I Lied.

Remember when I said I was back and then I didn't blog again for two days? haha classic me.  But I accomplished a lot in the past two afternoons that made it impossible for me to blog.  Like Wednesday afternoon? I went to bed at 4:30 pm.  Like, for the night.  I slept for THIRTEEN HOURS.  I think I set a P.R. that night.  Obviously my body is still recovering from whatever I had.

And tonight, we are starting our home buying journey and going to look at houses with our realtor.  Granted, they are townhouses and I am not 100% on board with that idea just yet, but we will see how tonight goes.  I've seen the pictures and they are really cute, and they are located in Midway which is the neighboring city to Heber where apparently property value is just sky rocketing and it would be a really great investment.  So.  We will see.  I'm just excited to start looking for our own home.  And to not live in a basement.  Did you guys know Landon and I haven't lived above ground since before we got married? True story.

Anyway.  Wish us luck.  And you all have a great weekend.

ALSO- if you guys wish now, the social media buttons now will navigate you to my social media sites.  All thanks to Alissa. The greatest human being who ever lived.


  1. Ahhh, house hunting! Good luck! Get a spare bedroom for me, thanks.

    And you're welcome. It honestly took all of two minutes!

  2. "Did you guys know Landon and I haven't lived above ground since before we got married?" OMG, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

    SO excited about the home-buying process starting for you two!! Keep us updated!!! :)

  3. woohoo good luck with the house hunting. I watch a lot of HGTV if you need any pointers ;)

  4. House hunting! So exciting! Keep an open mind about the townhouse concept. The first house I bought was a townhouse and I LOVED it. The biggest downfall though? There was a slight lack of sunlight because (obviously) there were no windows on the sides of the house. However!! If you've been living in a basement, I'm sure you will be a-ok! :)


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