Another Weekend for the Books

1: Girl's night.  We went rock climbing at the Quarry in Provo.  It kicked out butts.
2: Tried bouldering after climbing, didn't succeed.  Only succeeded in get a picture pretending to boulder.  None the less, we want monthly passes and to go all the time so that one day maybe we'll be able to do more than pose in front of the bouldering wall.
3: Saturday morning's run entertainment was courtesy of Landon and Shadow.  The wrestled and played for roughly 2.5 miles.
4: After we were all worn out from exercising and playing, Landon let me spend too much money on make up and then took me to get Sushi.  Maybe tempura isn't exactly part of the diet, but I only had one roll and I don't regret it.
5. I should have been less obnoxious to Landon after he willing handed over his wallet for my beauty supplies.  But I wasn't.
6: I didn't stop being annoying the next morning when I braided his hair in church.  He got all embarrassed when he realized what I was doing.  I tried to make him feel more manly by telling him it was "corn rows."
7. We bought Shadow a cheap frisbee to play with.  It was destroyed in a matter of 10 minutes or so.  But he was still radiating pure joy so we had to snap a few photos of his heart melting smile.
8. *see above*

all in all a pretty great weekend.


  1. The picture of Landon with Shadow on his shoulders is MY FAVORITE. I love your little family!! PLEASE COME VISIT US AND BRING THEM BOTH WITH YOU. Seriously. PLEASE!!


    I lol'd so hard at the snap of Landon's hair (sorry, Landon!). And could Shadow be any cuter? I think not.

    I want to go rock climbing with you!


  4. You are getting so fit! All that hard work you've done definitely shows. And I'm pretty sure Landon has now hair than me.

  5. Hahahaha calling braids corn rows just makes everything more manly. :)

  6. My brain keeps wanting this post title to be "Another weekend for the boobs". I don't know why. Except I do know why, and it's because I'm a pervert.


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