Landon's work has a coed softball team and they are kind enough to have let me play with them.  Actually, most of the time they needed me so they wouldn't forfeit due to the lack of female presence... The only time I've ever really played softball was in high school P.E. so I'm nothing special, but I do hit the ball more often than I strike out, so that's good...

Our team isn't bad, we're not great though.  And a lot of these teams in this league take this very seriously.  So we usually lose.  We've had a couple wins here and there, but mostly losses.  Doesn't mean we aren't having fun though.  Last night was unfortunately the last time I'll be able to play this season because my work schedule is about to take a shift into evenings for the month of June and then full on nights in July.  I was okay with the fact that I wasn't going to get to play anymore until last night's second game.  It was so. much. fun.  I was the catcher when we were outfield and this girl was up to bat and she was like, "I would way rather just come here on Wednesday nights and play just your team.  This is so much fun."  They beat us, but only by a couple, but she was right- that was the funnest game of the season.

I got a picture of Landon making a run, but he doesn't have any of me.  Wanna know why?  I bat right before Landon on the roster, so I'm usually on first base when he hits.  Unfortunately, he hits them straight towards second base so they're there waiting for me and I never get a run.  I did last night though because Landon pulled his quad in the first game and I got my first ever run.  And I feel good hanging my hat on that for my season.

Thanks to Lava for letting me toss some balls around with them.  I had such a good time doing it. :)


  1. How cute are you two?!? I play in a softball league, too, but it's WAY less competitive than yours. It's basically a "beer league" where people just stand around and drink and occasionally throw a softball.

  2. Y'all are so stinkin cute. I used to play softball when I was younger. Then, as an adult, I started playing on a church league. Those people were so hardcore it terrified me! Like you, I'm just there to have fun. But I haven't hit the field since the pastor of the church was the scariest catcher I've ever seen... :)


    I'm too scared to play softball. YES, IT'S TRUE. I'll stick to bocce, where the balls are on the ground and not flying at my face (twss).

  4. How dare he hit the ball right where they are going to tag you out. Not cool, Landon. Not cool.

  5. I'm scared of any sport that involves balls. I played softball in 5th grade and I hit a double ONCE and was so proud of myself. I could probably never do that again.


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