Lately, I haven't been blogging.  As you all can clearly see.  But last night I got reading through my old posts and I laughed and laughed.  I want to start writing like that again.  I really think I've found myself in a blogging slump because it's summer.  I mean, nobody has really been around that much. (I do peruse through blogging world from time to time.)  Come Fall, when everything has settled down, this is going to be a regular thing again.

What I've been up to though?  Well, work-wise, we are in the middle of the job that will never end.  Seriously, though.  I've been trucking through the day shift all by myself because my boss and co-workers have been braving this night shift business.  Or TRYING to.  They've been rained out half the time, the other half, either the hot plant where the asphalt is made is blowing up, or some bro playing real-life Grand Theft Auto smashes a stolen car into one of our company's trucks and kills himself and the job gets shut down.  Not kidding, this job was supposed to be over on the 23rd of July.  Best case scenario, they'll be done next Wednesday, but they won't.  They got rained out tonight.  And probably tomorrow night as well.  At this rate, they'll just have to stop the job because snow will be falling.

Aside from work- it was my mom's birthday last weekend.  She and my (other) brother Johnny came up to Park City to have dinner with Landon and me and to ride the Alpine Slide.  My mom and I raced down the mountain and I KICKED her butt.  It may have helped that the guys behind us were like, "Five dollars on the lady in black!" (aka my mom) and I was like, "I'm waiting for you at the bottom to get my five dollars."  I didn't.  Only because I laughed so hard on the way down I had to hit up the restrooms.  But seriously. I got to the bottom, got my sled off the track and walked down to Landon and Johnny before my mom even got to the bottom.

The weather was gorgeous.  Half the fun of riding the Alpine Slide is taking the chair lift up the mountain and getting to breathe in the crisp mountain air and watch for wild life below.  Or in our case try to take panoramic photos of our feet and fail desperately.

After the Alpine Slide, we went to Park City, Main Street for old time's sake.  I spent a large portion of my childhood exploring that street, and so did my mom when she was little.  It's a little disappointing these days because it's all high priced clothing and art stores, but the memories are still there.  And it's beautiful.  There was one piece of clothing on Main Street that I'm going to need to purchase for Landon one day though.  It's probably at least hundreds of dollars, but I don't even care.  It's a coon-skin jock strap.  And the raccoon tail hangs off the back.  I was DYING when I saw that bad boy.  If I'm feeling especially generous, I might throw the two thousand dollar boots with the fur in there.  Best item available for purchase in this zip code, I'm telling you.

It was such a fun birthday celebration.  And I'm so happy Johnny Boy is here in Utah to stay for awhile.  I'll have to introduce him in a later blog post.  But for now let's focus on that RIDICULOUSLY bright moon in the picture above.  So pretty, huh?  WRONG.  The path of the moon right now is pointing directly in to the half-moon (ironic) window in our bedroom that spills moonlight down on my pillow.  It's becoming a problem.  I currently have a throw pillow squished into the window because we don't have blind on that one.  It's real classy looking.

Other than that though, I've just been watching Jeopardy when I get home from work and enjoying this unusually delightful weather we've been having this August.  What have y'all been up to lately?


  1. I love your family <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WHITNEY'S MOM!

    There's a place near me that as an Alpine Slide (wait, did we talk about going there last year? I can't remember!). Anyway, I'm scared. YEAH, I SAID IT.

    Also, I remember that shirt when you wore it to NYC. ~~falls to the ground and cries~~

  2. Your family is seriously THE BEST. As is Landon's mustache.

    ^ There is an alpine slide around here, Alissa, and I went once with my summer camp kids and it was terrifying. Maybe because they were all whipping around me and I was too busy thinking of all the accident reports I was going to have to write to truly enjoy it.

    ANYWAY, fall makes me think of the last time you were here, and I think we should start planning that again. Just saying.

    1. Brombley Mountain has the Alpine Slide! I passed it on my way to Brazil.

      ~~nose dives~~

  3. i know there is a lot going on in this post of updates, but I can focus on none of the due to the stache.

  4. I have been majorly slacking on the blog front too! Glad I'm not the only one! Love the picture of all of the dangling feet - what a fun way to celebrate a birthday!


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