Monday Mullings

I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's Day was coming up today and completely missed out on potential partying.  Don't worry though, even though I failed in that area, I'm still wearing green today.

We did however celebrate one last day of snowboarding.  The snow on the back of the mountain was decent at best, but the front side was total slush.  Still- like my mom always says, "The worst day skiing is still always better than your best day at work."  How true, Mom.  How true.

Also- I am a firm believer that clean mountain air is a cure all.  Sickness, broken hearts, stress, anxiety... you name it, shredding up the mountains will fix it.  Or at least take your mind off it.  And I can say this because I was coming down with a serious head cold Friday night like, ears were plugged, nose was plugged AND runny (how is that possible?), sore throat, everything.  And after snowboarding all I have is a runny nose and that's it.  Magic.

I'm going to miss winter, but after the post I wrote on Friday I'm starting to get really excited for summer.

While Landon and I are still preparing to buy a house, we aren't sure where we want to go yet.  So we might end up getting an apartment soon.  It's not that I don't love my Mother-in-law for taking us in (rent free) and letting us take over her basement and half of the garage, but I'm an independent soul and I'm starting to feel a little cramped.  When I moved out of my own parent's house I never moved back, so this has been a little hard on me in that sense, you know? Ugh.  Every time I say it, I feel like I sound super ungrateful and spoiled.  SOMEONE TELL ME THIS IS NORMAL.

The Walking Dead had my jaw ON THE FLOOR last night.  Anyone else see it? I DID NOT see any of that coming.  I'm still in shock.  And I'm sad.  But mostly in shock.

Sunny proposed the idea of participating in the Dirty Dash this June.  Has anyone does this race?  I watched the video and it almost seemed a little extreme for someone has never ran even a 5k. (Sheepishly raises hand.)  But I'm doing crossfit and stuff now.  So maybe I'll be more prepared for it by then.


  1. It is normal, do not worry! Just because you want your own space doesn't mean you aren't grateful for what you have. Totally normal to want to live on your own, totally.

    HEY. THE WALKING DEAD, THO. I hid in my sweatshirt for part of it, but I And here I was all worried about Daryl - I STILL AM, BTW.

    Googling Dirty Dash...

  2. totally normal. there is nothing wrong in wanting your own space. also, you would totally love the dirty dash. i have done tough mudders and i think the dirty dash is a little less intense so it would be fun for you!

  3. I'm still so worried about Daryl that I immediately watched the episode after I read your post. I actually was not surprised by this episode. I don't read the comics, but I do read episode commentary on the forums and people were speculating that it would happen because apparently the same thing happened there. Carol absolutely broke my heart this episode.

    As far as the Dirty Dash goes, I'm signed up to do it! It's supposed to be tons of fun.

  4. Totally normal. We lived with Mike's parents for about a month when we got back from Germany and were waiting to close on our house, and while it was nice to save money on rent, it was definitely not my favorite thing in the world living with them.

  5. I want some Thursday Mullings now.

  6. You are so normal to want your own space. And I'm so sorry about how ridiculous the 1 bedrooms are in your area -- out here, it's to the point where it is ALMOST cheaper to get a 2 bedroom, and there's a ton more of them... something to ponder a little bit.

    The worst day of skiing still beats the heck out of most things. I would take icy, windy, bitter conditions while skiing in low light over work, house chores, being a grown up, etc.

  7. Listen, I'm not kidding even one iota when I ask this: can I come visit next winter and will you take me snowboarding? I'm dead serious.

    I would feel the EXACT same way you do about living with your mother-in-law! You're an adult, a married woman at that, and it's natural to need and crave your own space. My mother-in-law is taking us to the beach this summer, and she LITERALLY tried to get the three of us to share A HOTEL ROOM. Can you imagine?! I felt bad for fighting for our separate room because she's so nice to take us, but MY GOSH.


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