Things That Are Making Me Laugh

When Mariah's emails this week started out like this:
"Dear  Family and Friends,
Me and Hermana Owen got told we look like a droid (me) and a witch(her) by one of the members. I turned on the air conditioning and a giant lizard the size of my hand flew out and hit me in the face. We almost blew up our house.  I accidently told a man he was beautiful because i thought he was a women. And an old lady grabbed my hand and started bawling because she thought I had healed her from old age. Awesome week!!"
What I would have given to see her face when found out the lady was a dude. I miss that kid so bad. Tomorrow mark 16 weeks since she left. She is so amazing.

Another thing that has been just the funniest thing for me is photoshopping a picture of my mom asleep in her Snuggie into other pictures. I'm serious, this is my favorite game right now. Here are some of my favorites:
It's a good thing that Tracie doesn't read my blog or she would probably murder me.  Even though she thinks it's just as funny as I do, if not more. 

Another thing I find funny is how when I go running after work, I'm jumping all around the trail (and maybe screaming) because grasshoppers are hopping everywhere in front of me and it's basically my nightmare.  BUT- on my cool down yesterday, I found a decent sized snake, chased him down and caught him for a second.  And that's totally fine by me.  What happened in my early childhood to make me fear grasshoppers and not snakes?  I don't get it.  Just call me Zoey Deschanel because I am QUIRKY.  Jk.  Don't call me that until I have bangs that live up to hers.  (I never will.) BYE.


  1. Your family > every other family, ever. THE PICTURE OF YOUR MOM IN THE SNUGGIE IS FUNNY ENOUGH ON ITS OWN, but then you put it into other pictures? I'm dead. DEAD.

    Also, A SNAKE, WHITNEY? Please come to my house and chase down the snake I saw in my garage back in June, and never saw again. I know it's still there, somewhere.

  2. I have a similar picture of Alissa from this weekend, taking a quiet 15 in an eye mask under a blanket. SHOW ME HOW YOU DID THIS, SO I CAN TROLL HER.

    Your family is truly the best of all time.

  3. I was not aware of your photoshopping talents. These pictures are hilarious!


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