Progress, I Think.

So, I'm on like day 4ish of this Whole30 and I think it's making me pretty moody.  Not just angry, but really dramatic.  I mean, this whole week has brought many emotions, some great some horrible.  But aside from my sister getting her call, I think I can pin point it to basically giving up sugar and caffeine and processed foods cold turkey.  It's making normal everyday problems and worries seem HUGE.  And my whole world is coming to an end.  And yesterday at lunch, I was so sick of the food I've been eating I didn't even finish it.  I've lost my appetite if it isn't 100% grape juice or zucchini.  And it's very possible I finish the rest of this thing just consuming those two things.  And I say finish it, because yesterday when I couldn't eat my lunch I was just like, "Screw it.  I'm quitting this thing tonight."  And I planned the rest of the day how I was going to go home and eat a piece of cheese and I was so excited about it.

Until I got home.

I opened the fridge and stared at this massive block of cheddar cheese from Costco and I just couldn't do it.  I looked at the tub of sour cream and thought about the burrito I could put it on- that would satisfy me.  And I still couldn't do it.  I'm only four days into this thing, not 20.  But I felt like if I quit now I would just throw away all this progress I'm making.  (Even though it feels like Satan and not progress.)  I think the first week is supposed to be the hardest and I'm already halfway through it and still alive.  So I reached down and grabbed another zucchini closed the refrigerator and walked away.

I'm not saying that I might break in this process.  Because I can't hardly look at boiled eggs anymore.  But I felt a little liberated by not eating the cheese. Like hey- maybe I do have the self control to do this.   So yeah.  That's how I'm feeling right now.  Not great, but not at giving up status anymore.

Hopefully the weekend doesn't do me in.


  1. that my friend, sounds like progress to me! the first week of breaking a habit is always the hardest! good luck lady

  2. You can do it! I had some coworkers do the Whole30 and they ate pretty strict Paleo before and it was a struggle for them. I stopped consuming refined sugar about four or five months ago and the first week was KILLER. After that though, it gets a lot easier because your body stops craving it so badly.

  3. Stay strong! You'll feel so accomplished when you're done!

  4. I get SUPER moody like that too when I watch what I eat! I've never tried this one, but I've heard from soooo many people that the first week is the absolute worst! Hang in there girl

  5. You are amazing. I would have eaten the cheese. ALL of it. You're pretty much my health hero. Hahaha!

  6. You are going to finish the entire thing if you could walk away from the cheese. It's a done deal.

  7. Having self-control when it comes to food is diff cult - so good for you! Kelsey leaves candy and ice cream at my house and I NEVER TOUCH IT - talk about self-control.

    (I also think she does it to torture me)

    Keep up the good work!

  8. I have zero idea how you're doing this. I could cut out the carbs and possibly the sugar and maybe the dairy, but NEVER could I cut out the caffeine. And I would in no way be able to eat all that meat. Ick. RESPECT.


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