Listening to: The Name of the Wind on audio book.  I have an hour commute and Landon has been BEGGING me to read this book.  So I figured I'd give it a shot.  Has anyone else read it? Thoughts?

Reading:  The Name of the Wind when I'm not in the car.  It's a pretty big book.  Do you want to know why I agreed to read it?  Because Landon promised that he'd watch the entire next season of the Bachelor with me.  It's his favorite book of all time and he wanted me to read it so bad he was willing to make the sacrifice.  Honestly, I probably would have read it anyway but when he said he's do anything, I decided to use it to my advantage.

Watching:  The Walking Dead.  We just watched the latest episode last night.  And maybe it made me tear up a little.  And I'm extremely concerned for Darryl's life.  I'll die if he dies.

Feeling: SO SORE.  I can barely sit down on the toilet.

Wearing: Neon yellow with reflective strips and muddy jeans. #fashionista

Craving: A salty snack.  Chips, extra buttery movie theater popcorn, nachos, ANYTHING.  If I'm hit with a sugar craving, I just have an apple or a cutie, but I have yet to find anything that satisfies my salty snack craving.  PLEASE ADVISE.

Looking forward to: the lunch I made myself today.  Sautéed shrimp and mushrooms with olive oil and garlic and a side of spaghetti squash.   So much better than the snap peas I've been carting around for the past week.

Loving: my new gel nails.  It's a nude with light glitter near the cuticles.  Very subtle, but very cute.  I'm back to doing my nails again.  I figured out the trick to making them stay on longer.  Because listen, I work so hard when I paint them, and then three days later they're already peeling off.  Well, I bought an acrylic nail kit a couple months ago, which I love but I'm out of tip (note to self: go buy tips).  And in the kit comes the primers you put on that dehydrate your nails so the acrylic binds better.  It finally dawned on my to try that out with my gel.  Worked like a charm.  Better in fact.  They're staying on for the whole two weeks now.  I know that sounds pretty lame, but I'm actually really excited about it.


  1. I used to hate having a long commute, but then I got a new job and I now have a short commute (about 10-12 mins).. but I miss having that alone time in the car. I don't mind all the gas money I'm saving, but I like having some solo time on the open road!!

    Teach me your nail ways! Yours always look perfect!

  2. look at you getting creative with the lunch! no more sugar snaps (although they are good on occasion)! also - way to get something out of the deal, even if you would have read the book anyway, he doesn't need to know that

  3. NotW is a great book. I was urged to read it a few years back and scoffed, because I REALLY didn't want to get into a) another series, and b) another ginormous book. I was really glad I read it though, Rothfuss is a great writer and that story is pretty amazing. :)

    I love the idea of listening to books while driving. I need to get on board with that next time I go on a road trip! :)


    I loved my gel nails - I should get them done again!


    I stay well away from Walking Dead spoilers, but the fact that Beth said "you're a survivor" to him in the episode before last and also that the season finale is coming up, I'm terrified for him. He's not based off of a comic book character, so I don't even have that to hold on to! Ahhhh.

  6. I love gel nails!! I'm just too lazy to drive all the way to the salon and too cheap to buy a kit... and too cheap to pay for them at the salon, too, I guess.

  7. Your lunch sounds so good... I want all of it in my belly right this minute.


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