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-All of my windows were iced over this morning (that's right. I'm blogging in real time.) and I was already running late and my hair was wet and scraping windows was the LAST thing I wanted to do.  I'm still chilled to the bone an hour later.

-My deodorant exploded into a thousand piece this morning and I was forced to use Landon's.  I think it's fairly obvious that I'm wearing men's deodorant and I can't decide if I care about it or not.

-Landon and I are overwhelmed with all the new seasons that just hit Netflix.  It's like Christmas at the Street house.  We're finishing up New Girl, with How I Met Your Mother and Parks and Rec on deck.  And maybe The Walking Dead just from a refresher before the new season kicks off.

-Landon's new favorite thing is to shop for/buy me new running gear.  And I'm SO okay with that.  Landon says he would buy me stuff all the time if he knew what I wanted, but I'm not the kind of person with an active wishlist so he never does.  When I said I wanted some pants to run in because it was getting colder he really just jumped on the whole idea.  Our cart is full on Amazon and he's finding new websites everyday.  It cracks me up and it's so sweet.

-I'm really missing Shadow these last few days.  We got him over the weekend and I just loved it.  We've babysat him before, but this last time I didn't want to give him back.  Don't be surprised if I steal him. Permanently.  Though he isn't the sort of animal that you can hide so easily...

See what a happy family we are? That's it. I'm stealing him tonight! byyyeee


  1. I need me a good Netflix binge with HIMYM, Parks & Rec & Walking Dead - those are my favs!!

  2. ICED OVER WINDOWS? Nuh-uh. Too soon. Not yet.

    I went BONKERS when the most recent season of New Girl went up. Like, cancel-all-my-plans bonkers. I love that show so much. This is such a beautiful time for Netflix lovers!!!

    That picture of you and Landon and Shadow is so perfect. I want to frame it and put it on my desk at work. I MIGHT. Don't rule it out.


    I used to wear men's deodorant because it was the only thing that didn't rub off onto my black shirts. But now that I'm kinda, but not really, dating, I stopped. Figured it'd be best not to smell like a guy.

    You steal Shadow and then I'll steal him from you. Perfect!

  4. The exact same thing happened to me with my car and my hair this morning. It's like we're living the same life these days, I swear.

    Steal the dog! You need a permanent 4 legged running buddy

  5. Our windows were *almost* iced over this was 35 degrees. But you win with real actual ice. I did have to bust out my winter coat this week... I never did get to put away my scarves and boots. Perpetual fall/winter here. Summer is what now?

    Workout clothes are weirdly fun to buy. I go on tangents though...BUY ALL THE WORKOUT CLOTHEZ and then a month later, "Why the hell do I want to buy something I'm just going to sweat in anyway? Isaiah's t-shirts work just fine thanks."


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