Don't Worry, Beards Grow Back

You guys.  I had such a blast this weekend.  It was conference weekend here in Utah where all the LDS church leaders get together and broadcast this five different meetings.  It's pretty cool- a lot of insightful things are said and it's pretty refreshing.  Anyway, the Fridays before there are usually missionary reunions.  The entire time I've known Landon, we have never been to one of his reunions.  Mostly because I don't think there has been many organized.  Well, this year his mission president came all the way up from Argentina for conference so they planned a big reunion.  It was so fun to go with him and meet all these people I've heard him talk about for years and be able to be there when he saw his mission president for the first time in six years.  And especially to hear him talk in Spanish.  He did shave his beard though.  He figured no one would recognize him underneath that thing.

On Saturday in between conference sessions, Landon was feeling pretty homesick for Argentina and we had heard about this restaurant up by my mom's house so we decided to go.  We had Mariah and Brenden come with their dates too.  Especially because Mariah will be reporting to the Missionary Training Center in Argentina, so Landon wanted to give her a taste of what she's headed for.  You should have seen her face when the brought out the "beef tongue" as the complimentary appetizer. haha!  We all tried it though.  And it tasted pretty good actually, but we struggled with the fact that it was tongue.  Well, the girls did.  They boys ate theirs AND ours. haha

(Yes.  I broke my diet for this. #yolo)
Sunday, we were able to score some tickets to the afternoon session of conference, Brenden fell ill so he wasn't able to make it.  But Landon, Mariah, my mom and I braved the crowds (and the protesters HA) to go listen.  It was a really nice day, it had rained a little, but it was pretty warm still.

This picture reminds me why I shouldn't wear heels around my mom and Mariah. haha Oh! and that's Landon right there, in case you didn't recognize him without his beard.  Here is the last photo I got of him with it.  A little dark, but a lot adorable. And don't worry, the beard is already on it's way back.


  1. RIP to Landon's beard!!! It looks like you guys had such a fun weekend-- and that food looks delicious. So worth cheating on your diet for!!

  2. *falls over* But I don't recognize him WITHOUT the beard. JK. But the fact that his beard is the topic of so many of our conversations makes me laugh. #beards4lyfe

    I don't think I could've tried the beef tongue - I give you credit!

  3. i wish people wouldn't tell me what was in the yummy things i am eating when it comes to things like beef tongue and what not. just let me eat the food that actually is delicious, but the thought makes me want to vom.

  4. Oh... .beef tongue. I don't think I'd be able to get over the fact that it's tongue.

  5. BEEF TONGUE. I had a bite of a beef tongue taco in Mexico. I can still see the taste buds...

  6. He looks so much younger without the beard! Holy cow. Also, protestors for a religious conference? That seems a bit excessive.

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