I'm Going to Try This Again

I used to be good at writing.  (Or at least I thought was.)  But since I've essentially taken a four-month break from blogging, I feel more than a little out of practice.  And at this point, it isn't even because I feel overwhelmed with how behind I am, because I really haven't been up to much.  No.  It's almost as if I don't really know how to anymore.  So here's to getting back into practice.  Though if you saw how I looked right now, I don't know that you would believe my proclaimed attempt at "trying harder" because I look like the opposite of that right now.

Case and point.  Meh. Oh well.  It gives Landon a laugh from time to time.  Especially when I tuck my leggings INTO my socks.  The good news is, I haven't given up showering.  It would just be a cry for help if I did. I've been running 3-4 miles a day these last couple weeks and that warrants an afternoon shower. For the good of the people.

I've also been playing a lot of Words with Friends.  I know.  How 2011 of me.  But wait, let me rephrase that.  I've been WINNING a lot of WWF lately.  And that gives me a sense of purpose in life right now.

Landon convinced me to play Fantasy Football.  I had a lot of fun the first week when I won, and not a lot of fun these last three weeks when I lost.  No one knows why I agreed to this.  Especially with the $50 buy in.  If Landon's 11 year old brother ends up winning the pot at the end of all this, I'm gonna lose it.  Emotionally and financially.

I made an executive decision that Landon and I will be forgoing Christmas presents to each other and everyone else so that we can buy season passes to a real ski resort this winter. (Boom. Burn on Sundance.) (I'm only joking, Sundance is a very respectable resort, but they need to update their ski lifts and expand their runs.)  This probably isn't exciting to anyone else outside of Utah, but Park City Mountain Resort was just bought out by Vail Resorts, the same owners as the next door neighbor resort: the Canyons.  So they are now COMBINING the two resorts making it the biggest ski resort in North America.  And the season pass for the locals is a mere $570.  So yeah.  Merry Christmas to us. And everyone else.

And that's about it,  you guys.  Seriously.
Get a life, Whit- you're pathetic.


  1. You are SO DARN CUTE. I am so happy to see you back here!! Everyone needs a blogging break once and a while. Some take longer breaks than others. But I am not pointing any fingers (because if I did, I would be pointing at myself).

    I quit WWF a few years ago because I NEVER WON. Literally. Ever. The only person I ever really played was my father, and he never let me win because "losing builds character". So, I quit. How's that for character, dad?

    I think for $570 I could get myself to Utah...so...maybe I will do that instead of giving Christmas gifts this year. That would go over well with everyone, right?

  2. Listen, you've been too busy working out and looking like a damn queen to even worry about us here in blogland. We'll always welcome you back with open arms!

    I cut back on Christmas gifts a couple years ago and it was the best thing I've eve done. SADLY, my extra money goes to bills, and I'm not talking about Buffalo ones, amiright, Landon? No? Byeeee.

  3. I am obsessed with what you're wearing. I would also like you to be my personal trainer post-baby. Every winter I tuck my leggings into my fuzzy socks. It's the best.

    Listen, my dad and I always have several games of Words With Frienss running at once. It's my favorite and will never get old. Except that he beats me every time.

    Um ski resort season passes is an amazing idea. I'm jealous.

  4. I probably shouldn't admit that I check your blog often (daily) (what?) to see if you've posted. So yaaaaay for posting! And....you're adorable. Keep it up.

  5. I feel like I identify with 100% of this post. Not-Blogging and skiing, and showing, and leggings, and fuzzy slippers. All of these play into my reality in such a real way these days. They just added Eldora (our tiny local resort) to the Rocky Mountain Super pass for ONLY $590/person. And I am sooooo tempted.


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