What the ffffff.....

Ok, so I just saw how all of my tabs and buttons have decided to go up in arms against me. Not totally sure what's happening, but I'm working on it. If I can't figure it out it might be calls for a re-design this weekend. Sorry- you may have to deal with the second-hand embarrassment for a couple days.


  1. Hate when this kind of stuff happens. Hope you can figure it all soon :)

  2. you have either too many photos on photobucket or you've gotten too many views and clicks on your page, so your bandwidth for photos is gone. :/

  3. I meant to say something about that, but I wasn't sure if it was just my computer.

    I love that it says, "Look who's popular" YOU ARE, WHITNEY. YOU ARE.

  4. I agree with Alissa. I mean it says you're popular!

  5. I come here to check how you are and this is what I'm greeted with? gross.

    (And double fist-pump for being so popular.)


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