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well hello there.  you know when you walk into class late or something and everyone stares at you like-  nice of you to show up. and you just slowly walk to your seat feeling stupid?  That's a little how I feel writing this post after 2 1/2 weeks of not writing or reading blogs.  Truth is, I think about it every night. And I miss you guys so bad.  What have I been doing in lieu of internet-ing?  I don't even really know.  I figured I'd consult my iPhone.  So here's what it had to say.

Oh! We went boating over Memorial Day weekend!  It was FREEZING and raining so hard.  But I bought a new swim suit, sunglasses and sun hat for the occasion and I was going to wear them dangit!! The pool is also now open, but is still in the process of heating up.  So I will lay out by it, but I need it to be at least ten degrees warmer before I submerge myself in it.

I haven't had a lot of pictures that really show how long Landon's hair is getting.  He hasn't ever had it this long in his life.  He was playing video games and I asked him if I could play with it and I believe his exact response was, "Marriage is all about keeping your spouse occupied, so sure."  And then he ended up with like, 29 hair elastics in his hair.  And he wasn't very happy with me when it was time to take them out because I was "pulling his hair."  Welcome to the female life from the day they have enough hair for a pony tail.

I've been spending a lot (well, more than usual) of time with my little sister.  She flies out in two weeks from today.  I'm starting to panic a little.  I might have to make a few weekend trips to Paraguay here in the next 18 months.

And of course, just goofing off all the time.  We went to dinner near our new place (which we will be moving into in just a COUPLE WEEKS) and I needed a picture next to the "Bonner's" gate.  It took Landon a second to figure out why he was taking the photo.  He was real proud of me when he caught on. 


  1. I'll never get over the last picture. I NEED TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED IN FRONT OF IT!

    I can't believe your sister is leaving so soon! Ahhh, and you're moving so soon, too!

    Also, please send me your sunglasses from the first picture, thanks, bye.

  2. LANDON'S HAIR. OMG. In his defense, those tiny rubber bands are terrors. So much worse than regular hair ties.


    Missed you!!!! xoxoxo

  3. I'm in the same boat about blogging. I've been sporadically doing it for the last 6 months and I hate myself for it because I miss everyone. oh well, guess we'll do it when we can, right?

    Your husbands hair is pretty long but at least it's really healthy looking. Nothing like having long ugly hair haha.

  4. "Marriage is all about keeping your spouse occupied, so sure." Bahahaha!!! And girl - seriously, you're living it up, while packing and soon to be moving. More than enough of an excuse as to the limited blogging! Can't wait to hear about the new place! Oh and boner. el oh el. :)


    Landon's hair!!!!! Next time James grows his out I'll be doing the exact same thing.

  6. I love the blog's makeover. It's been a while since I've seen it. Has it lost weight? Because it's looking gooooood.


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