Crying Over Spilled Milk

So this last week has been a particularly emotional one.  No not because of anything traumatic or life-altering.  Just the monthly visit from a friend we all have come to know and hate.  Well, when I get pms-y I don't get angry or hostile, I just get super emotional.  I cry a lot in my car.  I think about my dog  (who is alive) dying and I burst into tears.  Well, on Friday I got home from work really early and I was  all alone so I turned on the tv.  I was surfing through channels when I saw Ridiculousness on MTV.  I actually love that show, so I stopped there and watched laughing hysterically all by myself.  That is until this clip showed up:

And I absolutely BROKE DOWN.  I thought it was going to be one of those close call videos.  I did not-in any way- anticipate that truck spilling COWS all across the road.  And the way they rolled...I just lost it.  And then they played it again and I started to LAUGH.  Really hard.  And then I rewound it and watched it again while laugh-crying.  When Landon got home, I made him watch it.  I had to fight back tears again.  It was the saddest and yet funniest thing I apparently had ever seen in my whole life.

Even though my hormones are back in balance, I'm still not over this.


  1. I CAN'T SEE THE VIDEOOOOO. Now I'm going to cry.

    1. IT'S A SLOOOWWWW ROLL. I love it hahaha.

  2. i had the same thought process the first time i watched this! like a funny, horrible train wreck you can't stop watching.


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