I Need Something to Look Forward to...

Saturday night: Comedy Sportz with my brother and his date.  We laughed until we cried. I've said it before and I will say it again:  This is the best and cheapest entertainment in Provo Utah.  Take note.

Sunday afternoon: Tether ball with the world's up and coming champion Shadow "Air Bud" Street.  This is our new favorite thing to do.  I'll be taking him to the park every day now to practice.

Sunday night: A jaunt up the mountains to Daniel's Summit to have dinner with a new friend.

There is no snow at our house anymore.  All the sun and rain has melted it all away.  We were shocked to find snow banks as tall as we were after only a twenty minute drive up Daniel's Canyon.  It felt like winter again.  Which was nice because I'm just not ready for Spring.  I wanted to fill up the bed of the truck with snow and try to take it back home with us.  Wouldn't matter anyway, the high tomorrow is still in the fifties, it's all be gone by noon.

anyway.  Not a lot going on this week.  Hoping for some excitement to emerge in our lives.  I feel like I've been a rut for the past couple weeks.  I need something to look forward to.


  1. brb, planning my trip to Utah so we both have something to look forward to.

  2. That's what winter does. It puts you in a rut. That's why you should be glad for spring. And also glad that you didn't have an awkward run-in with your brother on campus.

  3. And also glad that we didn't look fat in our harvest pictures. Oh wait...

  4. stop it, that photo of air budding is classic! so perfect. also your snap of the snoring the other day made my heart stop from cuteness overload.

  5. Holy snow!!!!
    And that photo of Shadow? I'm dying, here!

  6. I need to play in those snowbanks!

  7. The man in the kimono is the best part.

    At the risk of alienating myself in the entire rocky mountain region, I am NOT SAD about the good weather lately. Not even a little.


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