the ever so flattering neon and reflective vests.  And don't forget the hard hat and eye protection.  It's not very feminine.  In fact, I don't think you can even tell I'm a chick when I have my hair in a bun and I'm wearing a hard hat.  So opportunities like this give me a chance to show that I have a wardrobe that consists of more than just neon yellow and muddy jeans.  And that I know how to work a blow dryer and can apply winged eye liner.  I doubt that anyone even notices, but it just makes me feel better.

And you might be saying, "You're over thinking this."  But let's rewind a couple weeks back when Granite brought in this huge film crew to remake the company's orientation video.  The director came in a couple days prior to shooting the clip I was in.  He introduced himself, kind of gave me the run down of my lines and what his vision was, and he left.  Two days later was the actual filming.  So I woke up extra early so I could do my hair, and I wore a cute red jacket that I've had forever so I didn't really care if it got dirty at work. The director shows up and when he walked through the door he looked at me, looked over at a lady I work with and back at me and was like, "Are you the same girl from the other day?!"  And I'm just standing there like, "...Yeah?"  And he (very dramatically) goes, "WOOOWW." Nodding his head up and down like, Now THIS I can work with.  My self-esteem plummeted.  Even though it was still pretty funny, it just made me want to wear my nice things to work and do full blown make up every day to be like, "I promise I can make myself pretty!"  But sue me for not wanting to wear my $160 jeans to a mine every day.  And in the summer when it gets so hot, I end up sweating off any make up I had on in the first place.

So yeah.  That's why it matters I guess.

Anyway.  Feel free to send me snap chats and emails to get me through today. Death by boredom is a real possibility.  At least I'll go out looking fresh.


  1. I bet no one at work knows about your weave.

    HEY, I LOVE YOUR NEON VESTS. But I understand - you feel better when you're wearing clothes that you love. I feel amazing in sweats. Amazing!

    I'll start snapping you :)

  2. ahh man i work in an office where hardly anyone sees me so I never really try, but then sometimes there is really pretty lady that works in an office in the same building and she always looks so put together and it makes me feel like a big slob any time i walk by her. i get it.

  3. But... death by boredom sounds awful.


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