Is This How It Feels to Be Pregnant?

As you all know, I started doing the Whole30 just over three weeks ago.  Well, I kind of quit it a little a week ago.  Not that I'm back to eating like I used to, but I'm trying to eat in a way that gives all this working out I'm doing a kick in the pants. So for six days straight I ate only protein and fat free dairy on  occasion.  So I'm still eating really clean.  No soda, no sugar, bread, fruit or anything.  It's been going really well.

Well, on the Whole30's website it gives you this surprisingly accurate timeline of the month and how you're going to feel on certain days.  On the third week is says you're going to feel great, but you're going to be so sick of the food you're allowed to eat that you're going to have cravings of anything and everything else.  Even stuff you didn't necessarily like before.  Now even though I'm not sticking solely to the Whole30's rules, I'm still right smack dab in the middle of that phase, and I have wanted ALL OF THE FOODS.  But mostly the following:

-Cheeto Puffs
-Extra buttery movie theater popcorn
-Loaded mashed potatoes
-White rice with Ranch Dressing
-Cadbury Eggs
-Cheeto Puffs again. But the curly ones.
-Hostess Cupcakes
-Costco cupcakes
-In-N-Out Animal Style fries
-Smart Food popcorn
-Bleu cheese dressing
-Corn dogs
-Panda Express Chow Mein
-Pizza Hut stuffed crust
-Buttered sour dough toast
-Nachos from Taco Bell
-Cafe Rio tortillas

and the list goes on and on and on....
The cravings will hit randomly throughout the day, and it's all I can do to get my mind off them.  I dream about the food sometimes.  And as it mentioned on the timeline, some of that stuff I don't even like!  Also, the majority of it is salty snacks and bread.  I'm actually pretty ok without sugar.  I'm not much tempted by brownies.  Not in any sort of comparison as I am with buttery movie theater popcorn anyway...

If I wasn't already seeing the results I am from working out twice a day and eating like I am- I would probably be waist deep in that list.  But I am seeing results, so I will continue down this path to a happier, healthy, more beautiful me.  And hold onto the hope that I'll be able to have a Cheeto Puff or two sometime in 2014.


  1. i couldn't tell you the last time i had a cheeto puff, but now a want one. do you get to have any type of carb on the whole30 program? because carbies are what your body needs for all the workouts you're doing. they just need to be healthy ones.

    And ditto what was said about carbs - they are super important if you're working out that much. Like, really important. Obviously you want good carbs (aka not the carbs that come from sugar), but you definitely need those carbs. Not a ton, just enough to help sustain your body!

  3. You are so awesome! Good job resisting cravings and going after what you want :-D


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