So yesterday I went on my afternoon run as per the usual.  It was only a four-miler which isn't bad compared to some of the distances I'm hitting with my training schedule.  I decided I would run up Memorial Hill to get some practice in running uphill since this half I'm running is basically all hills. (I'm bothered by how many times I just typed "hill.") I found that out after I was too far into my training to back out; go big, I guess.... ANYWAY. Memorial Hill is exactly one mile up and one mile down and about 1.25 miles from my house, so I'd be hitting just over my distance for the day. It's a popular little hike for people with their dogs or kids, but it was a little coolish outside which made for a nice run and not a lot of traffic.  In fact, I didn't see anyone on the trail until I was on my way back down.  It was an older man, he was by himself and he gave me a friendly wave.  I had my headphones in so I don't know if he said anything, but I waved back and as soon as I did I ran straight into an army of gnats.  I mean, I was AMBUSHED.  Because they didn't scatter or anything when I ran through their midst, they ATTACKED.  So here this guy is, waving at a seemingly normal chick running on the trail when all of the sudden she is taken by a spirit from the underworld. 
 photo 54FA96C9-374D-431F-B55A-C2B9300BAE6C_zpsgt9d0vdc.gif
I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even look at the man as I ran past him.  Plus, I was still trying to decide if I had any bugs in my teeth or hair. I was good there, but I got home and they were in my bra.  


It's too early for insects to be out.  NOT COOL MOTHER NATURE. 


  1. i cant even tell you how happy i am you are blogging more again.

  2. SERIOUSLY your posts are on like a 20-hour delay in showing up in my reader. This just popped up this morning! WHO CAN I TALK TO ABOUT THIS?

    Anyway, that gif of your gnat-swatting is my new favorite- BRB while I save it for future use.


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