Rock Climbing and GREAT NEWS

This weekend was substantially better than last considering I wasn't throwing up the whole time.  I've been feeling great this week with working out and eating and stuff.  But on Saturday I decided not to run because I've found myself with a moderate case of shin splints.  They're not so bad that I can't run, but I decided to give myself a day off and let them rest a bit.  So instead of running, I found a deal on groupon to go rock climbing down in Orem.  It was only $12 but Landon and myself to climb and get rentals.  Total steal.  And- we had the whole place to ourselves, so I didn't have to look like an idiot in front of people.  Only Landon.

Sadly, he managed to leave his wedding ring there.  I called them when we realized he didn't have it, but they were closed.  I'm not too worried because we were the only and the last people in there.  So there isn't really a chance of it being stolen just yet.  I left a message on their machine and I'll call them again this morning, so everyone cross your fingers we get our hands back on his ring.  It was really expensive and it's a very good looking ring.  I don't want to have to replace it with a lame cheap one.

We got home and were dead, so we spent the rest of the evening just hanging out.  Last weekend when I was so sick, everyone was freaking me out like, "OMG maybe you're pregnant!" And I got all worried so I bought a couple pregnancy tests and took one and it said "not pregnant" so I wasn't worried.  But Saturday night I figured I'd try out the other one just to be sure and sent out this funny snap chat trying to freak out my family.
It worked and my brother and sister are still mad about it.  They are both so baby hungry and basically beg me every time I see them to have babies so they can play with them and stuff.  And I'm over here like, "If you want babies so bad, YOU have them!"  That never seems to be a satisfactory answer.

But how about that for a good weekend? Rock climbing and not being pregnant.  And I got to hang out with these baby starved dorks all yesterday.
probably one of the better weekends I've seen in awhile.

Is This How It Feels to Be Pregnant?

As you all know, I started doing the Whole30 just over three weeks ago.  Well, I kind of quit it a little a week ago.  Not that I'm back to eating like I used to, but I'm trying to eat in a way that gives all this working out I'm doing a kick in the pants. So for six days straight I ate only protein and fat free dairy on  occasion.  So I'm still eating really clean.  No soda, no sugar, bread, fruit or anything.  It's been going really well.

Well, on the Whole30's website it gives you this surprisingly accurate timeline of the month and how you're going to feel on certain days.  On the third week is says you're going to feel great, but you're going to be so sick of the food you're allowed to eat that you're going to have cravings of anything and everything else.  Even stuff you didn't necessarily like before.  Now even though I'm not sticking solely to the Whole30's rules, I'm still right smack dab in the middle of that phase, and I have wanted ALL OF THE FOODS.  But mostly the following:

-Cheeto Puffs
-Extra buttery movie theater popcorn
-Loaded mashed potatoes
-White rice with Ranch Dressing
-Cadbury Eggs
-Cheeto Puffs again. But the curly ones.
-Hostess Cupcakes
-Costco cupcakes
-In-N-Out Animal Style fries
-Smart Food popcorn
-Bleu cheese dressing
-Corn dogs
-Panda Express Chow Mein
-Pizza Hut stuffed crust
-Buttered sour dough toast
-Nachos from Taco Bell
-Cafe Rio tortillas

and the list goes on and on and on....
The cravings will hit randomly throughout the day, and it's all I can do to get my mind off them.  I dream about the food sometimes.  And as it mentioned on the timeline, some of that stuff I don't even like!  Also, the majority of it is salty snacks and bread.  I'm actually pretty ok without sugar.  I'm not much tempted by brownies.  Not in any sort of comparison as I am with buttery movie theater popcorn anyway...

If I wasn't already seeing the results I am from working out twice a day and eating like I am- I would probably be waist deep in that list.  But I am seeing results, so I will continue down this path to a happier, healthy, more beautiful me.  And hold onto the hope that I'll be able to have a Cheeto Puff or two sometime in 2014.

When Did Doing My Own Nails Become the Highlight of My Week?

I know, I know.  I've been on a bit of a hiatus.  But it's because like always, I don't have a whole lot to talk to you about.  I've just been coming home from work everyday to work out for an hour and a half and then to shower and put my hair up in a wet high bun so it will dry up there and I'll have body in the morning.  And then I fall asleep.  How lame is that?  And it's Friday today and you know what my plans are? Crossfit. That's it.  No date, no plans with friends.  Just the same thing I've been doing for three weeks.

Ah well.  I'm feeling really good if that's any consolation.  Hoping to get my summer body ready in time. Also, I got my mom and sister to commit to the Dirty Dash with me, so we have something to work towards.  I'm really excited.

And last night after running two miles AND THEN going to crossfit, I did my nails a bit more Spring friendly.  I kind of love them.  Thanks to Pinterest for giving me inspiration.

And- that's about it. haha Maybe I'll change up my routine this weekend so I'll actually have something to talk about next week. Ridiculously cute fingers crossed!!

Monday Mullings

I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's Day was coming up today and completely missed out on potential partying.  Don't worry though, even though I failed in that area, I'm still wearing green today.

We did however celebrate one last day of snowboarding.  The snow on the back of the mountain was decent at best, but the front side was total slush.  Still- like my mom always says, "The worst day skiing is still always better than your best day at work."  How true, Mom.  How true.

Also- I am a firm believer that clean mountain air is a cure all.  Sickness, broken hearts, stress, anxiety... you name it, shredding up the mountains will fix it.  Or at least take your mind off it.  And I can say this because I was coming down with a serious head cold Friday night like, ears were plugged, nose was plugged AND runny (how is that possible?), sore throat, everything.  And after snowboarding all I have is a runny nose and that's it.  Magic.

I'm going to miss winter, but after the post I wrote on Friday I'm starting to get really excited for summer.

While Landon and I are still preparing to buy a house, we aren't sure where we want to go yet.  So we might end up getting an apartment soon.  It's not that I don't love my Mother-in-law for taking us in (rent free) and letting us take over her basement and half of the garage, but I'm an independent soul and I'm starting to feel a little cramped.  When I moved out of my own parent's house I never moved back, so this has been a little hard on me in that sense, you know? Ugh.  Every time I say it, I feel like I sound super ungrateful and spoiled.  SOMEONE TELL ME THIS IS NORMAL.

The Walking Dead had my jaw ON THE FLOOR last night.  Anyone else see it? I DID NOT see any of that coming.  I'm still in shock.  And I'm sad.  But mostly in shock.

Sunny proposed the idea of participating in the Dirty Dash this June.  Has anyone does this race?  I watched the video and it almost seemed a little extreme for someone has never ran even a 5k. (Sheepishly raises hand.)  But I'm doing crossfit and stuff now.  So maybe I'll be more prepared for it by then.

A Persuasive Letter on Why You Should Come Visit Me

*This is a post directed to, but is not limited to my friends in New York, namely Alissa and Kelsey.  But really, applies to all blog friends who would ever like to come visit.*


Why You Should Come Visit Me in Utah.
and all the things we would do.

On your first day here, I don't think I would do anything too exerting.  After a day of flying across the country, I think I would take you to one of the places Utah is most famous for.  The Great Salt Lake.  They have a really fun (and easy) hike up Antelope Island.  I used to go there all the time when I was younger.  It's a great place for a picnic and the beaches are a lot of fun.  And if you're lucky, we'll run into some buffalo, it happened more that once to me. And even if we don't, we can stop for a Buffalo burger at the little restaurant at the base of Antelope Island.
And of course, that won't take the whole night, so we could wash up and spend the evening in the big city.  It's about 1/100th the size of NYC (not a real statistic*) and can easily be done in a couple hours.  

Day 2: Now assuming we've dipped into the summer months, I think that it would only be appropriate to take you to my second favorite lake in Utah (Lake Powell takes the cake, but it's in Southern Utah) to go BOATING. I know what you're thinking, "Two lakes in a row?"  But listen, Pineview Reservoir is gorgeous, and who can say no to a day of tubing and wake boarding. (I don't care if you don't know how to wake board.  I'll teach you.)  The deepest the Great Salt Lake gets in about five or six feet and it's so salty that you will see very few boats in it.  A day at Pineview is a day meant for boating.
That could be you on there with me!
As I'm sure you know, tubing and boarding and spending the day in the sun is pretty exhausting.  So I would propose that we grab a bite to eat on our way home at IN-N-OUT BURGER.  And you could get your burger and fries Animal Style.
Don't- Don't you want me?
And we could wrap up the night just chillin' at my house.  Maybe pop in a movie or play some games.

Are you sold yet?

Day 3:  Even though the snow is gone, there is still a reason to go up to Park City's ski resort.  It's been a favorite thing of mine since before I can remember: The Alpine Slide.  For those of you who don't know that that is, it's a big track that goes all the way down the mountainside that you slide down on on big plastic sleds.
This one definitely isn't for the faint of heart.  Or it is.  You have total control over how fast you're going with a brake lever you push forward to go faster or pull back to slow down and stop.  And not only is it extremely fun and thrilling, but the view you get riding the chairlift up the mountain and sliding back down is totally worth it.

Now that only takes an hour or so, so once we're done with that maybe we could drive twenty minutes South to Heber and grab some lunch at none other than CAFE RIO.  Where we can enjoy a summer fresh Sweet Pork salad with tomatillo dressing.
After lunch, we can head up the road to my mother-in-law's and spend the rest of our day laying out by the pool and catching some rays.  Maybe even throw in some croquet or badmitten. Whatever.

Day 4: 
If we got up on the earlier side, I bet we could talk my brother into taking us on a helicopter ride.  Honestly, it wouldn't take a lot of convincing.  He is always in the mood to go flying.  Kelsey, I'd even let you sit by him. :)
That would only take up the first part of the morning, so we could head out and grab some food, and head back towards my mom's house to bust out the paddle boards on the pond just up the road.  And when the sun starts to set, we can head to the park and break out the slack line we gave my mom for her birthday last year.  I know you've all been dying to give it a try.
Day 5:
This is probably the last full day we have together because you fly home the next day, so we'd better make it good.  There is a zip line in Provo Canyon we did a couple years ago.  It's one of the longest in the country and it zig zags down the mountain side through all the trees right about the Provo River.  It's so fun.  I think I'd take you there.
And since we're already basically in Provo after that, and I'm assuming it's a Friday night, I'd take you to Comedy Sportz.  Where we could laugh until we cried, and have inside jokes about it for the rest of time.
The car ride home would be about and hour and I imagine we'd rock out to Katy Perry and the Avett Brothers the whole way.  And even though we'd all be exhausted from the week we'd had, none of us would want to go to sleep.  Because in the morning, I'd be taking you back to the airport.  And we'd be saying goodbye again for a time.  Cursing the distance between Utah and New York.  I'd hug you at the door and help you with your bags and promise that I'd start saving right away for my flight to New York in the next year.

And there you have it.  That's why you should come visit me.  Aside from the all the fun we'd have just think of how tan you'd be when you left!

Warming Up to the Idea

I know that I've been anti-Spring these last few weeks as I clung desperately to the last falling snowflakes, but yesterday finally changed my spirits.  It was a gorgeous day at work, not too hot or anything and when I got home I took Shadow down to the park to play. There wasn't a cloud in the sky  and the temperature hung just about sixty degrees.  We were pretty dang happy yesterday.

I've never really battled with seasonal depression or anything and I didn't this year, but these last few weeks I've just kind of been down on myself.  But yesterday with the gorgeous weather and this freaking animal that loves like nothing I've ever met before really made me feel great.  I love to watch that dog smile.  It's the sweetest thing.  I'm still scheming on how I'm going to steal him when Landon and I move out.


Listening to: The Name of the Wind on audio book.  I have an hour commute and Landon has been BEGGING me to read this book.  So I figured I'd give it a shot.  Has anyone else read it? Thoughts?

Reading:  The Name of the Wind when I'm not in the car.  It's a pretty big book.  Do you want to know why I agreed to read it?  Because Landon promised that he'd watch the entire next season of the Bachelor with me.  It's his favorite book of all time and he wanted me to read it so bad he was willing to make the sacrifice.  Honestly, I probably would have read it anyway but when he said he's do anything, I decided to use it to my advantage.

Watching:  The Walking Dead.  We just watched the latest episode last night.  And maybe it made me tear up a little.  And I'm extremely concerned for Darryl's life.  I'll die if he dies.

Feeling: SO SORE.  I can barely sit down on the toilet.

Wearing: Neon yellow with reflective strips and muddy jeans. #fashionista

Craving: A salty snack.  Chips, extra buttery movie theater popcorn, nachos, ANYTHING.  If I'm hit with a sugar craving, I just have an apple or a cutie, but I have yet to find anything that satisfies my salty snack craving.  PLEASE ADVISE.

Looking forward to: the lunch I made myself today.  Sautéed shrimp and mushrooms with olive oil and garlic and a side of spaghetti squash.   So much better than the snap peas I've been carting around for the past week.

Loving: my new gel nails.  It's a nude with light glitter near the cuticles.  Very subtle, but very cute.  I'm back to doing my nails again.  I figured out the trick to making them stay on longer.  Because listen, I work so hard when I paint them, and then three days later they're already peeling off.  Well, I bought an acrylic nail kit a couple months ago, which I love but I'm out of tip (note to self: go buy tips).  And in the kit comes the primers you put on that dehydrate your nails so the acrylic binds better.  It finally dawned on my to try that out with my gel.  Worked like a charm.  Better in fact.  They're staying on for the whole two weeks now.  I know that sounds pretty lame, but I'm actually really excited about it.

I Kind of Get it Now...

So along with my attempt at 30 of eating clean, I have also been trying to get 30 minutes of exercise in a day.  Even if it means just taking Shadow on a walk down to the park and back.  Well, last night Landon and I went to his company's cross fit gym with his buddy to do some good ol' fashion cross fit. Now we all know the people who post on every form of social media after/while they're doing their cross fit work out.  And how annoyed we all get because WHO CARES.

But after my workout last night that lasted eighteen minutes and two seconds, I felt like I had just fought off the entire world.  Like, my legs? I don't actually know how I'm walking right now.  It was THE HARDEST workout I've ever done.  And I know I don't look any different.  But I felt like people should understand why I waddled out of the parking lot and almost collapsed when I had to take a step down from the curb.  That was a freaking accomplishment.

And I'm not going to be the next person to blast your newsfeed with my workouts or my green smoothie recipes, but I get why they do.  I think it's ok to feel a little proud of myself that I was able to get through the whole workout and still want to come back for more.

I say that now...We're going back on tomorrow and that may be the end of me.

Progress, I Think.

So, I'm on like day 4ish of this Whole30 and I think it's making me pretty moody.  Not just angry, but really dramatic.  I mean, this whole week has brought many emotions, some great some horrible.  But aside from my sister getting her call, I think I can pin point it to basically giving up sugar and caffeine and processed foods cold turkey.  It's making normal everyday problems and worries seem HUGE.  And my whole world is coming to an end.  And yesterday at lunch, I was so sick of the food I've been eating I didn't even finish it.  I've lost my appetite if it isn't 100% grape juice or zucchini.  And it's very possible I finish the rest of this thing just consuming those two things.  And I say finish it, because yesterday when I couldn't eat my lunch I was just like, "Screw it.  I'm quitting this thing tonight."  And I planned the rest of the day how I was going to go home and eat a piece of cheese and I was so excited about it.

Until I got home.

I opened the fridge and stared at this massive block of cheddar cheese from Costco and I just couldn't do it.  I looked at the tub of sour cream and thought about the burrito I could put it on- that would satisfy me.  And I still couldn't do it.  I'm only four days into this thing, not 20.  But I felt like if I quit now I would just throw away all this progress I'm making.  (Even though it feels like Satan and not progress.)  I think the first week is supposed to be the hardest and I'm already halfway through it and still alive.  So I reached down and grabbed another zucchini closed the refrigerator and walked away.

I'm not saying that I might break in this process.  Because I can't hardly look at boiled eggs anymore.  But I felt a little liberated by not eating the cheese. Like hey- maybe I do have the self control to do this.   So yeah.  That's how I'm feeling right now.  Not great, but not at giving up status anymore.

Hopefully the weekend doesn't do me in.

Called to Serve

So, my little sister got her mission call last night.  It was a range of emotions as I listened to her shaky voice read to us that she is called to serve for 18 months in the Paraguay, Asuncion mission.  And that instead of the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah, she is going to report to the one in Argentina on June 19th.

I'm dying.

I didn't go on a mission because I got married before I was old enough to go on one, but last year they changed the age for girls to 19.  I'm going to miss her so much, but she is a shining spirit who will bring joy to the people of Paraguay.  And I can't say that I'm not proud of her for that.


So listen, I got roped into doing this thing called the Whole30.  (Ok, so I didn't get roped into it.  I volunteered.  It sounded like a good idea at the time.)  Anyway, the Whole30 is basically a program where you go thirty days without consuming sugar, bread, dairy,, really.  And not just that, but like, no processed foods or crap, basically.  Really it's just a more strict version of a Paleo diet because you can't even make Paleo friendly desserts.

I'm only a couple days in, and my body thinks it's dying apparently.  I think this is what detox is like for addicts.  I straight up started to cry yesterday because I tried twice to make home made mayo and wasted $6 of extra light olive oil.  I followed the instructions to a T and it wouldn't thicken up.  And I had my boiled eggs sitting on the counter because I really wanted deviled eggs.  And when the Whole30 friendly mayo recipe wasn't working out. I sat down in front of my eggs and started to cry.

And then it seemed like my whole world was going to end.  And as I lay there face down on the counter with tears collecting beneath me, Landon had the audacity to look up from his plate of BBQ RIBS AND MASHED POTATOES and ask me what's wrong.

I just looked at him and said through my crocodile tears, "I just wanted deviled eggs."

It may have been the lowest moment in my life.  How pathetic I must have looked.  Now that it's the morning and I look back, I'm super shocked with myself.  It seemed so huge last night, and I'm kind of embarrassed.  And I don't think it's about to get easier.  I think it's going to get substantially harder.  So wish me luck.

and when the thirty days is up, I'm having a party. With chips.  And probably deviled eggs with normal mayo that has processed fats and refined sugar.  You're all invited.

Crying Over Spilled Milk

So this last week has been a particularly emotional one.  No not because of anything traumatic or life-altering.  Just the monthly visit from a friend we all have come to know and hate.  Well, when I get pms-y I don't get angry or hostile, I just get super emotional.  I cry a lot in my car.  I think about my dog  (who is alive) dying and I burst into tears.  Well, on Friday I got home from work really early and I was  all alone so I turned on the tv.  I was surfing through channels when I saw Ridiculousness on MTV.  I actually love that show, so I stopped there and watched laughing hysterically all by myself.  That is until this clip showed up:

And I absolutely BROKE DOWN.  I thought it was going to be one of those close call videos.  I did not-in any way- anticipate that truck spilling COWS all across the road.  And the way they rolled...I just lost it.  And then they played it again and I started to LAUGH.  Really hard.  And then I rewound it and watched it again while laugh-crying.  When Landon got home, I made him watch it.  I had to fight back tears again.  It was the saddest and yet funniest thing I apparently had ever seen in my whole life.

Even though my hormones are back in balance, I'm still not over this.

I Need Something to Look Forward to...

Saturday night: Comedy Sportz with my brother and his date.  We laughed until we cried. I've said it before and I will say it again:  This is the best and cheapest entertainment in Provo Utah.  Take note.

Sunday afternoon: Tether ball with the world's up and coming champion Shadow "Air Bud" Street.  This is our new favorite thing to do.  I'll be taking him to the park every day now to practice.

Sunday night: A jaunt up the mountains to Daniel's Summit to have dinner with a new friend.

There is no snow at our house anymore.  All the sun and rain has melted it all away.  We were shocked to find snow banks as tall as we were after only a twenty minute drive up Daniel's Canyon.  It felt like winter again.  Which was nice because I'm just not ready for Spring.  I wanted to fill up the bed of the truck with snow and try to take it back home with us.  Wouldn't matter anyway, the high tomorrow is still in the fifties, it's all be gone by noon.

anyway.  Not a lot going on this week.  Hoping for some excitement to emerge in our lives.  I feel like I've been a rut for the past couple weeks.  I need something to look forward to.
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