You've Changed.

I don't think I've let an entire month go between blog posts here since I started up this blog.  I feel a little bad, but not at all at the same time.  Don't worry.  Nothing is wrong, and it's not because I don't have anything to talk about.  If anything, it's because I have too much to talk about.  BUT- I'm not going to sit you down and throw a 20,000 word blog post at you to catch you up on things.  I'm just going to let you in on changes in my life.  Some that may have to do with me not blogging, and some that have nothing to do.

-Everything is settled in our new house.  No I still don't have pictures for you.  I have tried a few times to take them and I feel like it doesn't give the proper view of this place that I'm utterly in love with.  Maybe I'll do a vlog to introduce it.  Maybe you'll just have to come visit.

-We've been working hard on getting our patio visitor friendly.  That- I will probably feature in an upcoming post because I'm proud of the work we've put into it and the bench I MADE.  I've ordered pillows and fabric so I can make some cute cushions for it.  (And by, "I", I mean Landon's grandma.)  Stay tuned to see how they turn out.

-I've been abandoned by my co-workers for the night shift.  Ok, not all of them.  But a good portion, leaving me on the day shift ALONE (I hate being alone) and in charge of pretty much the whole lab.  Not that it matters.  Being in charge isn't as cool when you don't have anyone to boss around.  A result of working all day and doing all the work myself is that I'm pretty dang exhausted when I get home and I don't really feel like putting a blog post together.

-I've been cleaning a lot.  Not like, deep cleaning.  But just cleaning up after myself (and Landon) as I go along.  This is kind of a different thing for me.  Usually I just leave dishes in the sink til it's full and then I'll do them.  Or I'll throw my clothes on the floor and pick them up at the end of the week.  But this place has pretty much remained spotless since we moved in.  I really like it.  I'm hoping it's something that I keep doing forever.  It makes it way less intimidating to clean up.

-I've still been exercising.  The diet has become far less strict, (Did I mention the diet I was on? Gosh, I can't remember.  I was dieting and exercising if I didn't tell you that) but I'm still losing weight.  This has honestly been one of the biggest changes for me.  Not just in losing weight, but in being far less stressed, I've been happier, my skin is super clear and I just feel good.  But the losing weight part of it has been awesome.  So far, I'm down 45lbs, give or take a few.  I love it.  This swim suit season has been good to me.

-Mariah has been gone for six weeks, yesterday.  I'm caught between that feeling like forever ago and, "It's been six weeks already?!"  Mostly, I miss her like crazy.  One email a week is hardly enough, but she is doing so good, you guys.  She sounds so happy.  I haven't heard from her this week, but she flew out of Argentina on Tuesday and into Paraguay.  So I can't wait to hear how it's going.  Here is a little excerpt from her last email that just gives me butterflies:

"One of my favorite moments this time round was when we ended up in this park and I saw this guy sitting down on a bench with a guitar case on the ground.  I got super excited and we went to talk to him.  Soon into our conversation, I asked him if he would play us a song on the guitar.  He got really excited and pulled it out.  He played for us a song he wrote and sang too! ahhh I wish I could have recorded it!  It was soo good!  He asked if I played and I told him I did a little bit.  He handed the guitar to me and I sat on the ground and played a sang "Come Thou Fount" for him!  Soon his two little girls and wife came and sat to watch too.  And I had one of those moments where you think about what you are doing.  I though to myself, "I am in the middle of a park in Argentina.  I got here 4 weeks ago and hardly speak any Spanish.  I am away from everyone and everything I know, and I am sitting on the ground in a skirt playing "Come Thou Fount" on a random guy's guitar for him and his family.  THIS. IS. AWESOME!"  After I sang, I gave the guitar back and we talked to them and got to know them all.  We talked about the importance of families and how the Gospel blesses them.  It was a very simple lesson, but it was very spiritual as well."

I don't know.  It's hard having her gone, but to hear how happy she is and how positive her attitude is just makes this a thousand times easier.  I find myself refreshing my inbox every five minutes on her P-Days waiting for an email to pop up from her.  Her spirit still shines all the way here from Paraguay.
 That's about all I've been up to.  All that and of course laying by the pool 24 hours a day on weekends.  But what have you been up to?  I miss you all like crazy.

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