Pond Skimming

So this last weekend we went up to Canyons to get in some Spring skiing/boarding.  And by that I mean, there is just enough snow that hasn't melted that we were able to sneak one last day in before the end of the season. Seriously guys, this winter SUCKED. I mean, I probably got about 20 days in, which I feel awesome about and I had a great time, but fingers crossed next season the snow gods smile down on us a little more than they did this year.

We also went to watch the Pond Skimming contest at the Mid Mountain.  They host that party on the last weekend the resort is open, generally.  And all it is, is a contest where people wear crazy costumes, ski or board down a hill and try to skim all the way to the end of this pond. OR- to see who can have the biggest splash when they biff it. For example, here is a a man dressed in a panda suit who actually skimmed his way across. And to the right, a larger man who had a cape and an "S" painted on his bare chest who won the biggest splash.
(Apologies for the Snapchat quality photos.)

I hadn't ever been to this before, mostly because I haven't had a pass to Canyons since I was probably in 7th grade, but after watching this I am bound and determined to enter in next year. Because it was hilarious.  And I want to do fun things. So I need to figure out how to enter and then get working on my costume.  Which, might I add will not be me in my bra.  

  Ever hear of a bikini ski day? Trust me, I wasn't the only one up there like this.  And it was too warm for all the layers I had on, so I went with the crowd.

And it was totally awesome.

And I totally got sunburned.

Can't wait for next season! In the meantime, I'm going to go try to repair all the damage I did to my board from all the rocks I ran over on Saturday.


So yesterday I went on my afternoon run as per the usual.  It was only a four-miler which isn't bad compared to some of the distances I'm hitting with my training schedule.  I decided I would run up Memorial Hill to get some practice in running uphill since this half I'm running is basically all hills. (I'm bothered by how many times I just typed "hill.") I found that out after I was too far into my training to back out; go big, I guess.... ANYWAY. Memorial Hill is exactly one mile up and one mile down and about 1.25 miles from my house, so I'd be hitting just over my distance for the day. It's a popular little hike for people with their dogs or kids, but it was a little coolish outside which made for a nice run and not a lot of traffic.  In fact, I didn't see anyone on the trail until I was on my way back down.  It was an older man, he was by himself and he gave me a friendly wave.  I had my headphones in so I don't know if he said anything, but I waved back and as soon as I did I ran straight into an army of gnats.  I mean, I was AMBUSHED.  Because they didn't scatter or anything when I ran through their midst, they ATTACKED.  So here this guy is, waving at a seemingly normal chick running on the trail when all of the sudden she is taken by a spirit from the underworld. 
 photo 54FA96C9-374D-431F-B55A-C2B9300BAE6C_zpsgt9d0vdc.gif
I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even look at the man as I ran past him.  Plus, I was still trying to decide if I had any bugs in my teeth or hair. I was good there, but I got home and they were in my bra.  


It's too early for insects to be out.  NOT COOL MOTHER NATURE. 

I've Made a Huge Mistake

So I've got a big run on the schedule this afternoon. Ten freaking miles, y'all. I've only ran that much once before. That was right before thanksgiving last year and I needed a couple weeks to recover from it.  So as you can imagine, I'm petty pumped about it.  Oh, and to make matters worse I didn't run last night because it was a rest day on my training schedule so I decided to try a new circuit work out I found on Pinterst and I woke up this morning feeling like I did the first night after I tried cross fit for the first time.  My legs and my butt are SO SORE. What were you THINKING Past Whitney? Ugh I hate her sometimes...

Though, I'm going to have to remember that work out for times when I don't have 3/4 of a half marathon the next morning.  It only lasted about 25 minutes and it kicked my butt.  I did it out on my back patio because it was so nice outside yesterday. My next door neighbor was also outside on her patio doing some spring cleaning.  Then she realized our fence was leaning a little bit, so she stood on a chair trying to fix it and talked to me over it the whole time.  Asking me about Vail and snowboarding and training for a half all the while I'm doing squats and lunges and jumping with and imaginary jump rope.  I wonder if holding a full conversation through and entire work out burns extra calories...

Then I trucked myself all the way up to Layton to have dinner with my dad and brother to celebrate him getting his fixed wing certification.  I don't know all the ins and outs of what that means exactly except that he is now a licensed airplane AND helicopter pilot.  So I am very proud of him.

I had to drop off an ice maker my mom gave me for my birthday at her house after dinner because it stopped working and I want her to take it back to see if they will give me one that works.  I beat Brenden home and took my ice maker inside where I left a note on it because no one else was home- or so I thought. I walked back to the garage door and coming up the stairs very stealthily with a gun in hand was Johnny.  He scared the living day lights out of me and I think I did the same to him when I screamed bloody murder.  This is the SECOND time he has greeted me in that house with that gun at the ready.  The first time it wasn't loaded, but last night it was.  So if you guys hear about a gun shot victim in Layton, Utah.  It's probably me and it's probably because Johnny thought I was a burglar.  I should probably just start making myself known when I walk in.  Eliminate the element of surprise for all parties involved.  I just didn't think anyone was home.

Aside from almost getting shot, I got to see the chickens my mom and Johnny got a couple weeks ago.  They are building a chicken coop for the back yard and I am all sorts of jealous because it is going to be so freaking cute.  They're so inspiring with all their DIYs.  Makes me excited for all the stuff I've got planned for my patio, though it does not include a chicken coop.
Have a good weekend you guys!! Enjoy this spring weather and try not to get shot by your brothers when you go home, okay? I will be doing the same.


I'm sure you're all wondering how the bio-screening went yesterday. It was fine. I mean, there was a brief second there where I almost had a panic in the waiting area.  I got nervous giggles and tears started welling up in my eyes... But then my old roommate's sister who used to hang out with us walked out and was the nurse who was going to doing my screening and I calmed down immediately. So, I'll be patiently awaiting my check and planning what I am going to spend it on because I DESERVE IT.

I also ran five miles last night but I'm still not totally recovered from the eight I ran last weekend and I am paying dearly for it this morning. My legs don't feel real anymore and the bottom of my feet just ache! I need to listen to my body when it's telling me to take it easy, but the program for the half marathon I am training for is saying otherwise. I'm at the point where I'm like, "Can I just run the race this weekend?" Because I'm scheduled to run ten miles and at that point it's like, what's another three miles, you know? Instead of another five weeks of training?  But that's just the bottoms of my feet talking.

The race I'm running is at Thanksgiving Point on the perfect date: April 25th. (Miss Congeniality? Anyone?) It will be through the Tulip Festival that will be going on and I am SO excited.  I've been wanting to go to that for years and I keep missing it.  But now I will be getting to run 13.1 whole miles through it!! I say that excitedly now, we'll see how I feel around mile 7... I'll probably be like, "TULIPS SUCK." But there are flowers popping up around town right now and I'm loving it. Spring is in the air, people!

Blood Work

So this morning I am a tad on the nervous side.  My work does this thing where you do a health screening and they take your blood, measure your cholesterol, BMI and judge analyze your lifestyle to see how healthy you are.  The motivation to let someone get all up in your bidness like at is a check for $250.  Seems worth it, right? Especially because I'd like to think of myself as a relatively healthy/active person, so I shouldn't be getting any shocking news.  Where I get hung up on all of this though, is the blood work.  I DO NOT like blood leaving my body.  I don't like needles, I don't like the sight of blood, and I don't like the anticipation of sitting there while the get everything ready.  Ugh, my stomach is doing flips right now just thinking about it.

I've only donated blood once, and I know that's a lot more than just getting blood drawn but that experience pretty much psyched me out for any and all blood work in the future.  I remember like it was yesterday (I was a Senior in high school) and a blood drive was being held during school.  Everyone was all stoked about it because you got to miss class to participate in it, and I was no exception.  I knew I wasn't fond of needles from a previous experience at the doctor, but I figured it'd all be okay.  Everyone does it, right? And they get cookies and juice after and like I said, you'd get to miss like, half a class period. SIGN ME UP. So I only had a mini panic attack when they did the actual finger prick and it didn't even hurt at all.  And my friends who had done blood drives in the past said that was the worst part.  So when that was over, I was feeling pretty good.  So I'm sitting in the chair, focusing on breathing and not freaking out when the lady came over to start the whole thing.  And you know how they wrap that rubberband around your arm to make your veins pop up? Well, she was not very gentle and she ripped out a lot of arm hair and I remember thinking how she wouldn't be getting a tip from me that day.  Grouchy, old phlebotomist.  I put my headphones in to distract from Nurse Lucifer before she actually stuck me and that helped a lot.  I remember it not hurting too bad and getting cold and stuff, but I personally think I rode it out like a champ considering how much I'd psyched myself up beforehand.

Before I knew it, she had what she needed and she was untying the rubberband (taking what hair was left on my arm with it) and I was on my way. My best friend was waiting at the snack table waiting for me, I grabbed a bag of mini Oreos and a bottle of orange juice and we headed back to class.  I was feeling pretty good.  When that class was over however, I was declining fast.  It was lunch period at that point and we were walking out to my friend's car and I was completely overcome with nausea and light headed-ness. So bad that I ended up laying on the ground in the parking lot, gravel in my hair, gagging a little and just basically about to give up the ghost.  

It was that bad.

AND I had to go to the health department later that day to get my Food Handler's Permit for my job. I still have that permit because the photo of me is so horrifying that I will forever be a reminder never to donate blood again.  Selfish? Maybe. But it's not like I'm O- or anything. Cut me some slack here.

Anyway- with all that in mind, I'm not looking forward to this bio-screening or whatever it is I have today, but I am looking forward to the check.  So there it is.  Apparently, I will doing basically anything if the pay out is high enough.  Such a sell out over here.


So over the past year with my journey to become healthier and happier I have found that I don't detest hiking like I once did.  And when I say that, I mean I hated hiking with a burning passion of a thousand white-hot suns.  So to say that I enjoy it now almost seems like blasphemy.  Not because it's a bad thing, but I've just totally abandoned who I used to be and everything is so different.

On Saturday, my beautiful friend (and hiking buddy) Jenessa and I decided we were going to hike Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.  We hiked Angel's Landing back in January, if you follow me on insta your feed probably got blown up with photos from that little jaunt.  I've been meaning to make that a post of it's own so I can convince you all to come see me and do that hike with me.  Anyway, you can see Bridal Veil Falls from the highway and people are always up there, but in all my six years of living in Utah/Wasatch County I've never hiked it.  So I decided that was one I needed to check off the list.

We brought Landon with us because he needs some sunshine every now and then.  And also because he knew how to get there and I didn't feel like googling it.  And because you know, we like him.  And maaaayyyybe because we needed someone to be there to take our Pride Rock photos...

So we get to the trail head and I knew it was a shorter and easier hike, but I didn't realize we'd be at the falls in about 15 minutes.  I'd call it more of a nature walk than a hike.  But- it was a good time.  And the falls are gorgeous.  And now that I've checked that one off my list I can start working on other hikes that are a little more strenuous.  (i.e. Mt. Timpanogous- a hike I swore on the souls of my ancestors I would never do.)  Summer 2015 has a lot to live up to; got a lot of things I gotta do. And y'all are totally invited.


Can't Put "Functioning Adult" on My Resume Anymore

So I mentioned in yesterday's blog post that we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  I did not mention what happened when we were done and were leaving the restaurant. Well, let me tell you what happened.  We were walking around the corner to the front of the restaurant when I saw through the crowd an ex-boyfriend of mine.  I haven't seen or heard from this dude in years, mind you, and he was with a girl. He had his arm around her, someone was taking their picture and they looked very happy.  All I could say was, "oh no." as I slowed my walk and frantically searched for another way out of the restaurant because currently the only exit was right next to them.  Jenessa noticed me freezing up as did the rest of my family when I started walking like a baby giraffe.  They didn't know what was wrong, but just went with it when my voice and laughter got a little high pitched and squeaky and my pace quickened.  I figured if I could just pretend like I didn't see him, all I had to do was go out the door and I'd be good.  So that's what I did.  I fixed my gaze past him, linked arms with Jenessa and tried to walk at a normal, "totally-not-spazzing-out" pace out the door.  Well, just my luck, they turned to leave the establishment at the same moment and now I was just walking right next to them still trying to pretend like I didn't know they were there.  And to be honest, I think I did pretty good at it.  It was probably one of the few times where I didn't make an awkward eye contact with someone I was trying to ignore, and even though we walked the length of the parking lot within 10 feet of each other, I made it to the car without having to say hello.  I also managed to talk through my teeth to Jenessa and fill her in on the situation at hand.  That being that I dated the dude walking next to me six years ago and OMG I CANT EVEN.

We got in the car and I could see him across the way opening his door for his lady friend (after later stalking him via the internets, I learned that was his wife.) I saw him glance at our car one more time before getting in his and backing out.  My mom knew he was obviously was a guy from my past and asked who he was and I filled everyone else in.  I was like, "I don't think he saw me though. Luckily." To which Brenden scoffed and said he was staring at me the whole way through the parking lot. 

So that was neat. 

Why I couldn't have just said hello to him? I don't know.  Or even a nod and friendly smile in his direction, just acknowledging his existence? Beats me! Because here is the thing- that guy? He was SO good to me when we dated.  He took me on the funnest dates, drove all the way down to Orem to see me when I was going to school.  My roommates thought he was awesome , he was TOTALLY cute, he had a lot of ambition and when it ended between us? It was not a bad break up.  It was just a, "Our lives are taking us in different directions and this was fun, I think you're an amazing person  but it's obviously not going to work out in the long run" sort of break up.  I didn't even cry or mourn or anything because it was one of those "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" (I'm just as bugged by that cliche as you are) relationships.  I don't regret dating him, or think he is a bad guy.  I'm actually really happy for him and his wife and for how well his life is going. So WHY did I freeze up like he was the love of my life who put my heart in a blender and hit purée? BECAUSE HE DIDNT.  I've gotten that way around other exes I've ran into, but those were for the aforementioned reasons.  But him?! Ugh. In retrospect, I'm very embarrassed for the way I behaved.  

Cool job, Whit. Cooool job.

"They Got a Pepper Bar."

So last night, I spent the night up at my mom's house so that I could spend the evening with my friend Jenessa who is up in Norther Utah for her spring break.  Her mom and my mom were college roommates and a couple years ago our families went to Lake Powell together and we just clicked. We lost touch for a few years, but thanks to the magic of Snapchat our friendship was rekindled last year and she is my best friend again. She lives in Cedar City which is about 4 hours south of me, so any chance I get to see her I will take it.
We went to dinner with my mom, Brenden and John to Texas Whorehouse Roadhouse where upon our arrival, our waitress looked at Jenessa and said, "You just had your birthday, didn't you?" And Jenessa looked a little shocked because her birthday was in fact last week and said, "...yes..." And she said, "uh huh. I could see it on your face." So our little early bird dinner turned into a birthday dinner just like that. And they made her sit on the saddle and everything. So that was weird.

After dinner we set up the slack line while Brenden and Johnny flew their airplanes.  I am SO bad at that thing, but Jenessa killed it.  But she is all into rock climbing and has had her fair share of practice on slack lines at the climbing gym.  My mom was crossing and she was almost to the end when she lost her balance and went down with a lot of speed.  She managed to land on the line and it sling shotted her across the grass.  There was a micro-second where I wanted to ask her if she was ok, but I was absolutely overcome with laughter that I couldn't even squeak a word out.  We had been filming each other all night, and the one time the camera was off, she goes and does that. So I will just cherish the memory of her flying face down across the grass in my mind forever.

We got back to the house where we ate a half a pan of banana cake that is literally to die for (I made it and I couldn't have been more proud) and watched SNL clips on YouTube.  I was trying to find a video I had watched recently and I found all these videos of the old Quiznos commercials. I had been playing them for Landon when we were driving back from Colorado because I saw a Quiznos and started singing the song and he had no clue what I was talking about.  So I asked John if he remembered them and he had never seen them before either.  But he listened to the song once and could play it on his guitar.  Landon wasn't there last night so I was like, "let's film it and send it to him!" So we recreated the masterpiece and sent it off to Landon and we got the immediate response of, "I LOVE IT." And coming from someone who is a lot more reserved with his caps lock than I am, it meant a lot. Then we watched it back like 300 times after, laughing harder each time.  And since I have no shame, I'll post it here for you to watch.  If you don't get it, you may need to YouTube original commercial.  But it's hitting the nail on the head, I'm telling you.


And that- is how we do at the Border house.


The Streets Take Vail

 *I probably should have split this up into a couple posts. But whatever. Go big or go home, right?*

Hey guys, so I guess it's time to dust off my proverbial keyboard and write some stuff down again, huh? I've been using the excuse lately that I don't have a lot to talk about. All my life is right now is running, working and snowboarding on the weekends.  But that never stopped me before. So suck it up, Whit.

I do have a lot to share about our weekend to Vail.  It was Landon's Valentine's gift to me this year.  He wouldn't tell me where we were going, it was going to be a big surprise that I wouldn't know until we got there, but a few weeks before we left he accidentally spilled the beans.  Typical Landon. I can count on two hands the number of time he has actually surprised me because I usually end up finding out. And it IS NOT because I snoop. Because I don't. 

Anyway, I couldn't have been more excited to spend the weekend in Colorado to snowboard.  In case you haven't heard, Utah has been suffering this winter. As in- we've barely had one. It's sucked. This whole week is supposed to be nearing 70 degrees. As was the end of January and first couple weeks of February.  And I knew Colorado had been getting dumped on, so when I found out that's where we were headed I was beyond stoked.  

The drive was almost exactly six hours from Midway to Vail with only a couple bathroom breaks along the way. So we got there at noon on Thursday just in time to park and catch the second half of the day.  And I gotta tell ya- I was impressed with that place immediately.  Living in Utah completely surrounded by ski resorts and having the reputation for the "best snow on Earth" it hasn't really crossed my mind that there could be other places worth visiting.  So I was just really blown away as soon as we got on the gondola.  Those mountains are HUGE. And the runs are so much longer than the ones in Park City. So we spent a lot more time actually snowboarding than we are generally used to. We left the resort each day absolutely and completely spent.  The other thing that was different was they had cleared most of the trees from the runs.  It isn't like that at Canyons of Park City.  The runs a lot of times funnel you all together because the trees get so thick. But the runs at Vail were so wide open I felt like I was the only one on the mountain.  It was spectacular.


They got over two feet of snow at Vail the week before we came, and the sun finally showed its face the day we got in town.  So not only did we have powder past our knees, but we had blue bird skies overhead the whole weekend.  Now I know I've been boarding for four years now and I skied for about 18 years before that, but despite all my time on the mountains, I've always been a little intimidated by black diamonds.  If you're not familiar with the difficulty rating for ski runs green circles are beginner, blue squares are intermediate, and black diamonds and double black diamonds are expert only.  Most of it is psychological, I'm good enough that I can do black diamonds, but looking over the edge before I go down always freaks me out. Well, I don't know if it was the adrenaline of being somewhere knew or the confidence I got from two feet of powder, but Landon and I stuck pretty religiously to black diamonds. And it was extraordinary. The moguls were massive, but Landon taught me how to ride those bad boys like they were nothing.  It was hands down the best time I've ever had snowboarding.  We'd get to the bottom and I would look back up what we just came down and  be like, "How did I not have a panic attack coming down that?!"


Now, the biggest reason we were even able to do this trip was because of our Epic Passes we have.  This winter Vail bought Park City Mountain Resort, and they already owned Canyons resort ten minutes down the road plus all those other resorts in Colorado and whatnot.  So if you buy their Epic Season Pass, that bad boy works at all the resorts.  Which is really good because the day we left the day passes were $159. You read me right. AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY PAY THAT. It blows my mind. Three and a half day passes cost the same as what I paid for my season pass.  Ski resort day passes and the price of concessions at movie theaters are robbery, I tell you. But I digress, the other awesome part about being in on the Epic Mix is that they have this whole app that records information about you and your day.  There are these sensors that you go through at every lift and it will log on your pass how many vertical feet you went up, and you can earn pins for certain accomplishments like riding all the lifts in the Back Bowls, or logging 10,000 vertical feet in one day. And they have photographers placed around the mountain who will take as many photos as you want them to and all of this gets uploaded to your profile at the end of the day.


I loved getting to see all the things we did.  And the pictures were the best, especially because they don't have those annoying watermarks that cover up the whole photo if you don't plan on buying them. These were my favorites:


The photographers were a lot of fun and were down for any weird poses we wanted to do and even helped with awesome ideas like that reflection one in Landon's goggles. It was like I had my own personal photographers following us around which is only my dream come true.  Except, in my dream the photographer will let me know when I need to do a better job at rubbing in my sunscreen so I don't look like a sickly albino who has never seen a single ray of sunshine I her life.

HOW EMBARRASSING. And sad for the sick goggle line I was working on. I got a free sample of the stuff at the tents down at the Burton U-S Open, and I knew I got a lot, but Landon failed to explain just how pasty I had become.  So now I only have a faint tan line; that SPF 50 really did its job. 
We didn't know that the U-S Open was going on that weekend, but that was an awesome surprise! We got to watch some of the Men's Halfpipe Finals and take advantage of all the free swag being given away in the village.  Saturday morning I did spend about 30 minutes doing an Instagram scavenger hunt at the Mountain Dew tent so that I could win this really cute Burton beanie that would be way to expensive for me in real life.  And if you follow me on Instagram, I really am sorry for all the posts.  I know how annoying that is, I took them all down after I got the beanie.  And what I'm really just blown away by is the fact that said beanie is made of recycled Mountain Dew bottles.  I've been meaning to google how they did that because I never would have guessed.  Like, it feels like normal hat material.

So later that night, after shredding all day long we got all cleaned up and went back to the Village to party it up with all the people in town for the Open.  They had concerts and food stands, dancing and so many flashing lights, like- that's the biggest party scene I've been on in a couple years! I loved it.  
It was also our chance to walk around town and see all the fun little shops and bridges and fountains.  It was magical, really.  Landon got some ice cream, I got a red velvet cupcake and he bought me a shirt with black diamonds on it since I totally proved myself worthy.

                                       I look legit don't I?  ITS BECAUSE I AM, OKAY?!
Sunday morning, we were kind of back and forth on if we were going to try to catch a couple hours on the mountain. But with how drained we were from boarding three days in a row and taking into account our night on the town AND Day Light Savings thrown in there, we took the opportunity to sleep in and catch the tail end of the (best) continental breakfast (I've ever been a part of) before we packed up and said our last goodbyes to Vail.  I was not ready to be done there, but Landon and I have decided to make this an annual thing so that made it easier to say goodbye for a season.


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