A Perfect Moment Between Strangers

I hope this story doesn't come off as strange, because when I told Landon he kind of thought I was weird that I was so excited about it.  BUT- I need to throw it out in the universe and let it simmer because I am still just tickled to death by it.

So Saturday afternoon, one of my best friends had a baby shower thrown for her down in Lindon. (remember when I used to live there?)  It was scheduled to go from 2-4, but getting together with your dear friends like that, you know you'll be staying longer.  So I didn't actually leave until around 5:30.  I called Landon to let him know I was on my way home, and he had just gotten off work and was chilling and playing video games and I was all, "K, cool.  I'll be home in like an hour."  So I start up Provo canyon and I start thinking how if I go home, I'm not going to have a ton to do while Landon is unwinding via his PS4 and I decided to drive up Squaw Peak- Provo's finest make out point- to watch the sunset.

I got up there around six or so.  The sun doesn't actually set until around 6:40 right now, so I just sat on the stone wall and took in the view of the valley below me.  It was ridiculously windy and I think I was like the 11th wheel up there, but I didn't really care that much.  After about 30ish minutes, the sun started to drop down to the mountains, and you guys, the most beautiful colors exploded all over the sky.  I'm not joking.  This was thee most breathtaking sunset I'd ever witnessed and I was losing my freaking mind.

side note:  Sunsets are my thing.  They're my family's thing.  We get way too excited over pretty sunsets, and lunar eclipses and blood moons and shooting stars and anything in the sky, really.

So, I'm up there alone when this yellow jeep pulls up and this dude who looks to be around, I don't know, 50ish years old gets out and is DYING over this sunset.  Like- to the same magnitude as I was.  He had his phone out and was videoing it and taking pictures and was repeating the same phrases over and over like, "I can't believe this."  and "I've never seen anything like it." I started to laugh because I felt like he and I were really the only ones up there truly appreciating what was happening right before our eyes.  So I asked him if he was from the area, and he said no, he was from further North and his "hiking buddy" had just introduced him to Provo Canyon and he was in love with it and "Oh my gosh, I've never seen a sunset this beautiful."  And as we were talking the sky just got more golden and pink and purple and the sunlight on the blue sky made it green and it got to the point where he and I couldn't even speak full sentences.  He got that we were clearly on the same level with our love for the sky and it turned into this real bonding moment.  He took a picture of my with the sky behind me and I did the same for him and his hiking buddy and we took in the last seconds of the sky in silence before the sun dipped behind the mountains, taking all the color with it.

His name was Patrick.  And that's all I know about him.  That, and he gets me.  We shook hands before we left and said to me, "Whitney, it was so good to meet you and share this sunset with you. I just have to tell you what a beautiful countenance you have and such a good heart. God bless." And we went our separate ways.

I don't know why I was so moved by sharing a moment like that with a complete stranger.  I think that it's because I'm so wrapped up in my own little world that I forget there are other people out there who have the potential to walk in and change my life and then leave.  And that's magical to me.

I know I'll never see Patrick again.  But I hope that wherever he is, he is seeing a really kick-ass sunset.

This Quickly Turned into a Summer Rewind.

I'm sure you all remember back in March (when I used to blog regularly) when I wrote the persuasive post about why you should come visit me. You don't?  Well, here it is. I listed off all the fun things we could do and all the good food we would eat.  Well, upon reviewing it, I have decided that even though I didn't totally complete the list myself this summer, I feel good about what I did accomplish.  Because yes, ultimately it was a post to get you people to want to come visit me, but also it was an unofficial bucket list for the summer.  So let's go down the list and check off what I did.

Antelope Island?  No.  I didn't go there.  But I had a few opportunities to.  I've been there so many times in my life that I don't really feel the need to put that as a MUST DO for myself.  Landon hasn't ever been there though, so I really should make it more of a priority.

Boating? Check.  Quite a bit more this summer than I have done in the last few years, actually.  We even got a weekend trip to Lake Powell in there.  I haven't been there since 2009.  And you guys, it's truly one of THEE greatest places in Utah.  The red cliffs there are absolutely breathtaking and the water is so delightfully warm.

In-n-Out?  Actually, no.  That one didn't happen either.  Remember that diet that started back in March?  It didn't really permit food in that genre (aka happiness.)  But then again, In-n-Out is more of a novelty in my opinion, I would way rather have Five Guys or Smash Burger.

The Alpine Slide?  Check.  Landon and I went with my mom and my brother (from another mother).  It was a beautiful afternoon and we followed it with riding the Trolley up and down Old Main in Park City and eating cheap Chinese food.

Cafe Rio? HORRIBLE QUESTION. But the answer is, unfortunately, yes.  I had some right before Mariah left, and I KID YOU NOT, I got Salmonella from it.  The chicken was not cooked, but I thought it was so pink from all the pico de gallo.  I was horizontal for four days.  Never again. #survivor

Spending days laying out by the pool?  Check, check and check.  Basically all July.  Sadly, we winterized the pool Monday night and that tan is already on it's way out. Bring on all the sweaters and leggings.

Flying with Brenden in his helicopter?  No.  WHAT THE HELL BRENDEN?  Still waiting on that invite.

Slack lining? Yes.  With Riah before she left.  We were going to bust it out again this weekend, but we got super busy.

Comedy Sportz?  Not lately.  My favorite actor moved to Washington and I'm still mourning.

And last but not least, the canopy zipline down Provo Canyon? CHECK.  Last night.  And it was soooo gorgeous.  Last time we went it was miserably hot.  We had an awesome time, but last night was the perfect temperature and the fall colors were to die for.  I want to go do it again today.  SOMEONE LEND ME SOME MONEY.

And hey, let's hear it for the girl who didn't drop her camera while flying down a mountain side at 50 mph.  That alone should be an Olympic sport.  

And with all that accomplished, I feel good about shutting this summer down and bringing in 60 degree weather.  And hopefully an insane amount of snow this winter, so I can be a part-time lab technician and full-time SHREDDER.

Don't you wish you had come to visit me? *smug smile emoji*

Things That Are Making Me Laugh

When Mariah's emails this week started out like this:
"Dear  Family and Friends,
Me and Hermana Owen got told we look like a droid (me) and a witch(her) by one of the members. I turned on the air conditioning and a giant lizard the size of my hand flew out and hit me in the face. We almost blew up our house.  I accidently told a man he was beautiful because i thought he was a women. And an old lady grabbed my hand and started bawling because she thought I had healed her from old age. Awesome week!!"
What I would have given to see her face when found out the lady was a dude. I miss that kid so bad. Tomorrow mark 16 weeks since she left. She is so amazing.

Another thing that has been just the funniest thing for me is photoshopping a picture of my mom asleep in her Snuggie into other pictures. I'm serious, this is my favorite game right now. Here are some of my favorites:
It's a good thing that Tracie doesn't read my blog or she would probably murder me.  Even though she thinks it's just as funny as I do, if not more. 

Another thing I find funny is how when I go running after work, I'm jumping all around the trail (and maybe screaming) because grasshoppers are hopping everywhere in front of me and it's basically my nightmare.  BUT- on my cool down yesterday, I found a decent sized snake, chased him down and caught him for a second.  And that's totally fine by me.  What happened in my early childhood to make me fear grasshoppers and not snakes?  I don't get it.  Just call me Zoey Deschanel because I am QUIRKY.  Jk.  Don't call me that until I have bangs that live up to hers.  (I never will.) BYE.

Stream of Something

-All of my windows were iced over this morning (that's right. I'm blogging in real time.) and I was already running late and my hair was wet and scraping windows was the LAST thing I wanted to do.  I'm still chilled to the bone an hour later.

-My deodorant exploded into a thousand piece this morning and I was forced to use Landon's.  I think it's fairly obvious that I'm wearing men's deodorant and I can't decide if I care about it or not.

-Landon and I are overwhelmed with all the new seasons that just hit Netflix.  It's like Christmas at the Street house.  We're finishing up New Girl, with How I Met Your Mother and Parks and Rec on deck.  And maybe The Walking Dead just from a refresher before the new season kicks off.

-Landon's new favorite thing is to shop for/buy me new running gear.  And I'm SO okay with that.  Landon says he would buy me stuff all the time if he knew what I wanted, but I'm not the kind of person with an active wishlist so he never does.  When I said I wanted some pants to run in because it was getting colder he really just jumped on the whole idea.  Our cart is full on Amazon and he's finding new websites everyday.  It cracks me up and it's so sweet.

-I'm really missing Shadow these last few days.  We got him over the weekend and I just loved it.  We've babysat him before, but this last time I didn't want to give him back.  Don't be surprised if I steal him. Permanently.  Though he isn't the sort of animal that you can hide so easily...

See what a happy family we are? That's it. I'm stealing him tonight! byyyeee
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