Where Have I Been? Buying a House!

So.  I thought my hiatus was over, but apparently not.  And I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I'm going to start blogging everyday again because a lot is happening right now.  A lot of good.  And I'm excited.  And I don't have a lot of down time anymore, so blog posts are going to probably be sporadic for the next little bit.  And I'm trying so hard to feel like I don't need to apologize for that.  For the past couple years this blog was my gig, you know?  Everyone knows about it, my parents tell me all the time that our neighbors and friends read it.  Every photo I took was taken so I could post about it... I don't know.  It's weird that I haven't devoted my evenings to writing and my mornings to reading.  But like I said, I haven't had a spare second for the last few weeks.

Three weeks ago, Landon and I got pre-qualified for a home loan.  Something we've done once right before we got married and I had a total come apart right before we started putting offers on houses.  I wasn't ready to be committed to a mortgage.  I felt it wasn't the right thing at the time.  Looking back now, I was probably being a little dramatic, but I don't regret it.  We've lived a pretty luxurious lifestyle for a newly wed couple, and having the freedom of cheap rent has led us on some adventures and opportunities I don't think we would have had if we were living in a house in the outskirts of Utah County.

But now?  I'm ready.  I'm ready for a place to own.  A place I can paint the walls a color I want them, and hang pictures without worrying if the holes we leave are going to come out of our deposit.  I want to buy a grill and plant things.  I want to stay in a place for more than one year and not have to pack our stuff and move out again.  I want to get to know our neighbors and make friends.  After being married for three years, I'm finally ready.  And Landon, bless his heart.  I know it was a disappointment when I backed out of home buying the last time.  And he has been so patient with me.

Anyway.  We've been trying to figure out for awhile where we wanted to end up.  Both of our first choices was to stay in the Heber Valley.  I didn't want to move back down to Utah County, Landon didn't want to move to the Salt Lake Valley or North of Layton.  I would love to move back to Layton one day... It's been a process just trying to agree on a location.  Except for of course up here in Wasatch County.  The only problem is that it's really expensive to live up here.  Houses in our price range are absolute dives and need a ton of work.  Which isn't a deal breaker, buying a fixer upper.  What is a deal breaker is maxing out what we can afford and then having no money left over to fix it up, you know?  So that was putting a damper on our house hunt in Heber.

Then, our realtor told us she found a couple townhouses in Midway (Heber's neighboring and in my opinion more beautiful city).  The second she said "townhouse" and I was like, "Nope. No. No way. Absolutely not. I'm not buying a townhouse, condo, apartment or any type of building that shares a wall with other human beings."  And Landon and our realtor were like, "Well, we can just go look." "Keep and open mind with all of this." "Yada yada yada." So I agreed to just go look at them.  But I was set on not buying a townhouse.  The first one we went into was just gross. And I was like, "Yeah, no."  The carpet was stained, the tile was ancient, there was this pillar between the living room and dining room that just closed the whole room off and made it seem so much smaller than it was.  I was not having it.  And our realtor was like, "Well, let's at least go look at the other one."  And wouldn't you know it- the second I walked through the door I wanted it.  The carpet was new, the paint was new, it had wood floors in the kitchen and dining room.  The bay windows really opened it up, there were two sinks in the master bathroom.  I was in love.  I didn't even care about all the "I told you so.'s." I was getting from Landon and our realtor.

We spent the rest of the weekend walking through other houses that were for sale in the area, but like I said, they all needed a ton of work, time and money.  We couldn't get the Midway townhouse out of our heads.  We went back to it two more times that weekend.  And our realtor suggested we put an offer on it.  We could keep looking in the meantime, but the way we couldn't get it out of our heads said that it was the right place for us.

Thursday morning, I got a text from Landon right as I got to work that the seller's had accepted our offer.  I hooted and hollered in my work truck all by myself and have been beyond excited every since.  I've already started planning how I want to decorate it, how I want to utilize our patio space, the backsplash I want to do in the kitchen...everything.  The loan we are doing takes 45 days to close, so we will probably be moving in at the end of June, which- seems like a year away, but as things progress I'm sure it will be here before I know it.

It's a three bedroom, two bathroom townhouse.  It's in a prime location in the city.  The complex has a pool, hot tub, tennis courts, a work out room and there is a bike path that follows the Provo river right past our place.  It will be perfect to take our cruisers on.  The only downside to all of this really, is that the place isn't small but I wanted to kidnap Shadow and I think it's too small for a dog his size.  Milo will be fine.  He'll probably rule the place, but Shadow is going to have to stay with Sunny.  Doesn't mean I won't rent him out for the weekends or anything, but I don't think he would be happy cooped up inside all day by himself.

Other than that though, this place is perfect.  We are doing the home inspection this week and the appraisal either this week or next.  We're moving quickly with all this, and I'm not going to lie, I don't always know what is going on, but I'm stoked.  I can't wait to get pictures up and show you guys our new digs.  And- we'll have spare bedrooms so we better get some visitors up in here! :)

I Lied.

Remember when I said I was back and then I didn't blog again for two days? haha classic me.  But I accomplished a lot in the past two afternoons that made it impossible for me to blog.  Like Wednesday afternoon? I went to bed at 4:30 pm.  Like, for the night.  I slept for THIRTEEN HOURS.  I think I set a P.R. that night.  Obviously my body is still recovering from whatever I had.

And tonight, we are starting our home buying journey and going to look at houses with our realtor.  Granted, they are townhouses and I am not 100% on board with that idea just yet, but we will see how tonight goes.  I've seen the pictures and they are really cute, and they are located in Midway which is the neighboring city to Heber where apparently property value is just sky rocketing and it would be a really great investment.  So.  We will see.  I'm just excited to start looking for our own home.  And to not live in a basement.  Did you guys know Landon and I haven't lived above ground since before we got married? True story.

Anyway.  Wish us luck.  And you all have a great weekend.

ALSO- if you guys wish now, the social media buttons now will navigate you to my social media sites.  All thanks to Alissa. The greatest human being who ever lived.

I'm Baaack

Guess what happened to me guys! GUESS!! Ok I'll tell you. I redesigned my blog. Obvi. But the only reason it has taken me this long is because I have no time in the afternoons anymore.  And the only reason I had time now to fix it is because I came down with the disease from H-E-L-L.  Going on day 4 here of being horizontal.  Though I do think I'm on the mend.  So with nothing else to do while laying in bed surrounded by sleeping animals I figured, "Meh.  I guess I'll do that blog thing now."

So three hours later I think I've got something that I can deal with until I can convince my mom (who's a professional graphic designer now) to revamp it for free.  Also- don't bother clicking on any of the social media links over there.  They'll just navigate you to my photo bucket. hahaha

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