A Persuasive Letter on Why You Should Come Visit Me

*This is a post directed to, but is not limited to my friends in New York, namely Alissa and Kelsey.  But really, applies to all blog friends who would ever like to come visit.*


Why You Should Come Visit Me in Utah.
and all the things we would do.

On your first day here, I don't think I would do anything too exerting.  After a day of flying across the country, I think I would take you to one of the places Utah is most famous for.  The Great Salt Lake.  They have a really fun (and easy) hike up Antelope Island.  I used to go there all the time when I was younger.  It's a great place for a picnic and the beaches are a lot of fun.  And if you're lucky, we'll run into some buffalo, it happened more that once to me. And even if we don't, we can stop for a Buffalo burger at the little restaurant at the base of Antelope Island.
And of course, that won't take the whole night, so we could wash up and spend the evening in the big city.  It's about 1/100th the size of NYC (not a real statistic*) and can easily be done in a couple hours.  

Day 2: Now assuming we've dipped into the summer months, I think that it would only be appropriate to take you to my second favorite lake in Utah (Lake Powell takes the cake, but it's in Southern Utah) to go BOATING. I know what you're thinking, "Two lakes in a row?"  But listen, Pineview Reservoir is gorgeous, and who can say no to a day of tubing and wake boarding. (I don't care if you don't know how to wake board.  I'll teach you.)  The deepest the Great Salt Lake gets in about five or six feet and it's so salty that you will see very few boats in it.  A day at Pineview is a day meant for boating.
That could be you on there with me!
As I'm sure you know, tubing and boarding and spending the day in the sun is pretty exhausting.  So I would propose that we grab a bite to eat on our way home at IN-N-OUT BURGER.  And you could get your burger and fries Animal Style.
Don't- Don't you want me?
And we could wrap up the night just chillin' at my house.  Maybe pop in a movie or play some games.

Are you sold yet?

Day 3:  Even though the snow is gone, there is still a reason to go up to Park City's ski resort.  It's been a favorite thing of mine since before I can remember: The Alpine Slide.  For those of you who don't know that that is, it's a big track that goes all the way down the mountainside that you slide down on on big plastic sleds.
This one definitely isn't for the faint of heart.  Or it is.  You have total control over how fast you're going with a brake lever you push forward to go faster or pull back to slow down and stop.  And not only is it extremely fun and thrilling, but the view you get riding the chairlift up the mountain and sliding back down is totally worth it.

Now that only takes an hour or so, so once we're done with that maybe we could drive twenty minutes South to Heber and grab some lunch at none other than CAFE RIO.  Where we can enjoy a summer fresh Sweet Pork salad with tomatillo dressing.
After lunch, we can head up the road to my mother-in-law's and spend the rest of our day laying out by the pool and catching some rays.  Maybe even throw in some croquet or badmitten. Whatever.

Day 4: 
If we got up on the earlier side, I bet we could talk my brother into taking us on a helicopter ride.  Honestly, it wouldn't take a lot of convincing.  He is always in the mood to go flying.  Kelsey, I'd even let you sit by him. :)
That would only take up the first part of the morning, so we could head out and grab some food, and head back towards my mom's house to bust out the paddle boards on the pond just up the road.  And when the sun starts to set, we can head to the park and break out the slack line we gave my mom for her birthday last year.  I know you've all been dying to give it a try.
Day 5:
This is probably the last full day we have together because you fly home the next day, so we'd better make it good.  There is a zip line in Provo Canyon we did a couple years ago.  It's one of the longest in the country and it zig zags down the mountain side through all the trees right about the Provo River.  It's so fun.  I think I'd take you there.
And since we're already basically in Provo after that, and I'm assuming it's a Friday night, I'd take you to Comedy Sportz.  Where we could laugh until we cried, and have inside jokes about it for the rest of time.
The car ride home would be about and hour and I imagine we'd rock out to Katy Perry and the Avett Brothers the whole way.  And even though we'd all be exhausted from the week we'd had, none of us would want to go to sleep.  Because in the morning, I'd be taking you back to the airport.  And we'd be saying goodbye again for a time.  Cursing the distance between Utah and New York.  I'd hug you at the door and help you with your bags and promise that I'd start saving right away for my flight to New York in the next year.

And there you have it.  That's why you should come visit me.  Aside from the all the fun we'd have just think of how tan you'd be when you left!


  1. This sold me on visiting, so I'm sure your friends will want to come now :)

  2. Before I even read the "Are you sold yet?" - I WAS SOLD. Mainly because of In-N-Out. JUST KIDDING. MAINLY BECAUSE I MISS YOU AND WANT TO COME VISIT.

    Cafe Rio? Yes. Zip lining? Yes. BOATING? (side eyes) YES. This all sounds amazing, and I know Kelsey would LOVE to meet slash marry your brother.

    I'm getting all sorts of emotional just thinking about having to leave Utah, and I'm not even there yet. I hate the distance - I HATE IT SO MUCH. Can we please plan this? Can we make it all happen for real?


    Now the thirst for Utah is SO REAL RIGHT NOW.

    ALSO, IN n Out?? I was sold right then and there. Everything else is just an added bonus. :)

  4. Oh my gosh, I even live in Utah, and I want to do all of these things!! I have gone on the Park City alpine slide.... theeee best.

  5. sold. you had me at all of it.

  6. Shoot, I want to come visit you. And I live an hour away.

    Also, she will teach you how to wake board. She taught me! (Well, her dad taught me, but she helped.)

  7. I know this is mainly directed at New York, but can I PLEASE come visit too?! I think Utah might be my soulmate.


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