Blood Work

So this morning I am a tad on the nervous side.  My work does this thing where you do a health screening and they take your blood, measure your cholesterol, BMI and judge analyze your lifestyle to see how healthy you are.  The motivation to let someone get all up in your bidness like at is a check for $250.  Seems worth it, right? Especially because I'd like to think of myself as a relatively healthy/active person, so I shouldn't be getting any shocking news.  Where I get hung up on all of this though, is the blood work.  I DO NOT like blood leaving my body.  I don't like needles, I don't like the sight of blood, and I don't like the anticipation of sitting there while the get everything ready.  Ugh, my stomach is doing flips right now just thinking about it.

I've only donated blood once, and I know that's a lot more than just getting blood drawn but that experience pretty much psyched me out for any and all blood work in the future.  I remember like it was yesterday (I was a Senior in high school) and a blood drive was being held during school.  Everyone was all stoked about it because you got to miss class to participate in it, and I was no exception.  I knew I wasn't fond of needles from a previous experience at the doctor, but I figured it'd all be okay.  Everyone does it, right? And they get cookies and juice after and like I said, you'd get to miss like, half a class period. SIGN ME UP. So I only had a mini panic attack when they did the actual finger prick and it didn't even hurt at all.  And my friends who had done blood drives in the past said that was the worst part.  So when that was over, I was feeling pretty good.  So I'm sitting in the chair, focusing on breathing and not freaking out when the lady came over to start the whole thing.  And you know how they wrap that rubberband around your arm to make your veins pop up? Well, she was not very gentle and she ripped out a lot of arm hair and I remember thinking how she wouldn't be getting a tip from me that day.  Grouchy, old phlebotomist.  I put my headphones in to distract from Nurse Lucifer before she actually stuck me and that helped a lot.  I remember it not hurting too bad and getting cold and stuff, but I personally think I rode it out like a champ considering how much I'd psyched myself up beforehand.

Before I knew it, she had what she needed and she was untying the rubberband (taking what hair was left on my arm with it) and I was on my way. My best friend was waiting at the snack table waiting for me, I grabbed a bag of mini Oreos and a bottle of orange juice and we headed back to class.  I was feeling pretty good.  When that class was over however, I was declining fast.  It was lunch period at that point and we were walking out to my friend's car and I was completely overcome with nausea and light headed-ness. So bad that I ended up laying on the ground in the parking lot, gravel in my hair, gagging a little and just basically about to give up the ghost.  

It was that bad.

AND I had to go to the health department later that day to get my Food Handler's Permit for my job. I still have that permit because the photo of me is so horrifying that I will forever be a reminder never to donate blood again.  Selfish? Maybe. But it's not like I'm O- or anything. Cut me some slack here.

Anyway- with all that in mind, I'm not looking forward to this bio-screening or whatever it is I have today, but I am looking forward to the check.  So there it is.  Apparently, I will doing basically anything if the pay out is high enough.  Such a sell out over here.


  1. hahaha a slave to that money! :) I get a little anxious having blood drawn too. I always have to get one of my co-workers to hold my hand when we get our flu shots every year!

  2. I don't like getting physicals/bloodwork done either (who does?) but for $250, I would pretend to for a day. When I had my last physical in November, I had to get bloodwork done and since it had been so long since the last time I had it done (probably my college physical ~7 years ago, I'm old) they took SO MUCH because there were hella tests to run. I had to close my eyes while they kept switching out the vials to fill the next one up. I wanted to grab the phelbotomist's arm and be like "YOU NEED TO LEAVE SOME FOR ME!" but I didn't because I was too busy waiting for death to arrive.


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