Things That Have Kept Me Laughing

Found this gem at Bed, Bath and Beyond on Friday.  You guys.  I was DY-YING.  I was there with some co-workers because we were buying more flavors for our Soda Stream and this was in the checkout lane.  I really just wanted to meet the person behind it to see if it was intentional or an oversight.  Or if perhaps, I'm just really immature.

This pin I found sometime last week.  I still giggle at it every time I see it in my humor board.  I love it when the message trying to be portrayed is lost in the unnecessary spacing of the words.  I get it, you're trying to be cute, but it's not totally working out for you.

And finally, this snap from my little sister had me in a fit of laughter.  She is such a weirdo.  Her face kills me, and this is especially funny because her boss is a psycho sometimes and I love that she photographed him unknowingly.

She's a genius and I'll treasure this forever.


  1. Bahahahaha. That pin is hilarious!! Love it.

  2. I love your sister - that is great! Can I be snap friends with her? Too much? I'll stop.

    I need to get those nip nibblers for the kitties!

  3. we shall both be immature together. because really, who names it nip nibbler?!

  4. I died over the nip nibbler snap. All of this is amazing, though!

  5. Hahaha nip nibbler. Wow. Just... wow.


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