An Update of Sorts

-I worked a 13 hour shift yesterday. (15 if you count the hour commute both ways)  I probably will again today, tomorrow and Friday.  And also a good portion of next week.  Don't go feeling bad for me though- I love my job and the overtime is a huge bonus.  Plus, we're about to have a mortgage so any extra cash is welcomed with open arms.

-Speaking of almost having a mortgage- we are anticipating closing on our new home next week.  Hopefully, anyway.  Our realtor told us to expect around the 19th.  I. Am. So. Excited.

-I need to find a dining table.

-I reeeaaallllyyyy want to go see The Fault in Our Stars.  But working like this right now is not conducive to a night at the movies.  NO SPOILERS PLEASE.  Jk. I've read the book.

-This week's episode of the Bachelorette sucked.  Why do we even need to waste an entire night's slot on a lame recap when there has only been five episodes?  ARE YOU LISTENING, ABC?

-It turns out, Milo may be a killer.  It's been brought to my attention there are FIVE dead birds in our yard.  Never seen dead birds before so I don't think it's Satan Fancy doing the murdering... It has to be Milo.  Oh well.  At least he and Shadow are getting along.

Didn't I tell you they'd be best friends?


  1. I cannot WAIT to see lots and lots of pictures of your new place, and to see everything you do with it! I am thrilled for you guys!!!!

    TFiOS- Liss and I saw it last night, and I'm not ready to talk about it yet. Just....bring tissues.

  2. TFiOS - I am afraid to go see it in public. I know I will cry and cry

  3. LOOK AT THOSE BESTIES. I love that pic.

    Also, re: "dining table" - is that what you call it? Here we go again, but I say (and typically hear) "dining room table." I'M JUST CURIOUS.

    Anyway, TFiOS. You'll cry, but just bring someone who can make Jersey Shore references during the SADDEST PARTS and you'll be fine. I'm available for hire.


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