Impulse Adoption

You guys.  On Tuesday a co-worker of mine came up to me and half-jokingly asked me if I wanted his cat.  Long story short, through a turn of events he needed to give up his cat he's had for a few years.  He said he was taking it to the Humane Society that day.  But I had heard about this cat a few years ago when Landon had been at his house.  He said it looked like a small leopard and how badly he wanted it.  So I told my co-worker if he could hold onto him for one more day I would go talk to Landon about seriously taking him.  And the next day, I had Milo the Bengal in the back of my truck headed home.

Now, as any adopted animal, he was a little stressed and a lot confused.  Even though I am really excited about having Milo a part of our family, these kind of situations are always a little sad at first.  No one wants to give away a loved pet, and no pet wants to be taken away from it's home to a foreign place with people it doesn't know.  Milo was no exception.

I took him into one of the rooms in the basement and closed the door to keep him as calm as possible.  He kind of wandered around and explored, but ended up curling up under a desk not wanting to come out.  I put his bed next to him under the desk and put some treats in it and he eventually came out and got in it.  I stayed there on the ground with him for hours, just petting him and talking to him softly.  He is the sweetest thing and even though I've only had him for like- twelve hours, I love him so so much.

I decided to give him a little space, so I shut the door and went for a run.  When I came back he was more willing to snuggle.  I decided to take him into our room and let him lay on the bed next to me.  He ended up cocooning into the sheets and snuggling up next to my legs.

This is a big transition for Milo.  I can tell he is sad and confused, but I'm hoping within the next few weeks he will be happy and feel at home with us.  And Shadow.  Because he doesn't totally love the idea of him yet. ha!


  1. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY, MILO! I'm so happy you're part of the cat lady club!

    Milo. Nico. Tino. Keno. DA BOYZ.

  2. I love him!!!! He looks cool as hell.

  3. I am so glad you and Landon took Milo. I know he will be very happy with you. We miss him, but we feel great knowing he is with you. Thanks!

  4. I LOVE HIM. I am so excited for you right now!!! Update me on everything he does.

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  6. Milo, I am not usually a fan of cats. but now that you are a valid excuse to let you your mom buy you nip nibblers i am on board with this adoption!

  7. Milo is a fantasitc addition to the cats of bloggers club. Hope that he and Shadow get along nicely once they're settled in!

  8. He is goooorgeous! Hopefully he's well-adjusted by now. It sounds like you are giving him all the love he needs to feel right at home. :)


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