When Did Doing My Own Nails Become the Highlight of My Week?

I know, I know.  I've been on a bit of a hiatus.  But it's because like always, I don't have a whole lot to talk to you about.  I've just been coming home from work everyday to work out for an hour and a half and then to shower and put my hair up in a wet high bun so it will dry up there and I'll have body in the morning.  And then I fall asleep.  How lame is that?  And it's Friday today and you know what my plans are? Crossfit. That's it.  No date, no plans with friends.  Just the same thing I've been doing for three weeks.

Ah well.  I'm feeling really good if that's any consolation.  Hoping to get my summer body ready in time. Also, I got my mom and sister to commit to the Dirty Dash with me, so we have something to work towards.  I'm really excited.

And last night after running two miles AND THEN going to crossfit, I did my nails a bit more Spring friendly.  I kind of love them.  Thanks to Pinterest for giving me inspiration.

And- that's about it. haha Maybe I'll change up my routine this weekend so I'll actually have something to talk about next week. Ridiculously cute fingers crossed!!


  1. We need to live next door to each other, so you can do my nails regularly. I love them.

    Have fun at CrossFit! I'm hanging out with Higgins tonight. She can't get enough of me.

    1. This is a lie. I can't shake her is what it really is.

      PLEASE BE MY PERSONAL NAIL TECH. Yours are always so perfect!!!

  2. welcome to my world. work, workout, food, bed. repeat. enjoy your weekend!

  3. Ummm if my nails looked like that, doing them would be the highlight of my week, too! :)

  4. That is my life every day. Minus the cross fit. I DO run occasionally, though, so maybe I'm doing something right. You are going to be the skinniest ever and I'm jealous. Come be my personal trainer and then do my nails. You would be horrified if you saw what my nails looks like when I'm done. Even my toes have nail polish streaks everywhere. I'm a disaster.

  5. You just nailed my life. Except I also have to throw studying in there somewhere too. Someday I might sort of get to be fun again...


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